you saw this last night this is you the room and this is you youtubers pay attention youtubers you and Merry Christmas you stand around and watch all the opportunities go by you sit there you sit there you sit there they sit there they sit there they all getting ready Bert’s getting ready for its getting ready Rick’s getting ready oh maybe maybe the next one maybe the next one maybe the next nob no no I’m tired now maybe the next one maybe the next one and and there comes somebody like me just jumps on and eats it maybe the next one ray who in this room is that male lion once you become fearless life becomes limitless and the best advice I’ve ever given anybody is just do it we take too much time procrastinating we take too and because we’re afraid of failure and fear is false expectations appearing real we’re worried about what other people think we’re trying to fit in and I can go through a whole litany of not it’s nothing if it’s not true litany of stuff why you are where you are because you just didn’t do it you didn’t want to make a mistake you got a mortgage you got a two ex-wives you got a 15 year old daughter who’s pregnant I know you’re your dad’s got Alzheimer’s your mother’s got emphysema spitting up blood I can go on and on and on and on but the bottom line is if you had 15 years ago you had just done it 10 years ago you just done it five years ago if you had just done it six months ago if you just find it you probably wouldn’t be in the position you’re in now so I’m saying no matter what your age is it’s still time to just go out and do it just go out and do it or no but how do you classify it right do I’m gonna give making it make it to give me two lists one list your goals intermediate short-term long goals okay both in personal and business then you put another list together and this is a good exercise for you guys to do you put another list together and you say who you met with from Sunday midnight till Saturday midnight for one week who you talk to or who you met with okay and you put the list together okay let’s say there’s 50 people on this list or in your case maybe you hunt I don’t know okay am i it’s a short list only the mentees basically 5 or 6 people outside the mentees lawyers and accountants at now you put a number by every person that you email Skype tweet link and which one of your goals on this other side of the paper they have anything to do with you will be staggered stunned gobsmacked our struct how much time you’re wasting with people that have no no business being in your life to attain your goals correct okay hanging out with losers wasting your time with people to be proactive okay show me your friends and I’ll show you your future that’s one of your top top it is three piece to show me your friends and I show you your future you want to know why you’re up top just look at the bottoms you hang around with [Music] and why do I say that cuz that’s a 46 years and teaching you morons for 23 years you want to take does he think life is a journey that is portent life’s a journey if you’re a moron and you’re retarded that’s why in odds with that’s what you’ve done with the life up here too far it’s been a journey and how good is a journey you tell me life doesn’t have to be a journey it’s a journey for morons you think life is a journey for the Trump kids and some in process the same process his daddy raised him by [Music] saying for me well I paint a journey for my kid it’s a process till you tell me if your results orientate it at all who’s better off the journey or the process and for the most part most people in this room and most people listen on YouTube have to come to the realization as sad as it is that you have pissed you have urinated heretofore up until this morning your entire life down a very simple that’s it if you want to create massive wealth if you just want to be a happy slappy housewife from Dundee or happy slappy from Toronto or a happy slappy guy who goes to the Little League games and base of Arizona then that’s okay but if you want to create some money and money’s not everything and but I mean you can get money and then go save the world you can get money and save the forests in Brazil you make money and go save global warming which I don’t believe in you I mean and save the the pig kids and buy a fur and all that but without money you can’t save a thing don’t you understand don’t the idiots on YouTube understand that until you make some shekels until you makes a point you can’t help anybody

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