The Complete Guide- To 6 Figures With YouTube Commercials

YouTube states that there are 300 hours of new videos uploaded to this site every minute, three times more than a year before, and that about three-quarters of the material comes from countries other than the United States. UU. Thus, 800 million unique users per month. I heard there’s a billion now, so you just have to understand that there’s a great opportunity to promote yourself on YouTube.

YouTube is still the wild and wild west. Facebook is now not a great place to advertise for local businesses. With YouTube, someone watches your video and then sees many more videos, which is super powerful.

The social media giant has more than a billion users and people see 50% more videos on the platform year after year. For sellers and small business owners, this represents a great opportunity to get in front of a target audience.

Because the YouTube ad format depends solely on the video, the platform may seem a bit daunting at first. When you can get a great ROI (return on investment) for your client, you will have a lifetime customer. Instead of learning something about marketing to generate new customers, customers or patients for your business, you simply focus on business and not marketing.

The only type of customers we will deal with are those who are willing to work with us and see the need. You can reach your financial goal with a small number of customers. We just have to get the first customer and ours
The goal is to get the next customer, then the next one.

You do not have to be a talented director to create a YouTube video ad which will generate revenue for your business through video content. I’ll see how you can use a YouTube ad format to grow your business and help other local businesses.

I’ll show you how the platform works, including pre-roll advertising ideas, and the process must go through to get a return on investment for video content.

The different kinds of YouTube ads

In general, there are two types of YouTube ads: skippable and non-skipped ads

non-skipped ads’

Ads that can not be ignored, this are ads that force people to watch. They can last only 15 to 20 seconds. These are pre-roll advertising campaigns, which means that to see the desired video content, the ad will be displayed.

These types of ads get better compromise, but they also have a slower rate of higher video viewing.

These ads also tend to have a bad reputation because they seem convincing. However, if your ads are good and are well targeted, they do not have to be a problem. In fact, good ads will be shared on social networks for entertainment purposes in yours

Skippable ads are also known as TrueView ads. These are ads that do not force

people to watch These can be viewed in two ways: “In-stream” and “In-display”.
YouTube does not actually say that there is a maximum length for TrueView video

Content ads

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