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My name really is Richard and i am a real person. On this website i will be talking about all things to do with Online Marketing.

I started this site to help you choose the right training, product, software or service for you and to show you some free tips and tricks that will help you in your business. I called this ever growing site “Richard Online Resources “after a very funny book I read! Below is me…

I am the Second Male child of my parent with much skill on Online Marketing and ICT, I am a full time affiliate marketer, SEO Enthusiast, CPA marketer, Video Marketer, Online Marketer, Product Creator and all round Entrepreneur! i decided to write this little welcome to show that i am a real person who does actually REVIEW the products that he talks about rather than rewriting the sales page or JV page!

In this day and age there are many people who will try to trick you into buying anything that may not be any use to you but that will make them money.

i have over 7 years of making money online experience and have tested and tried Hundreds of products.

some I have made a lot of money from and some have just been a complete waste of time so i hope that my experience help you to not make the same mistakes as i did.

I am always open to answering questions so feel free to leave a comment and i will get back to you ASAP (usually within 12 hours).

Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question and if you are here, you are most likely here to learn or to find out if something is as good as everyone says that it is!

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and finally find someone that you can trust to give you accurate and true information.

Welcome and enjoy my site!

My Best,


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