Who can SPEND the MOST MONEY in 24 Hours – Challenge

I want to order one of everything please off the menu this TV is on all of this about this I’m gonna find everything in the shop we found Apple so I just arrived at the jewelers look at that listening it’s time to buy a car on her credit card I’m buying the biggest one Bulldog Spanish surveys today me and mom we’re going to be spending money there’s a twist whoever spends the most money gets to keep the stop that they buy and the loser has to return meaning Italy lose not only do you get nothing but the other person it gets to keep everything they bought on your oh we only way to win this challenge is to let loose so crazy by and that just sounds like a normal take shopping for me I guys I know Morgan is just gonna go racing off to the first shop evil even a thoughts about a strategy but you know me and the mastermind that I’ve got a plan I’m gonna go to McDonald’s first and get some anything there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is shopping takes a lot of energy a lot of stamina and also I kind of fancy some chicken nuggets for guys like the genius I are I’ve thought of a way to make the McDonald’s really expensive for Morgan I’m gonna be ordering one of everything hello I want to order one of everything please off the menu one of everything yeah my wife’s asked me this a small yes so is that one of every meal yes please yes okay a little bit angry that they said is it morgues I’m not a mom I’ve got my own channel how much is that please 75 57 you want it as well yeah we’ll have some desserts it’s gonna take at least we all the face and then I can hit the first shot and gets pendant actually I think it might take me a little bit longer than five minutes okay guys as you can tell I’ve arrived at the first shop it’s Tory’s Curry’s is an electrical shop itself TVs Xboxes PCs laptops Playstations iPad iPhones literally anything that the mind can think are Cory’s probably sell it sponsor me please Cory’s anyway guys you’re probably wondering what have you came to Corey’s for Morgan however the question you should be asking is what haven’t you come for because I’m gonna be clearing out the entire shop starting with a flat-screen TV right guys this is the DP that I have chosen is a samsung 50 inch curved TV and I don’t if you can tell it’s pretty big I think I’m Dutch enough to lay that down this TV is 500 pounds I wasn’t joking when I said we business boom blaster mega sound – sir mama hates it when I play loud music in the house so I think this right here will be the perfect thing to buy mother is not gonna be happy about this guys I think I’m in heaven in the last video mom chainsawed my playstation meaning now I have no way to play for tonight but guys the whole changes right now because not only am I getting a brand-new PlayStation I’m gonna get an Xbox as well this isn’t a Playstation I think they might be behind the counter that’s awkward and guys while I’m at it let me get some ebooks for my brand new Playstation this 10 cards here which means this is 200 pounds so let’s go and also I guess about sports wants to and guys to go with my new consoles I’ll get to you headsets there are a hundred pounds each box and guys now that I’ve got my xbox on my playstation I may as well I mean you already have one line means I can play two games at once oh no guys we found that that Apple section should I get another iPhone on top and iPad and I’m oh this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m not gonna let it go to waste I’m just gonna get as much stuff as I can it’s probably gonna take the total amount of money spent into the thousands it’s cold you guys are beating all that food I think I need to get some bigger clothes some other clothes shop let’s get spending this is nice Jill you do realize you are in the men’s section Martin I was looking for you obviously yeah I actually yeah go get some more things oh my god guys I think I’m in heaven I want this and this I don’t even know if these women’s but I’m having these as well and I’m gonna get this this that was definitely that oh absolutely I want this I want this I want this I want this oh I nearly missed that I want that this these and this I think I can help you more things okay guys I won’t let her fall stop me Jill I think you better calm down a bit the car llamar in your eye I’ll put some things back that’s better guys I think mine’s right if I don’t slow down a bit I’m gonna end up buying everything in the shop I’m gonna go and check out now and buy all this I’m not gonna buy another thing Martin look at that dress and mind just get one more thing but just one Oh Jonathan you’ve got an addiction Martin I can’t decide which dress do you know what I’m just gonna get them all how are you going I see you’ve met my new collection of the so much to hear will take me hours to figure out the exact amount this book toasters Playstations what’s the problem um what people well anyway Morgan you’re obviously taking this a lot more serious than what I thought so now I’m not gonna hold back anymore in the shopping demons are coming out and you won’t know what hit you neither will your bank account before we get back out there and hit the shops I might think of something to show you see that one ten thousand ebooks on my brand new Playstation with your credit card [Music] right guys after finding out what Morgan’s done I’m not holding back anymore Morgan you asked for this I’ve just arrived at the jewelers give the same jewelers as what Morgan bought his diamond bracelet from in one of his last videos and guess whose card he bought that brace lon so now it’s payback time I deserve a break guys I’ve been looking around and I think I found the perfect one that’s ridiculous this way to be your own make yeah my I nothing you’re right my arms starting to get a little bit tired now I’m Martin I think he’s missing something but guys what about this swamp he’s got diamonds in it just look at that glistening it’s done morgues is not going to be happy and the queen of flexing guys if you thought Morgan’s bracelet was now I ceased your eyes on this one I think it’s obvious guys that mine’s the best but what do you think comment down below Morgan is not gonna be happy when he finds out what I’ve spent on this it was dollars and I think that’s gonna definitely put me in the lead for this challenge okay guys for my next shop I’ve come to the toy shop usually when I come here I’m with mini morgue so whenever someone says Morgan what are you doing at a toy shop I can just say I’m here with him but now I don’t really have any excuse I’m 17 years old and I still go to toy shops anyway guys the clock’s ticking and we need to stay ahead in this challenge so I need to scan this entire shot and find as many cool toys as I can guys check all of this like out you’re probably thinking like ooh Morgan is I seriously the best thing you could think of to get like oh it’s expensive this set right here is 100 power spas you guys know to the head the price isn’t a problem guys I know I’m 17 years old and I should probably be acting a bit more mature for my age but WWE champions and as you guys know I am not very strong so this is probably the only way I’m gonna be able to be the WWE Champion so I’m gonna get it and also it’s 100 pounds so it’s pretty damn expensive guys I’m running out of time I need to be quick but check ow mum is definitely not gonna be happy when she finds out I bought this and if she starts getting annoyed at me I can probably use this to quiet down so win-win situation I’m just admiring my new real diamonds and fake ones I bought it from the same place that you got yours from and it’s definitely real and it’s definitely diamonds and it’s definitely worth a lot more than what yours is I don’t think there’s any doubt now who’s winning this challenge and it’s not you I may have the WWE Championship but that’s not gonna make you the champion of this challenge anyway Morgan down our way min Martin have got a table books are the most expensive restaurant in the city it’s not so much join you it’s gonna be a battle of who can spend the most Oh [Music] okay Timur – we’ve arrived at the fanciest restaurant in Sheffield I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be a head-to-head battle of who can order the most expensive food and also who can eat tofu well I think that’s gonna be me anyway Morgan what food are you getting well mama soon as I’ve got your card I’m gonna go with the most expensive stay well two can play that game I’m having it as well well I’m gonna get mine with Astra who cares about you burger I’m getting a starter as well daughter the steak and burger is my starter whatever mom let’s see if you’re still talking when you actually have to eat guys I am so I don’t think I buy full full started now it’s time for dessert did you just say dessert are you serious just hit it Morgan no I didn’t say dessert dessert look you do realize that’s a sharing platter right yeah who are you gonna be sharing it with mine’s got his own dessert the most expensive thing on the menu more corseted Morgan cash Oh baby I think you just wanted the food didn’t you yeah oh my gosh guys the bill is pounds on one meal I think that’s the most I’ve ever spent anyway Morgan the real question is who’s paying not me definitely not me wait you have my card your card I’ll get this one no Morgan I’ve got your hey that meal is probably enough to put you in fun on the challenge Morgan Morgan just calm down I think there’s only one way to settle a card we’ll get both our cars to the waiter and let the West decide which ones are going to pay because there’s your boats were the way to pick my cards yeah Morgan now that 200 pounds has come out you’re a cow I don’t think there’s any doubt I’m gonna be in the lead I’m spending more money on your card than what you’re spending on mine no more you may think that you have won the challenge but you forgot one thing there is still dirty minutes left until the shops closed for the day and I still have a shop that I want to go car dealership it’s time to buy a car on her credit card guys who buys a car win the challenge guys I need to find a way to stop Mulder buy this car before it’s too late till I’ve got an idea if you can’t see your card boggle won’t be able to buy a car you won’t even be able to buy anything good idea Martin but isn’t that technically cheating oh that’s never stopped you before is it Jill you’re right Martin this is the only way I’m gonna win this challenge and keep my money hello is this the bank yeah I need your help I’ve got an emergency me and my son are in a competition with swap credit cards and we’re trying to sue and spend the most money on each of those credit cards unless sons may not slip the crazy tobacco now yeah I know it’s a stupid thing to have done I appreciate that no I won’t do it again I’ll never swap my card with a 17 year old again yes he was stupid yes I will never do it again how many times do I need to tell you can you please just come for my card hello yeah okay no I’m fine thank you so if I’ve got a little bit heated up then but there’s a lot of money at stake and I need to win this challenge thank you so much Barbara fear hell thank you yeah I’m gonna buy your box of chocolates for that thank you goodbye Martin the deed is done I don’t think Morgan’s gonna be buying a car anytime soon however that doesn’t mean that I still you’re an evil genius okay guys I’ve arrived at the car dealership I just got in a taxi and asked him to take me to the closest car dealership to the house and we’ve arrived here at the Range Rover Gary so I need to scan now this entire place as quick as I can and pick which car I’m gonna be buying I can’t exactly drive yet however that’s not gonna stop me I can still sit in the car and take pictures with the car and kiss the car not that last one guys check this red one out it’s Bertie three thousand pounds this is the same car that Kyra said she wanted when I came here and worked with law so maybe I’ll get that one as a present to kill with mom’s money guys this one right here is epic however I’ve spoiled one problem it’s got bird if I’m gonna be spending 40 grand on a car the least I can do is get the burn through office I don’t know what cards I guess there is so much choice I think I’m just gonna have to head into the dealership and just get the first one I see literally I’m just gonna go with the biggest one they have look at the size of this thing it’s a flipping beast and also is the most expensive one as well sorry mom now all we got to do is find a worker and buy it and definitely go with the challenge huh goes I have some really bad news I got in there I found the car mum’s car was ready I explained to the salesman that I wanted to buy it we sat down all the details were sorted and then when it came to the payment the card it didn’t work it kept saying the card was declined I needed this car to get me back in first place for this challenge and now I don’t know what to do I just don’t know how this has happened the card has been working fine all day it’s almost like someone did something to the car to stop it working or something looks like I’m going home empty-handed literally yo wait hold on a sec it’s a loom Martin whoa that’s what you do at car dealership you pick a new car Oh do you know anything suspicious happening to your card why are you laughing about well Morgan let’s just say there is no card anymore the cards anyway more can move out of the way we’ve got car to pick up unlike you we rang and made our payment over the phone so the cars waiting for us now wait guys guys you have to do this guys guys come on money come on no goalies [Music] ladies I’m gentlemen boys and girls it is time to find out Oh spent the mouse way and who will be crowned the champion much longer Malkin it’s been a tough battle well you can only be one winner ladies and gentlemen after checking both bank accounts we have a clear winner most spent four thousand eight hundred and fifty two pounds over five thousand dollars that’s quite a lot guys however it’s all gonna come down to April managed to successfully purchase the car and now let’s find out what Jill spent after analyzing the bank account I have come to a conclusion that Jill spent no Morgan you’re a loser


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