I GOT SCAMMED | HUGE Makeup Brush Scam

hey guys it’s Leah and today I have a little bit of a different video for you guys I did get scammed by a makeup company so I’m just gonna get right into it and tell you guys about that so on October 9th I was watching YouTube videos and there was an ad a video ad it was pretty lengthy I watched the entire ad it was for this 22,000 bristle kabuki brush it looked absolutely amazing super fantastic and I was going to buy the brush when the video ad actually said for a very short period of time this makeup brush was going to be absolutely free and all you had to do is pay shipping so that’s a great deal almost too good to be true which I should have took the end right there and so I did order this brush it’s from Jun Seattle dot-com or something like that I’ll leave the link in the description just so you guys will know not to buy it you so yes I did look at the product I added it to my car and when I was checking out they did say it would be a three to four week wait for this makeup brush and and that was another red flag to me if you’re gonna promote something and have it free for a short period of time and you know people are only gonna pay shipping if I’m paying shipping it better be you know good shipping is all I’m saying there are plenty of sites when you get free shipping second of all if you’re gonna have a huge promotion like this you need to be getting the product out the door or don’t have a promotion at all three to four weeks is a very long time especially in the age where we’re and to date shipping amazon shipping amazon prime free shipping things like that so 34 weeks is a really long time if you’re gonna have a promotion just don’t have a promotion but I was being an idiot so I went ahead and it’s like oh okay I’ll do it it was like 595 for shipping which really wasn’t terrible I did pay with my credit card because I do know to be careful online shopping and things of that nature specifically for this reason and so I did use my credit card and I do have a buyer protection thankfully so fast forward to now I still never received anything from the makeup company and so I tried to email them with the email that was on my order slip the email isn’t real it’s not valid you can’t send an email I immediately got an error message trying to send the email I tried to reach out to my credit card company and she was like okay well I have this number listed for the company did you try to call and I was like no I didn’t try to call the phone number because I didn’t know that they had a phone number so while she’s on the online chat with me I called his phone number no so as I get straight sent to voicemail and it’s not even a professional voicemail it’s just like you have reached the number of two five eight whatever whatever whatever leave a message at the tone so spoiler alert I didn’t leave a message I told my credit card company of that and send me straight to voicemail and while I’m in this online chat with my credit card company I’m like googling this makeup brush company and I find their Facebook page y’all not a single person received their makeup brush ever from this company and this has been happening since I think late 2016 so I’m just wondering why there are YouTube ads for this company that knowingly rips people off for years at least one year maybe more I don’t know but they’re just taking your money and not sending you what you paid for or not sending you anything at all so thankfully my credit card company did come in clutch and I did get a full refund to the $5.95 for shipping I got that in the mail sorry I think that’s somebody I know outside so that’s kind of awkward but yeah anyway so I did get my money back today I don’t know if I’m gonna get anything to show up in the mail some people got something like three months after they ordered some people never got anything at all now that I have my money refunded I don’t think I’m gonna get anything back do not buy from them their Facebook page will be evidence enough and unfortunately YouTube is putting their ads all over specifically beauty gurus content that’s how I found it so you guys just need to be careful about that again the makeup company will be in the description below there’s also my social media down there if you guys wanna follow me I did make social media specifically for my youtube channel thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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