hey guys I’m here with a brush video today now let’s touch on a few things before I get started um I am very behind on video so if I’m dropping them out back-to-back you guys will know why I have to catch up because it is December and I need to get a lot of this stuff out the way I haven’t been posting videos because if you were youtuber you will notices if you posted a video like December 3rd ish for our view counts got the solo man I don’t put about our new council stuff and so I don’t want to post any videos but you got to keep it pushing right so what I have today is brushes to show you all now all of these vs. are super inexpensive like I have told you guys before to me the brand of the brush does not matter as long as it is a good brush and it’s functioning properly if there makes sense basically what I’m trying to say is you can have a brush that cost two dollars and as long as it’s my and it is doing what it needs to be doing that’s just good and the brush you’re going to pray $75 for ok so in my opinion the type of brush matters not the brain and what I mean by that is I feel like everybody needs a good blending brush everybody needs a good smile I shadow brush everybody needs a good power brush so the type of brush you use matters but the Brando so what I decided to do since is so close to Christmas let’s bring you guys another one of those inexpensive first videos I did one last year I will link it below and let’s just be straight to it ok so I have stuff everywhere as always when it’s laid back I’m sorry I can get out extra Q free on today blip hey it’s more about what I’m showing than how I look hopefully so this is the first verse it right here so keep in mind that every brush that I will be showing you will be below then I recommend just clicking and Shop away often I try to put them in the order that I show but if I don’t the description will tell you which which cities which okay so this is I want to say it’s bread it’s a brand or a zip it see you guys I don’t know how to know it’s looking kind of rich to me but it’s a great travel set it comes with this pad never fall snake case and I think you can get this in other colors and you open it up like this if you have this set right here so this is a 16 piece brush set and this is what it looks like in the inside so let me tell you what I look for in a good purse it like I said it has to have a blending brush a good eyeshadow brush a good powder brush and a good skill for synthetic fiber brush for like packing on creams and liquids like an eye base treating so I love the brushes I will be showing you guys today I have not played week at all so I’m telling you to buy at your own risk but you know brushes are kind of like one of those things you can take a chance on the most that can happen is in terror or is shady easy and for the price that you pay for these brushes rules that have a whole lot of other versions of your fit to you so it’s really not a big loss now so for instance like in this case these three brushes right here are almost exactly the same okay there are eyes shadow brushes one with small medium and large but they also serve the same purpose so you know like if you have one that tariffs someone along the line you have the other two to you so basically what I do is zoom in so that you guys can see a poster of this brush set and as you guys can see then look pink to me nails like this this is pink and they have a little pink too so this is really cute flower pink lovers it just literally um it’s a fuchsia color pink and it’s a little really cute fit all of these brushes do look synthetic okay and yeah that’s this set right here so they do easy just you can just fold it back up and snap it like that so next I have two more brush sets those boats they will take me I don’t know what teas on that but that’s what they say okay so this is what they look like this is the core collection set and this is your base brushes and this is the trouble with central says okay I’m just opening up the core collection family that you can see if there are four brushes in here there are only two brushes that I would really really use a regular and I love the real take you verse six because they come with this little body thing right here you know this is really good to put pilson’s into if you want to take the brushes out and filter them and carry them all to go like this okay I like eyeliner or lip liner pencils so anyway out of this said this brush right here which they have is the buffing brush it’s one of my favorites is group of buffing in foundation and etc and then I also I love this purse right here on my gosh and it’s called the contour brush but what I love before is under the eye and the contour in to apply highlighter okay so they have the like copper or rose gold humble so next is the travel brush set they’re only three brushes in here um let’s say you have a multi task rush a deluxe crease brush and this one right here is a essential brush okay so I don’t see myself using this first one at all this is like that foundation brush they hardly use your ease now since we have so many bugs and brushes and stuff that are out now but I still like fun with the shop and I have a lot of brushes and earlier one of these are cleaning all you that’s apply my moisturizer that’s better and this is one of my favorite brushes too I love this okay so apparently there’s another static setting here is the starter set and it looked like this and it just has um I shadow blending brushes lighter brushes in the center like that you’re exactly the a crease brush base brunch pixel eyeliner brush and everything so they said they are all truffle so yeah check that one out on the website up next we have a second piece brush set and this brush set has pink handles and it looked like these now in this brush set I can already tell that some more roughly made of tapered and could kind of rough so you have to be careful with these sometime you can condition them and make them a little softer but yeah you can always use a good liner brush so this was in here you have three different type of blending brushes might be for this might be a blending brush too and then we have like a little pencil brush and a liner brush okay so that’s a seven piece first in it and they are pin removal to this set right here it is a 10 piece brush there now you guys might have seen these before I have another Center just like this they are purple at the tip and for collector handle the only difference in this set right here is black at the handle so I open look for you guys real quick and basically you have all these Sigma type duke brushes that are good for foundations some of them are just put it some of them are round some of them are flat but one of them is angled okay and then you have the smaller brushes over here and I do not like the cut of these at all they’re very bluntly cut and so I can’t see myself using probably just this one right here but yeah that’s what this set looked like Friday and then I got some disposables which a lot of you guys might not be interested in because I use them in my professional queue but just in case you are perfect a professional I got the disposable it was this is 100 I want to say and I need the super bag lay out and I need these bad also this is the disposable mascara one this was set of 100 also and so I just got two of those and these are a little bit smaller than these inside okay let’s hop it to another type of brush real quick this is a electric facial cleanser rush the light it’s really really bright but you guys know this is like the Clarisonic and all of it it has two speeds and it’s waterproof and you keep it in your bathroom and you can also get this on the site for dirt cheap way cheaper than the Clarisonic so if you’re into facial brush it brushes or you’ve wanted to try one out and can’t afford like the Clarisonic i will highly recommend showing one of these first and you know just try to see if you like it before you splurge or you might just like this one and feel like this is sufficient so check this out I will leave the link if you’re someone like me and you don’t like using like those pink and green orange or purple brushes and your kid here’s another seven piece brush set it’s just like the pink one it’s the exact same thing as this pink set that I showed you guys earlier of the hell before black so it’s the same exact brushes in here the color is just different so I would never put like this type of paint brushes in my kit so it’s good to know that you can get in black ops so this will have to be one of my favorite brushes that I will see it’s a 15 piece in the handles the handles are yellow this bird set um but I’m quite sure this will come in other colors I think it came in blue I want to say but the hell is on yellow now quality wise this is one of the bestest I will sit you get 15 brushes and on my gosh like this brush right here is here than something is perfect to add a highlighter on or to get up under the iris of powder then you have a bee refresh like this they’re kind of like tulip shaped you get a power brush and what else in here look at this good stippling brush and what else it was one born here I was highly impressed with it this one right here is like a chubby shadow brush and this is good under the eye also and I love the way you get a birthday and the little brush separates let me see if I can do it and separates because if you have lipstick on it you don’t want it to get all over your kids so you just slide it back in here so you can wash it good so that your lipstick won’t get everywhere okay so yeah I highly recommend this first thing and I’ll leave it below okay then I got two of those brush and a cup concepts you guys know I love these for travel beginner brushes you open the cup when the brushes are dirty you put the dirty brushes on one side the clean on another one and my traveling kid I used to have eyeliner pencils in here and so yeah this one’s very familiar it looks just like the bitch how I said I think that’s the name of it I’m not sure if they got the same brushes in it and I don’t feel like going out to get my other ones but all of the brushes are just different colors and it’s just really cute these are short travel hundreds they’re not all size brushes so keep that in mind so this was in their first day and this is like a bronzing copper like stick and the brushes in here are also travel size and they have like a gold int tool and yeah there they are are synthetic fiber like dual final time brushes so this look coming in right there and you also hear another one of those loop rushes that I was just talking about but this looks more like a liner brush that comes in a little container like that so that’s how both of the sets look open and then you have the other little cup over here that should snap on or leave or you can put brushes on each side we have a 24 piece brush set this one is in blew you open it like this and you have 24 brushes now this is one of my favorites also this is like half and half because like all these over here I would not find and use form but then you get over here they are valiant the quality is good full-size full handle brushes you get a big fan brush and you also get a smaller one right here you get quite a bit of good brushes in here synthetic fiber brushes own I love love love the quality of this especially compared to some of the other ones that I show so yeah like always always the links below yeah while Bay is over here helping me take the wrapper off my last first set let me show you three things that I got that you know that’s my precious I just had to sneak them on in and I should not have and that’s what I get because I snuck in like two of these fall hats and I don’t know I keep ordering these and I keep sending these little bitty-ass I don’t know why so if you have a daughter or something those will be cute I will leave the link below and then I also got this I love love love beanies in the winter just put on and just have the little cute furry thing at the top and is red and this came in black white and a whole bunch of other things so let me show you guys the last brush thing let me have this 32 piece brush set that come like this I see this brush a lot a lot of fight all of these brushes with the like would handle 32 brushes like I said bittersweet out of these 32 is kind of like 15 of them that I probably would trash personally I would have a use for more there there are just multiples of each other but it’s still a good sale like I said it has the big fan brush a little fan brush there’s like two of these spongy things they’re coming like make up Alice like and stuff like that is unnecessary to me but you guys might find a good use for it so I will leave this link below and that’s all the precious I hope you guys enjoyed this video go ahead and get to ordering because this is Chinese vase so if you wanted before Chris love I will order it now okay you guys have any questions leave them in the comments thanks for watching

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