what’s up guys and welcome back to my channel so in today’s video as you can see by the title we are going to be putting a full face of a wish makeup through the test however there is a catch to this because you don’t actually get anything for free in life that’s just not how it works that so you actually do have to pay it for shipping which only costs about two pounds I think patent which isn’t so bad but essentially it means you are still paying for it so it’s not free but it is still a super super cheap so I thought I would order a bunch of makeup and just basically see what actually arrives if it looks anything like the pictures or if we’re getting scammed here if you guys enjoy these types of videos and would like to see more like this make sure you so much thank you some sup just down below and also don’t forget to click the bell button to stay notified of every time I post a new video board after ado let’s get on into the video the first time but we are gonna start off with foundation of course so here is my first free item now obviously like I said I paid it two pounds for this because I paid two pounds for each item to be shipped to my house so this is the Miss Rose a professional makeup but this is a matte foundation in shade beige 6 from what it looks like it should match my skin but I have no idea if it will I tried my best to match myself on the colors on the actual listing but I think there was only like four so you know it’s not really exactly the best selection of you know shades so this is what the foundation looks like and I can already tell it’s just gonna be way too dark for me so we’re just gonna have to make do so I’ve just popped that on the back of my hand and it seems quite high coverage actually from what I can tell I’m just gonna apply this all over my face as I would oh my god no this is gonna be way too dark I knew I should have gone for the lightest shade but it just looked so pale so I just felt like this would have been like the perfect match it does feel quite high coverage though so we’re not gonna judge it too much on the shades today okay I’m just blending this in with my Beauty Blender and is super hard to blend out oh no do you guys see that that is so orange okay yeah this is quite difficult like it’s not like I can just bounce it into my skin with ease I have to kind of like smear it into my skin with the Beautyblender which is not good at the moment I’m not really a fan of it I’m gonna try and blend this into my neck as well just to kind of try and save the day somehow I don’t think there’s any saving this honestly look at it it’s just so orange and patchy why well I mean I know why it was free technically it was only two pounds but still I feel like you could actually get a better foundation at like Poundland and that even be more selection to choose from too so that is the foundation complete I don’t think I’ve ever looked worse in my life like this I don’t know what it is about it it just looks horrendous in the viewfinder I don’t know if it looks the same on camera like to you guys but in the viewfinder it just looks awful so I’m gonna have to give this Foundation a big thumbs down I’m sorry Foundation it’s just not working out between us okay so here I have the next a little apostle now I’ve already opened it a little bit but I haven’t had a look inside so oh okay wait no wait and these the brushes I wanted are you actually kidding me let me just check on my wish because I swear to God I did not order that Oh as if oh my god no okay so basically I ordered these brushes which look like that so as you can see that is literally a full set of brushes and obviously I felt like it’s you know too good to be true that they’d probably be like really bad quality well these are it but this is what I got what like I know I only paid it two pounds for this but why would you advertise this when this is what I’m gonna get that’s so bad of them to do that to be honest they just look terrible I’m sorry right let’s just go in and move on to concealer this is the concealer that I got and it’s called the pro longwear concealer full coverage smooth and radiant it’s from the brand Sachi lady and it’s in shade is 0-1 this is what it looks like surprisingly this she looks quite nice like the packaging looks nice the product looks pretty good quality I guess and it’s exactly what the picture showed in the listing which I’m happy about perhaps this is gonna save the day so I’m just gonna go in not bad I’m just gonna try and literally put this all over my face to try and salvage the mess that is my face right now this actually feels quite nice and it looks really like high coverage as well so you know it’s kind of looking pretty good for two pounds I’m not mad at it I’m just gonna take my Beauty Blender for this and it just literally bounced that into the skin oh look at that that is actually looking pretty good it’s kind of reminding me of the shape tape concealer from top wow I am actually really really surprised so I’m now gonna take this product right here which actually is a product that doesn’t even have a brand Alisha just has the ingredients which I can’t understand they are very long and complicated words so we’re not gonna even attempt to read them basically it’s a little powder contour kit so what I’m going to do is I’m a just gonna take the kind of like orangey white sort of shade on the brush that we got from wish and I’m gonna try and set my under eye with this literally nothing is coming off on the brush okay this is a good start alright let’s try and really dig in there there we go hopefully I’ve picked some product art and we’re just gonna go under the eye this is not oh god wait that smell oh okay sir I’m just gonna try and set my under eye but I just feel like I’m playing pretend makeup right now because there is nothing on this brush it’s just not picking up any product at all I just feel like a little kid trying to like use a kid’s makeup okay I guess that’s the best we’re gonna do I feel like maybe it’s somewhat said it just a little bit but it’s just not the best is it I’m gonna take mmm we’re take this one on this brush Oh a matching game picked up quite a bit perhaps this will be a better quality better to try and contour where there’s what Wow oh my god it’s not the best blending with this brush but the products actually pretty good I am sure I feel like with a normal brush this would be a lot better but for the sake of this video I’m literally just only gonna use these brushes okay so contour is on and I feel like it actually doesn’t even look that bad I mean it could do a little bit more blending if I use the different brush but this palette is actually pretty decent I think like the actual payoff over the other shadows apart from like the powder one it’s pretty good now moving on to blusher I have this blusher right here which makes you think like it’s gonna be a super big pan but it really isn’t and it’s literally just like a refill pan so it doesn’t even have any packaging which I mean you know if you expected like a proper blush then you’d be very disappointed if you got there I thought this was gonna be more pigmented than it is not gonna lie but it’s still quite pretty like it doesn’t look the worst I mean does my side there’s a sudden my face look really patchy I feel like in the mirror it doesn’t but on camera my face always looks patchy on this side whenever I do these testing videos okay so moving on to highlighter I picked up this little product right here which they actually on the listing use a bunch of like different bloggers which I’m pretty sure didn’t use this for like the highlighter so I kind of yeah it’s kind of a bit sketchy that they would use like bloggers photos when they clearly didn’t use this product however we are gonna put it to the test it looks pretty decent it comes with like a little brush applicator which is kind of unusual for highlighters I would say it’s not about actually it looks quite share but I like the color there’s not too much glitter in it either so it looks quite natural which I quite like I really don’t want to have to use that brush to blend this in so I’m just gonna go back to my Beauty Blender and try and like bounce it into the skin a little bit okay no this is so hard to blend out do you guys see this this is one of these products that you literally have to blend as soon as you put it on the skin or else it’s not gonna blend at all and it’s kind of like starting to take my foundation off with it which is just kind of really annoying right let’s try and apply a little bit more because I feel like I’ve just brushed it all off with my finger and I’m immediately going to blend this into my skin like I said if you leave it on it’s just not gonna budge okay so this is it I mean it just ah it doesn’t look good at all it doesn’t look like the photos they were advertising yeah I mean it just looks really patchy like the idea and the concept of it when you first apply to the skin looks beautiful but when you like blend it out it just looks really bad okay so I guess that’s the glow for today very patchy Bob we’re just gonna roll with it now the next product we’re gonna try out is an eye shadow palette so this is from a brand could pop feel I think so let’s take a look inside Wow okay so these are all the shadows which actually don’t look that bad but you just again looks like a miniature palette for like kids in the photo I was just kind of under the impression this was gonna be like a lot bigger but it is quite small but anyways let’s put it to the test and see how it looks on the eyes I really don’t want to have to do this but I’m gonna have to use this little eyeshadow applicator which I absolutely hate these things are just so bad so I’m gonna go in with this like kind of orangey sort of shadow first I guess and I’m just gonna apply that all over the lid guys this is actually really good like it’s super pigmented look at that okay the applicator is not the best for this for that she really pigmented I’m gonna try and use at the flat brush instead and see if that works any better oh yeah that is so much better it’s kind of coming out quite patchy on the lid but the pigmentation is definitely there so I feel like with two coats we’re gonna get there okay so there is quite a lot of Fallout as you can see probably under my eye which I mean it’s not the worst because I can just brush it away and it doesn’t actually do much to my foundation or anything but just bear that in mind it’s not gonna be like the highest quality of eyeshadows ever so I know I said I was only gonna use brushes from the set from wish but I’ll it she cannot leave this like this so I’m just gonna go in with like a blender brush and just try and blend this mess out as the said didn’t obviously come with a blending brush I’m not gonna lie I am actually quite pleasantly surprised at how well these shadows are blending out and the pigmentation of them they are actually really good considering this little palette only costs two pounds I’m just gonna finish off the look with this color right here which is like a really nice a red undertone sort of plum color and I’m gonna take this on a blending brush as well and just kind of sweep that a little bit through the crease this looks super pigmented I thought that this would just be a really nice way to kind of add a little bit more color through the crease and make the look a little bit more intricate these colors are actually blending in together so well I am so impressed I honestly did not expect these shadows to be this good at all so that is the eye shadow look I’m now gonna move on to your eyeliner so this is the eyeliner that has come from wish and the box looks a little bit squished is definitely seen better days so this is what the product looks like inside actually looks pretty good so this is the aloe bond waterproof long-lasting eyeliner it’s got 12 millilitres of product inside and the applicator looks quite promising the smell is a little bit bad I’m not gonna lie but we’re just gonna go there what’s gonna apply this and try and kind of create like a typical cat wing with it oh my god look at that that’s so black okay so as this eyeliner is drying its kind of becoming a little bit tacky like it feels really sticky on my eye so I’m really hoping that this isn’t just literally gonna crumble off my eye I don’t know if you guys can see from this far but it’s dried to be quite like glossy which is really weird because obviously eyeliner is usually matte okay so this is the eyeliner finished I’m not gonna lie it feels really sticky like my eyelids just feel like they’re gonna stick together somehow it’s not the nicest feeling I’ll own I’ve ever worn a have to say it just doesn’t feel very comfortable and it feels really cold as well as if I literally have like wet eyeliner on that’s just not willing to dry I really hope that this isn’t gonna irritate my eyes or anything cuz they’re kind of watering already we’re now gonna move on to at the second eyeliner so this came in a little box like that and it’s from the brand handian I think and it looks like this it’s basically like a little glitter eyeliner they just sucked me in to get this because of the pictures they use they look quite nice and the makeup was just so beautiful this is what it looks like the applicator looks quite chunky so I have no idea if this is gonna go to plan but let’s just try and use it on the eyes so what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna take the glitter liner and just apply a very thin line just above the black line but it’s quite – like how the payoff is pretty nice like it’s quite pigmented there’s a lot of glitters it is definitely quite different to what I usually wear on my eyes but I am actually really liking this product I’m now just gonna go back in with the black liner to kind of neaten it up and go over any bits that I have kind of ruined with the glitter liner I’m also gonna add a little bit of that glitter into the inner corners because why not okay so next up I’m gonna move on to you at mascara so this one it looks a lot like a mascara that I have seen on the drugstore I’m not too sure what brand it’s from but I’m sure you guys have seen it as well um so this is the day to night glam eyes a defined length and intense volume mascara so it has the length brush which is like the first part and it comes out like this so let’s just go ahead and apply this at first to the lashes it’s not really doing – most of the lashes I have to say so that’s step one complete and now let’s move on to the volume end so let’s twist that open whoa okay that product literally just oozed out of the tube okay let’s try and apply this to the lashes as well it’s not really doing too much easier to be honest okay no gonna liner is one of the worst mascaras I have ever used so this is the look complete now I asked she did order a lipstick and a lip liner which actually never arrived I wait any longer to film this video because I’ve already been waiting for all these products to arrive for probably like two or three weeks so we will just have to use a different product so today I’m gonna use the Tarte East lip paint and this is in shade salty but first I’m gonna line my lips with this collection a lip liner I always forgot I actually did also order some lashes at frog wish which were again free but for two pounds shipping so this is what they look like they actually look not too bad so I’m just gonna go ahead and apply it those lashes on seeing as the mascara I literally did nothing to my lashes okay so the lashes are now on and it actually looked pretty decent now as you guys probably know I’m not like the biggest lash wearer so lashes are just always really difficult for me to apply but these were so easy because the lash brand is super super thin I don’t know if you guys will be able to tell but you get so many pairs for the two pounds and they look so natural and not too much as for the skin I feel like I mean it’s definitely seen better days especially my contour and highlight however I feel like this concealer has definitely saved the day and I would say it’s actually really really good the foundation the eyeliner and the mascara were just a big no-no but in the end I think everything turned out pretty well so I’m actually really really pleasantly surprised do let me know what you guys think of this makeup and if you have ever purchased any products from which I would love to know your experience as well I think the brushes from wish were the most misleading I mean come on what is this but anyways that is all for this video thank you so much for watching I really hope you guys enjoyed this and make sure you guys that subscribe if you haven’t already but that is all from me thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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