I’m A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

so I was 18 years old when I made my first million dollars it felt pretty great felt great you know did toward some Lamborghinis there’s a dealership and Newport Beach that takes Bitcoin for Lamborghinis I’m Eric Penman and I am one of the youngest Bitcoin millionaires in the world this is the place we got some a lot of beds here I have a lot of friends over I don’t really like cuddling a little bit pretty pretty minimalistic so I don’t like to have too many clothes that’s pretty much it I like to just live a life of gym t-shirt and gym shorts perpetually hey you know if you got money I checked my Bitcoin every 30 minutes so I get a notification like of the price so I originally got into Bitcoin when I was just 12 years old when he was about ten twelve dollars a coin and I had one of my brothers we really he really got into it and we were very close and then we really got into all this big bling stuff I was very fortunate enough to have kind of a grandmother she she had an extra thousand dollars to give her kids for a scholarship fine so I put that $1,000 in the Bitcoin so I was able to amass about 400 plus bitcoins so there you go this is purse this is a website that allows you to like buy things off of Amazon and then it also like gives you a discount because using Bitcoin rather than all the fees of you know credit cards and all that stuff so that’s where I have like I’d like a hardware key I like check I have like a hard drive that I like keep it in secure location j-rok basically it is a disruptive technology it’s not regulated if it can’t be tracked and it tends to it tends to attract people who are doing illegal things there are a couple people kind of top politicians some Wall Street people they’re saying that bitcoin is not gonna work out and and bitcoin is is is kind of used for the bad things and that recently has affected the price because politicians and Wall Street people are very afraid of what bitcoin will do to them in their industry so school was maybe not the best thing for me to say the least I didn’t really particularly enjoy it I had a lot of teachers that were maybe not the most positive one teacher told me to drop out and work at McDonald’s because that’s all over I’ll ever amount to in life so I left I dropped out when I was fifteen and I went to start an education company that that would help people learn better it was to give people access to good teachers if you didn’t have any locally I wonder how I came up with that idea I [Music] think you can learn a thousand million times more in the internet than in the classroom everything is there for you you just need to have the motivation most people think that they have to go through this traditional path and they have to do this and I kind of I’m kind of more aware that that’s maybe not so much the case I think about how can I completely do something my way so if this is the traditional way of doing it if I thought about how to redo this from scratch how could I do that I think career that was one you know school that was two you know three you know kind of currency Bitcoin and all that stuff that’s what I think is that in a sense that society and the world and the world’s rules limit you in so many ways if you completely rethought about how you could do something your way completely from scratch what would that look like https://www.richardonlineresources.com/bitcoin-mining-billionaire-secret/

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