Publishing and selling your book on Amazon Kindle in Nigeria – the Good, the bad and the Ugly

Publishing and selling your book on Amazon Kindle in Nigeria – the Good, the bad and the Ugly

I have published two books on Amazon Kindle Store in the past as a Nigerian, but I’m no longer enthusiastic about publishing on the platform anytime soon – until things get right.

If you are new and wondering what this is, let me quickly enlighten you about Amazon Kindle.

Amazon is the largest online retailer on the planet. Amazon Kindle Device is an eBook reader produced by Amazon.com that enable users to shop for, download, browse and read Books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media on their device. The device is used most in US and Great Britain.

Just like there is PDF, Doc, Docx and RTF document formats, there is Kindle format for eBooks to display on Amazon Kindle Device or app. If you have your book in Kindle format, you can submit it to Amazon Kindle store, sell at the price you choose and reach readers worldwide. Also, there are Kindle apps available for PC, Android and windows phone – Kindle app is to Kindle eBook format as Adobe PDF reader is to PDF documents. This takes Kindle books to many places other than the regular Kindle device. For the number of kindle users, we are talking about an audience of over 59 million in US alone as at 2012.

If you are an author or aspiring to be, you should get your his book on Amazon. Oh yes, you should friend!

The Good

Amazon allow writers to self publish their books – unlimited – on Kindle Direct Publishing – KDP platform, choose the price, and keep 70% as royalty. They also offer KDP Select to help authors earn more money – a service that allows you to earn your share of the KDP Select Global Fund when readers borrow your books from Kindle Owners’ lending Library. The KDP select service also allows you to make your book free to readers worldwide for a limited time – an effective promotion strategy.

What better deal can you ask for? Compare this to the traditional book publishers and you’ll be comparing Nigeria’s economy to that of US’.

You can also make you book available in print – through Createspace – and in audio – through ACX –offered by Amazon

The Bad

Amazon promise authors the benefit of reaching readers worldwide, but that is only in theory. If you intend to reach an African audience, you’ll be disappointed with Amazon. One of my eBooks sold 20 times more on my website than it did on Amazon kindle – and this is mainly because Amazon restricts most African countries from buying Kindle eBooks.

This ugly notification shows up on the right each time you want to order kindle eBooks from an African country – pretty sure about Nigeria.

The Ugly

How is that for reaching readers worldwide? If you want to reach reader in the developed/ western countries, you don’t have a problem here, but if you expect to also reach African audience, you have to sell your book elsewhere. Arrgh! I feel like punching someone in the nose.

In read from a blogger complaining about this and one of the commenters said it is due to copyright reasons. Come on. If I write my book from Nigeria, don’t I have the right to sell in my country on the platform? “No” said Amazon, in an interview that never happened. How does Amazon refusing readers from specific geographic area from buying my book, justify the so-called copyright protection? Maybe I’m not well acquainted to this issue, so I’ll hold my peace for now. At least you know what to expect when you get to publish your book on Amazon kindle store.

I don’t intend to discourage you from publishing your work on Amazon Kindle. It is worth the effort if your intention is to reach an international audience, but if you intend to reach the Nigerian or African readers, don’t expect much from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, at least for now.

Do you want to publish your book on Amazon Kindle? Need help and advice? Drop me a line in the comment or via my contact form. I’ll help in ways I can. If I get a number of interests, I will share a post on how to get your book on Amazon Kindle store in few days.

Cheers! And keep increasing lives.

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