How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA for Profit – Bookselling Tutorial for Beginners – Quick Start Guide

what’s up guys this video is gonna be everything you need to know to get started selling books on Amazon FBA this video is geared towards beginners it’s gonna cover basics it’s gonna cover some advanced stuff but the goal is after you watch this video you should know everything you need to know to get started selling books on Amazon FBA let me go check and see because this video is live I just want to check the comments and see how we’re doing how’s it going surf and go how’s the video transmission and the audio looking we’re doing good I’m gonna cover fulfill by merchant a little bit as well let me put that down on the notepad and make sure I got that what up Louis 2017 what up Lin install in surfing goat the three first people that joined us as n flips in the house if you’re watching this video please smash the like button it it it it makes me feel good inside more importantly it helps with the algorithm on YouTube and it pushes my video up in search results so that other people can 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I’m concerned with is delivering a massive amount of value to you guys in this video so and also for you know if you’re a new follower welcome to my channel I’m glad to have you and I’m about to teach you everything you need to know about selling books on Amazon and I’m sure you’ll certainly learn a couple things about Amazon in general so first off let’s talk about how to get started selling books on Amazon first thing you need your need you’re gonna need to do is you need an amazon seller account so go to seller central dot amazon.com sign up for an Amazon account I think if you have a buying account on Amazon you can you can register your account to be a seller account now you can be an individual seller or you can be a pro merchant seller and there’s also two ways to sell books on Amazon or any item there’s fulfilled by Amazon FBA which means you send it to Amazon they house it and store it and when it ships they ship it for you using their shipping methods and you can usually fetch a premium price for a fulfilled by Amazon item but there’s obviously some fees that go in line with that and then there’s fulfilled by merchant or merchant fulfilled sometimes referred to as FBM and what that means is that when you list the book you store it locally on your premises and when it sells meaning you get a notification that it’s sold in your email or you see it on your seller dashboard then you go and get the book and wrap it and mail it to your customer both are viable ways and you have to consider which one benefits you more which business model do you prefer to do with FBA a lot of the benefits are that there is less work up like overall you don’t have to go and pack orders when they sell if you have a hundred books listed and you sell 10 a day that’s 10 days where you had to stop what you’re doing to go get those items pull them wrap them and ship them off to your customers whereas if you did FBA you could have shipped off a hundred items in one day or one afternoon and so you’re batching the work you’re like tivoing the work down into one period and getting it done all on your own terms but the downside about FBA is that the fees there’s fees the fees are continually going up more and more so for example if you have a ten dollar book that’s selling use for 10 bucks or ten bucks on FBA you can actually make more selling it yourself fulfilled by merchants especially if you get discounted postage rates through USPS and the discount type is called bound printed matter so I believe you have to achieve a certain amount of volume to get this discount but then you’re making money because you’re shipping it for very cheap and you’re competing with the big dawgs that do the same thing and it’s a lot of work you know you’re wrapping a hundred items a day but you’re making maybe three bucks on every single one or whatever so there’s a business model there and if that fits your needs that fits your needs so the first step the first most important step to selling on Amazon especially if you want to sell ebooks is go watch all my videos I’m just kidding but watch a good amount of the ones from the beginning from the early days or at least hit my playlists I have some playlists linked down below there’s like FBA tips pro tips for book sellers there’s sourcing trips those types of things go through the playlist section and find the videos that are gonna help you learn what you need to learn and if you want to just watch general content start from the beginning from my earliest early videos the production value is not that great but I was I gave out all the information really early on and then I kind of started making vlogs and stuff like that travel vlogs etc family vlogs whatever stuff that you’re probably not concerned with seeing if you’re here to get information on how to make money my goal is that you appreciate the value that I’d give you and maybe you do want to watch a video of me and my family or a travel vlog or whatever so besides obviously besides my main goal which is trying to help you guys get going making some money on the side breaking away from your nine to five day job and if you’re in the 2017 flip challenge you got a master unlock because I’m gonna help you win this anyway so yeah get your Amazon account get that going download the Amazon seller app right this is the black icon app let me see if I can show it to you on my screen real quick I never have good luck with this type of focusing stuff let’s see you guys so that black one right there that’s the Amazon seller app let’s see this is what the screen looks like it’s super out of focus yep there’s my sales total for the day so far it’s a pretty slow Sunday 1700 today a little under 90,000 for the last 30 days 90% books that’s why you guys are listening to me because I know what I’m doing but anyways on the seller app there’s a little camera icon in the corner and when you press that it presents you with a screen I don’t know what it just looked up it looked up something weird anyways when you press the camera it gives you goes take you to the camera and you can scan a barcode you can scan stuff since we’re talking about books I’m gonna tell you scan a book and it will bring you some results let me see if I actually if I have a book right here a grab no I don’t I should have my bad anyways but when you scan a book it comes up with some results you can see the new and use prices you can see the FBA prices and you can see what the payout would be for a book if you sold it at that price and you can put in your cost and your shipping etc so it’s a way it’s free it doesn’t cost any money it’s it only works on live meaning it doesn’t have a database so let’s cut into that real quick what do I mean when I say database and live so there is a suite of scanning apps that you can use there is my favorite app currently which is FBA scan which has a database and it covers all products not just books it does live and it has database meaning you can download the entire database of Amazon’s product into the app and then you can scan stuff when you have cell signal and you don’t have Wi-Fi which is very important because you don’t always have signal where you’re scanning stuff in a basement in the back of the building but it’s more important because even if you do have signal it takes one to three to five seconds for a result to come back from live lookup on any app but if you have a database it comes back in like a quarter of a second faster than you can look from a laser beam back to your phone screen so if you really want to get going in the books you’re gonna need a database app now there’s only a few there’s only two apps in America I believe that have database one is FBA scan which I just talked about it’s it’s tried-and-true it’s been around for a bazillion years but it’s getting kind of tired there’s a new app that just came out that is definitely gonna take over the game and be the best app there ever was it’s called scout IQ and it has database as well there’s only one problem is currently it only does ebooks so if unless you do just ebooks it’s not going to be that useful for you because you can’t do CDs you can’t do DVDs you can’t scan toys etc and I do even though this video is about selling books I definitely recommend you to diversify your bonds you remember that episode on dave chappelle with wu-tang financials where the jesus said diversify your bonds he wasn’t kidding you want to be versed in a million different niches so that you can find profit wherever you’re at because there might not be books there all the time anyways back to the program so scout IQ FBA scan those are American apps you can in Canada in Canada I’m not sure if FBA scan works in Canada but I know that in Europe you can use neato scan that’s gonna work for at least four for UK I don’t know about all of Europe please don’t jump on me for that I’m a stupid American my geography is limited to my surrounding area so if you really want to get going on books you’re gonna need a Bluetooth scanner which is a wireless thing there like about this big it’s it next to your phone via bluetooth and it has usually one or two buttons and it can sends out a laser beam which scans a barcode and then sends the numbers back to your phone with Bluetooth so what you usually do is you’ll put some velcro on the back of your phone and some velcro on your scanner and then put them together and then you can hold your phone like this and you can scan books on a shelf and use your other hand to fan through the books quickly very important very very important that the laser beam gets the barcode sends the data back and then the app sends you the results and you can see it right away you can have headphones plugged in you can have alerts you can set your own pricing criteria if you only want to sell books that are gonna make you ten dollars profit you can set that if you only want to sell books that are gonna make you fifteen dollars profit you can set that if you only want to sell books that are gonna sell fairly quickly you can set those types of criteria in your scanning app whether it’s Scout IQ or FBA scan or Neto scan they’re all different but they can all basically do the same thing now scoured IQ is made by a bookseller that’s very smart Caleb Roth and so it has a few features that other scanning apps don’t have it’s in beta right now it should be out soon I’ll let you guys know when it comes out to the public but if you have a scanning app with database mode and a Bluetooth scanner you can crush it selling books because that’s how you go through books fast like I like to tell people that your job if you’re a bookseller it’s not so much to find the winners as it is to get through the losers as fast as possible because there are so many items in the book category there are so many books that have been printed most of them aren’t worth a thing and so it’s just gonna be a lot of work if you’re waiting on live signal or if you’re using a camera on your phone to scan them versus using the laser beam or not having database or whatever especially if you’re at a high competition area like a library book sale which is a great place to source books by the way I have a video about details about library book sales and how to find them just check the links down below on my playlists and those will direct you guys to those videos so let’s go where can you we’ll touch on that a little bit where can you buy books to sell on Amazon so thrift stores this is huge there is a lot of thrift stores there’s Goodwill’s there’s Salvation Army’s there savers there’s Value Village there’s there’s private independent dress stores that I don’t know the name of there’s yard sales estate sales there’s a really cool app called yard sale treasure map app get that app install it in your phone and when the weekend comes you open that app up and you check out where the sales are at now that’s like the most basic way to do it if you want to be really on top of your game the night before you should be researching which sales have books maybe looking through the pictures maybe even contacting some of the people and asking if you can come by the night before to go through the books alright so that’s a huge yard sale garage sale tip is that you super early bird it by not even by showing up early in the morning like with a flashlight which is recommended but calling them and seeing if you can come by the day before to get the jump on the jump right guys so now let’s look at the data that you’re going to be getting from a scanning app what it’s going to tell you besides the price is it’s going to tell you the sales rank now sales rank is a number on Amazon that represents how frequently an item sells sales sells so the number one book is going to be like Harry Potter or whatever the flavor of the month is and the last book with the 43 million ranking or whatever that’s the worst selling book now there’s like I think there’s like 38 or 48 million books listed in the book category but a lot of them have never sold like most of them over 15 million ranked have never ever sold so when you see a ranked table and they’re telling you this is the top one percent this is the top 5% of the sales rank number it’s not so accurate because it includes a lot of dead weight now what you need to know about sales rank more than anything is that it’s just a snapshot from a moment in time and this is how sales rank works when an item is not selling the rank gets larger it goes you know from 1 to 10 to 20 to 500 to a thousand to ten thousand to a hundred thousand it gets worse and worse and worse and if down here is one in the bottom and up is higher numbers it’s going up it’s getting worse and worse and worse and then when it sells its gonna spike and go down or I mean you can choose how you want to view sales rank grass flippity floppity whatever but the moral the story is is that devoid of a sale a rank gets worse and worse and worse and when it sells it spikes so here’s a rank and you’re looking at it on Monday and you’re like man that that’s a 1.2 million rank book I don’t want to get it it doesn’t sell very often but then it sells that evening and the rank tomorrow is a hundred and twenty three thousand and you would buy it so it’s important most of all to look for profit in books and once you find the profit then you need to investigate into further detail so all the scanning apps have the ability to see the sales rank graph historically through time and these services are provided from sites like Kiba comm ke EPA and camel camel camel comm which you should be very familiar with if you want to be in the Amazon game let alone selling books on Amazon what they do is they track the sales rank historically over time and then you can see if it just gets worse and worse and worse and you can see oh okay you see over a one month period it spiked twice that means it sold two copies at least during that time period if when you look at the 30 day thing and it looks like a Richter scale seismograph went crazy you know it’s selling a lot of copies and you can count the spikes on the sales graph and see that it sold at least that many copies during that time period so more important than rank because it’s just a snapshot in time is historical rank like how it behaves over time right and you can look at sales rank averages as well I believe Kiba comm shows you sales rank average every keepa and camel camel camel both have Chrome extensions that you should install to your browser that helps you see the sales ranks on the Amazon product detail pages but and they include averages so that can help you but an average of a textbook which only sells really crazily during textbook season is not gonna be so valuable to you when it’s not textbook season right so what you want to do is get your eyes on the sales rank graph so first find the profit if the profits there look at the sales rank look at the sales rank over time and determine if that item actually sells and if it’s going to be valuable for you now let’s go down to so there’s a there’s other the ways that I discussed about how to get books earlier as generally referred to as cherry-picking books meaning you go to places and you go through their books and you take what you want and then you leave and you go process them and sell them however you’re going to sell them but there’s another way called bulk selling books and this means that you are getting Gaylords of books a Gaylord is a volumetric measurement it’s like three feet cubic or so something like that two and a half feet cubic and you can find suppliers of Gaylords of books usually from paper recyclers or other organizations that are just have so much books and they can’t deal with them all maybe you have a deal with a thrift store where once a month or once every three months they dump the whole all the books out of the entire store that haven’t sold into a Gaylord and sell it to you for ten cents a pound or whatever that’s a whole different business model and it requires a lot of work you’re gonna have a lot of junk to go through on hand and you’re not going to be able to leave it behind like when you cherry-pick you have to figure out either how to monetize those duds or how to get rid of them or find another organization to donate them back to and it requires different workflows alright you might need some forklifts you might need a pallet jack you might need a conveyor belt you might need a Gaylord dumper to dump the Gaylords onto your conveyor belt or onto your sorting table or whatever but so just different two different ways to get books right now let’s go into also you can I didn’t mention this but you can source books by going into like local College Facebook groups and and saying hey I buy books and you can buy books buy back buy them back from the students that just got out of school right or you can put make advertisements you can make bumper stickers I buy books you can advertise anywhere you can advertise social media local Facebook ads you can put door knockers on people’s doors you can send out postcards you can do anything you should be telling people that you sell books and have business cards that way the books start flowing to you at least some of them that could be your entire business model if you focus on it so let’s talk about processing let’s talk about equipment needed so besides needing a a smartphone and a Bluetooth scanner to scan the books which you don’t need the Bluetooth scanner it’s just much faster you you are gonna need a computer at your house to deal with listing the books on Amazon and getting them ready to be purchased so you’re also probably gonna want a printer so that you can print out your postage from home and at first you might not get a label printer where you can just peel the back off and stick the postage on you might just get a regular laser printer and cut it out and tape it on your packages that’s fine it’s not the most efficient way to do it but you got to do what you got to do when you’re starting out right so there is another way you can get either DiMeo brand or zebra brand label printers that print on two four inch rolls for postage labels for books now that’s for a merchant fulfilled meaning you’re shipping them yourself one at a time when they sell if you’re doing FBA you’re going to need to have labels little address size labels that you put on to the books so when you send a book to Amazon via Amazon FBA you have to put a label over the books barcode it has to go on top of the books barcode and that’s the Amazon FBA label you can either print these on sheets in a laser printer using the 30 up sheets or you can use a dime oh for 50 turbo printer to print them out on labels and they come out horizontally like this some you can do the long ways once too but I don’t prefer that I prefer them to come out this way where you roll them up like this anyways so you’re gonna need some printers you’re going to need a computer you’re gonna need some mailers if you’re doing merchant fulfilled if you’re doing FBA you’re gonna need boxes you can get boxes for free from anywhere that has a recycling place don’t steal them sidenote I actually got a ticket for stealing boxes out of a recycling dumpster before stupidest thing ever so but if if you don’t have time it’s always more efficient to just purchase them I like to purchase my boxes from Home Depot I prefer to use the small boxes for books you can also use the medium boxes but you’re not going to be able to fill one of those medium boxes with textbooks up it’s going to be way too heavy you’re gonna need a scale to weigh books on I prefer to use the pillow ease PLO uz e brand scanner but they’re not always the cheapest they’re actually kind of expensive sometimes when the when the supplies not proper but there’s a bunch of different scales that you can use what you want to look for in a scale is you want it to be sturdy hopefully made out of metal with a large plate to put the boxes on and it has to be able to weigh up to like a hundred pounds or so the max weight on a box to send a FBA is 50 pounds per box and all the good scales have a detached display display display that you can pull away from the scale so you can put the Box on there you can have the display over here on the side or whatever and hold on quick water break I checked that out Reesie resales follow the hustle 14 ounce flask anyway so let’s see scales obviously you’re going to need tape guns you can start off with using regular tape that’s what most people use that’s what I use forever and ever when I started sending a massive amount of boxes to FBA I realized that I could actually save money if I use the wet tape this is the tape that Amazon actually uses it looks like cardboard and it has nylon ingrained in the tape or whatever I have all those links down below in my description for equipment that you guys might need when you’re selling books on Amazon let’s see you’re gonna want a table to sort your books on to stack them on when you’re processing them preferably a long one but a fold up like table you grabbed from Costco or whatever that’ll work too they work just fine not optimal in my opinion but it works great they actually they just start to sag after a while and it gets all all bougie so let’s talk about process four first let’s talk about book conditions when you get books and you’re gonna sell them on Amazon you have to classify them in condition is it new do not list books as new if they aren’t new if you’re asking me or anyone else is this book new it’s not new ok so there’s new like new very good good and acceptable acceptable is the lowest condition that you can actually sell a book in and if you’re ever unsure about what condition a book is you always downgrade it to a lower condition you don’t want to create false expectations with your customers your goal is to keep your customers happy you don’t care about one single sell you’re in this business to make a lot of sells so don’t risk the biskits for one sale and oftentimes it’s not even worth upgrading the condition anyways so there’s verbatim descriptions for the condition guidelines I don’t have them on hand with me right now but you can look them up amazon has their own seller central forums where they have all kinds of instructions they even have training and tutorial videos that will show you how to pack a box how to make a shipment all these things so you don’t have to go buy someone’s course or how to do this or how to do that because Amazon already made training videos go to Google type tutorial FBA Amazon videos or whatever and you’ll probably find the the videos that Amazon made themselves for you guys to understand how to work the system because they make money when you make money so they want you to make money right now let’s talk about book conditions when you’re listing a book you have to you have a section where you can write a note about it you know your condition description note and a lot of people write there’s a crease on the cover previous owners name inside front cover light musty smell excuse me whatever you don’t have any time for that okay and it’s not going to increase your sales much at all if any at all so what you want to do is you want to make boilerplate descriptions for all your books so what boilerplate means is you make a basic description and you copy and paste that into every book when you list it you have the one for new books the one for like new books the one for very good the one for good the one for acceptable and that’s it you just drop them in there and you don’t have to worry about describing each book individually so what you do like workflow wise is you get home you got a bunch of books wherever you got them and you stack them on your table by condition you have you put the new ones in a stack you put the like new ones in a stack very good good acceptable and so on and then you go through and list them on Amazon and you’re batching your workflow like that because you’re switching the pre-made descriptions less etc now basic the basic way you make an FBA shipment is you scan the books into Amazon you convert them to Amazon FBA make a shipment it gives you the stickers you sticker the books you put the books in boxes you weigh the boxes and then you get labels you put them on the boxes and you drop them off at UPS or FedEx if you’re doing a ton you can do a pallet of books for us we start to save money around three hundred and fifty pounds so when you have a shipment over three hundred and fifty pounds you should start looking into pallets but that is dependent on how far you are from your fulfillment center where the books want to get shipped to and unfortunately you can’t control where Amazon wants you to send it to you they might want you to send ten here and 20 there you never know so my advice is to just make bigger shipments so that you can get a large enough amount of them to go to where you need them to go to let’s see um to do book conditions boiler plates finding books label books now let’s talk about what type of books do you want to buy in general nonfiction the books that are all worth the most money are nonfiction books and inside of that category it’s going to be textbooks textbooks are by far the most profitable books that you can buy so you want to get textbooks anytime you can you should grab them and scan them for sure but aside from textbooks it’s all nonfiction books and yes there is some fiction books that are worth money but just in general of order of importance textbooks nonfiction then fiction and outside of those categories the books that are worth the least amount of value are the mass-market paperback books these are the ones you can get at the grocery store they’re like this big they’re usually thicker than normal and the pages yellow really fast those are almost not ever worth any money I mean again there’s exceptions to the rules but as far as what is gonna get you the most bang for your buck on your time spent finding books stay away from mass-market paperbacks in my opinion of course there’s a myriad of ways that you can you can bulk them together and sell them on eBay or whatever but so let’s talk about repricing your books and how to price a book if you want to sell a book on Amazon you have to have near the lowest price or the lowest price for your condition or better what does that mean that means if I have a good book and there is and I’m listing it for 12 bucks but there’s a very good 411 it’s a good chance that my good book is never gonna sell because there’s a book in better condition that’s a dollar less so you want to price your books for the same condition or better and people adjust their prices over time so the price changes and if you just price it once and you don’t adjust your price you’re gonna move down the list and your you might not even be on the first page which means you’re certainly not going to sell okay and what you have to do is continually adjust your prices to be competitive and when you adjust your price do not undercut your competition because that creates a race to the bottom if I go a penny less than you you go a penny less than me and so on and so on until this book is worth almost nothing or whatever especially since there might be hundreds if not of a thousand people selling this exact title and what you have to know is that the professional sellers use automatic tree pricing software to reprice their books to give them the ultimate competitive advantage so the software that I use to reprice books is reprice sitcom there’s another there’s a bunch of different solutions another one that I recommend not so much for books but it works for books too it’s just really expensive is app Eagle calm reprice it is schedule based meaning you tell it what to do and when to change the price based on certain conditions and it does it on a schedule at 11:00 a.m. at noon at 1:00 at 2:00 at 3:00 and so on but app Eagle is reactive meaning it changes your price when it detects that your competition changed their price so that’s a huge advantage but it’s just it’s really expensive and not pretty much not worth it for books but if you sell new items like shoes or whatever else I really recommend a people let’s see when there’s a lot more details about like how to source books at library cell etc and I covered those in my how to kill it at a library sale video which is available via one of my playlist down below I’ll actually link that down there let’s talk about software now when you really start going on Amazon you’re gonna need some software to help you speed it up just like you use a scanning software you’re gonna want to use a listing software so the listing software that I recommend you use to speed up your listing process is scanlister scanlister is super fast it’s great for listening stuff on Amazon there’s another solution called inventory lab inventory lab cost fifty bucks a month scanlister costs twenty but you can also outright buy scanlister I think for 250 or 300 so that’s great in my opinion because I don’t like being nickel and dimed every month inventory let it’s not really apples to apples comparison because inventory lab comes with accounting and they give you free access to their scouting tool which only has live mode but it’s called Scout if I not the best scanning app in the business but it will get the job done actually particularly not that great for ebooks but it will get the job done and it is free with inventory lab now let me make sure see if I have anything that I didn’t cover I feel like I just ranted for like 40 minutes straight so I’m gonna go over to the chat and see how many of you crazies are still here with me and if we got any questions here smash the like button if you guys like this video please press subscribe if you haven’t I’m happy to have you here on my channel and I appreciate you let’s see how do you sell a lot of books when they are used and you don’t win the buy box you got a price competitively can you got to be near the lowest price especially for your condition or better if you have a I’m not saying you know if you have a like new book don’t go competing with good or acceptable copies but you want to have competitive prices going through these questions horn let me scroll up so I can get some questions guys sorry about this let me take a drink while I look for some questions looks like surfing goats in here answering all the questions I don’t see any I don’t see very many questions question what is your SKU format and why do you do it that way Thanks great question Ben so when you list an item on Amazon they give you a field called SKU and you can put whatever you want in there if you don’t put anything they’re gonna generate a bunch of random nonsense and put that in there what’s Q stands for is stock keeping unit so it’s to be used internally for keeping track of your stock now the way that we do it is we list the date of when we acquired an item followed by the three-letter code for the person who sourced the item followed by the location of where we sourced it so goodwill savers Walmart the Dollar Tree wherever followed by the amount we paid for the item and the quantity of that item that we purchased the reason that we use these is twofold one is so that when I sell an item and I see the SKU I can quickly glean that information so okay it’s sold for $55 and the payout was 38 or 42 or whatever and then I can see right there oh cool we paid eight bucks for that so I know right away how much our profit was I know who sourced it wasn’t me was it my business partner was it my worker and I also know oh man we have five more of those and I can go and look and see if they sold or or whatever it’s just for my own internal use and also I can export that from Amazon the SKU and I can use that in Excel to write different things to do different things based on the information that I’ve encoded in the SKU great question see if we get any more in there thanks for tuning in guys appreciate you for sure man you guys have been active in the comments answering all of these let’s see what do you think of Amazon’s new pre-authorized returns policy the customer’s always right especially in Amazon’s world so if it makes the customer happy my guess is that it’s gonna create more customers in the long term I mean look at what it’s done for Amazon so it is what it is it’s good for the business overall even though it might not be good for you or that single sale but what are you gonna do Amazon holds the keys it’s their game right mark Corbett says what do you do with your duds when buying in bulk so get rid of them however you can sell them to your local book store sell them on book Scouter calm which is a great app that aggregates book buyback websites donate them to a local agency not preferably not the one you bought them from find one of those bins that says you know donate your books here which is probably your competitors thing and just stuff it full of them it’s crazy out here guys in these streets are the price points on keepers graph representing actual real sales or just new listings those are representing the price the price the sales rank spikes so what you can do is you can cross-reference the buy box price when the sale ranks when the sales rank spiked and that’s as close as you’re gonna get to estimating what the buy box price was when the sale was made and they actually do link those on keepo keepa keepo keepo keepa calm now you can you can see the spike will line up with the buy box price and it will draw a line to it and that’s your best bet as far as estimating the price that caused the sales rank to spike the broadcast is sponsored by Lawry’s seasoned salt what do you do with textbooks amazon wanted invoices to sell them i would just sell them on ebay if i was you guys unfortunately i didn’t get that email I’m assuming because we sell so much volume we are not restricted on any of those textbooks we didn’t get the popular textbook email like a lot of you guys did if you can’t sell it on Amazon it doesn’t mean it’s not worth money to sell it on eBay if you want to know specifics on what categories of books sell the best caleb roth his website i believe is the book flipper calm or.net he writes really intense articles he’s the creator of scout IQ he’s a math wizard a self-proclaimed spreadsheet junkie which I love because I hate spreadsheets so I get tips from him all the time he wrote a great article he analyzed an entire library’s database of books I don’t know how they gave it to him or whatever but he was able to analyze them go through them and find out which ones are actually worth money more and he made it nice pretty graph and percentages and yadda-yadda also the creator of ‘if lip really smart dude and an actual book seller so I’m psyched to have him have made scout IQ software because it’s a software made for us by us mark again says how do you find profitable books at library sales if other Sorcerer’s are there so guys I made a really detailed video about everything I know about how to be successful sourcing books at library sales and I recommend you guys go watch that video if you want to google it or youtube it it’s how to kill it at a library sale Reesie resells or something you’ll see it but it’s like half hour long and I said basically everything I know about it I prefer to use craft brown craft paper to pack FBA boxes it’s really cheap and it’s quick to deal with let’s see Lenin says your view on renting an office first working out of a garage so if you got the space and the garage work out of it especially since it’s your own thing but it’s convenient it’s at your house the downside is if you’re trying to hire employees you might not want to bring them to your house too work out of your garage so that alone might be a reason that you want to switch to an office space preferably one with a loading dock or a small warehouse I like to bootstrap it guys so if you can get it done in a small space in a storage locker that has electricity in Wi-Fi or or a garage or you know whatever you can get the job done in that costs you the lease but allows you to do what you need to do that’s what you should do obviously there’s pros and cons in both situations but you’ll figure it out let’s see question do they pass on library books with stamps or remainder marks on them like when library stamps discard no we take those books just like we take any other books we just downgrade them one condition and a lot of people don’t know this guys but you can take the the library rental pocket off of a book by using a heat gun they come off pretty easily also library books are usually have the plastic around the dust jacket when you take that plastic off they look beautiful because what happens is the librarian gets a brand new book and they put plastic around it a lot of people think when they donate books to a library that those books are going to go into the library on the shelf they’re not going to they’re gonna get sold and they’re gonna be the money from the sales is going to be used to purchase new books brand new books to fill the neverending list of books that the library wants or books that they need to be replaced and when they get those brand new books in the first thing they do is they put that plastic around the dust jacket so when you buy the library discards and you take that plastic off they look brand new underneath let’s see any more questions how do you sell a lot of books when they are used and you don’t win the buy box already did that one sir pricing you got a price it to move Asian entrepreneur says when a use database mode it’s very inconsistent in database I update it every day it shows two by with a good price but live tells me to reject how do I avoid mistaken buying books when you don’t have Wi-Fi that’s hard to do but you’re gonna want to generally double check your books in live mode whenever you can you use database mode to go through them all very fast and you use live mode to double-check them before you buy now if you don’t have the opportunity to check them at all because you don’t have a live signal no Wi-Fi you can’t make a hotspot on your phone you just have to look at the offers now this is where Scout IQ comes in because the e score is gonna help you understand how many sales it’s been making in the last 90 days much better than and obviously supply and demand too so if you can’t see all the information but you know there’s 400 used copies chances are that the FBA price is not going to be much more or you know it’s not going to be a huge jump now if there’s only four used copies the FBA price might be pretty high higher than the merchant fulfilled price let’s see question what do you think of the East score on scout IQ it’s awesome I’ve been using East score it works really really well it’s gonna eliminate your need entirely to go look at the sales rank graph on a book Reesie have you ever bought a bulk of the same book I try not to but I have and I just priced them all to move as fast as possible the big issue with that is when you’re listing them if you don’t list them all at the same time how do you keep track of them and not have multiple listings so that when the customer goes to the page they don’t see your offer ten times you know that just doesn’t look clean on the page let’s see if you’re a one-man show is it realistic you can make a hundred thousand year selling books or do you need to sell other items and how many do you need to sell in Amazon per week yes you can definitely make a hundred thousand or sell a hundred thousand it just depends on how hard you want to work and how many do you need to send in per week that’s really discriminate based on what your price is so figure that your average price if you sell most books that are profitable your average price is going to be like twelve bucks or so a twelve dollar book sale probably pays out about four dollars on average if it’s like two pounds or less pays out about four bucks so divide a hundred thousand by or dollars and that’s probably about how many books you would need to send in in a year to get that I’m not a math whiz so I’m not gonna be able to do that on the fly for you let’s see surfing go is the MVP of this whole broadcast let’s see what does a book rank that you usually don’t bypass so roughly 3 million is a rank where I start to get really sketched out on buying a book and when book ranks get really high this is a big tip guys you need to start looking at titles of books titles are extremely important if it’s a three million rank book and it’s a cat calendar from 1999 don’t bet on that selling but if it’s 3.8 million in its surgical methods for feline embryo transplant or something like that that’s probably going to be worth some money because books on that subject don’t get printed every day so the higher the rank the more important that title becomes and the more verse do you become in selling books you should understand titles are sexy certain titles let’s see what would you say the upfront cost would be for a beginner literally nothing but your scouting subscription literally nothing so let’s talk about Amazon account types so if you’re an individual seller and not a pro merchant there’s an additional $1 fee charged every time you sell an item if you are a pro merchant they remove that one dollar fee but it costs $40 a month to be a pro merchant so unless you are selling 40 or more quantity of items a month on Amazon you should not be a pro merchant unless you are looking to apply to become unguided in other categories which you cannot apply for unless you’re a pro merchant and it’s often confused but you can still sell FBA when you’re an individual seller not a pro seller have you ever bought bulk ebooks from wholesale Liquidators no but I do buy books on Amazon and send them back to Amazon using a flip software what doing FBA be smart if you’re starting out cost wise I reckon it could be but I recommend you to do merchant fulfilled until you understand the system and then you know once you understand the system it’s much less risky than starting FBA on Monday and by Thursday you you figure something out and you’re like shit I just mailed in 800 books that I shouldn’t have mailed in but if you’re doing merchant fulfilled all you got to do is cancel the listings and pull them off the shelf whereas if you sent those books in FBA you’re gonna be paying for shipping paying for Amazon to remove them etc definitely want to start with scanning stuff in your house with the Amazon seller app so that you can familiarize yourself with it and how it works not going ants I have a label question sorry there’ll be another video do you have a list in your head that if you see a book or a set of books you know it’s a good book so that’s the funny thing guys as I’ve been selling books for almost 14 years now and I don’t really know because you don’t have to know you you don’t need to outsmart a database when you have access to a database the one thing that I do know offhand is that there’s a lot of children’s sets of books that are worth money so like Harry Potter any one of those seven books is not worth anything by themself but if you have all seven books and you wrap them up together as a single unit that’s a damn near fifty dollar unit so if you can buy a Harry Potter book for one dollar buy them and keep them until you have all seven of them and then wrap them together with stretch wrap and list that as the set one to seven with no dust jacket or no slip case I mean but don’t mix and match publications you know they printed from different printers or whatever make sure all seven were printed from the same thing and are actually part of the set same set but missing missing the slip case that’s a huge pro tip guys you can pick harry potter up for a dollar or for a quarter all day long you got seven of them boom yeah actually like slight private-label experience here making my own really sells water bottles I’m gonna have a hundred and twenty of these available for sale soon soon come one hundred and twenty breezy resell follow the hustle 40 ounces to freedom hustle flask 40 ounces of water keep you hydrated all day let’s see listening software he’s still using scanlister yes scanlister Excel or list is cool but they got too many problems so not into it I liked it because it’s web-based so you could use it from your phone or from an iPad but the reality of it is is we’re trying to list books fast and I just need a simple bare-bones solution that does what I need and works quickly and it doesn’t take up a lot of memory and that’s going to be scanlister running on a PC most likely even though I don’t prefer to use peace we still use PCs in the warehouse I’m a die-hard Apple fanboy guys sorry let’s see what should we expect when a buyer returns an FBA book you should expect that Amazon’s gonna give them their money back depending on what the reason was in that it will get inspected and if it’s sellable it’ll get put back into your inventory if the customer damaged the book and it’s unsellable Amazon will give you a refund for it but they are not always proactive about giving you your money back so chances are if you sell on Amazon Amazon owes you money and you need to use a solution like a refunds manager or amz refund or whatever there’s like ten or twenty different ones I have a link for refunds manager down there as well but what these sites do and there’s a video you could watch to learn how to submit your own reports or whatever and then you do it once a month but when you submit you you just basically open cases and say hey where are these books these don’t match up and then they give you the money like hey sorry we didn’t give you the money here it is they wouldn’t never gave it to you you got to understand Amazon is super predatorial so you got to get your money and make sure you’re being treated right it’s not like eBay where they care about the customers caleb roth spreadsheet lister and tracker also got those in my description down there you guys can check those out very good accounting spreadsheet and excuse me listing spreadsheet I mean if you guys want to list books and not pay for a software you can just use the Amazon inventory loader spreadsheet it’s not as easy to understand as a software that’s clearly labeled or a nicely made out spreadsheet but it comes with instructions and if you can sit down for an hour and figure it out you can list using the inventory loader template you download that from the page where you would upload inventory and then you just put your books into the spreadsheet and upload it in a way they go should I be running some PPC or something because I feel like a sitting duck waiting for a sale no you don’t have to run any types of ads on Amazon to sell your books is it best to go sourcing and gather a certain amount of books before starting to list for sale I’d say so not necessarily just to make a sale but just to make sure you’re not wasting your time do you want to sit down and get ready to work and do twenty books today and then twenty tomorrow and then every day twenty whereas you could have done a hundred and one day I’d rather do a hundred or a thousand in one afternoon versus you know going to the work area and getting ready to work and starting to work many different times because what happens is when you start working you’re slow when you get in the groove of things you start going fast and so you want to increase the amount of times where you’re working at optimum speed so if you list twenty books and process them you are maybe only working at optimal speed after about ten or so books or 15 or whatever but if you do a hundred you were probably working at optimal speed for like eighty percent of the books that you listed so you save a lot more time Tyler says do you have any advice on increasing feedback yeah so obviously do your job don’t over condition your books but you want to use a service like feedback genius – or feedback 5 or whatever that will send your customer an email and say hey we notice your order was delivered if we’re a small business if you appreciated that we would appreciate if you would leave a feedback for us it helps our business grow yada-yada-yada yeah don’t watch movies while you list that’s gonna make it slow just listen to podcasts listen to my podcast listen to Gary V’s podcasts listen to an entertaining podcast listen to comedy on Spotify or whatever that always is awesome so do whatever you want to do but don’t watch stuff you’ll find yourself watching it you might even catch yourself reading your books don’t do that you need to list these things another thing about feedback is make sure you get your bad feedback removed as quick as possible when you get a bad feedback address it there’s a way to remove it on Amazon system you just well they recently changed it or whatever so it’s pointless for me to tell you it exactly I’ll probably change it again but just know that you can get it removed almost 50 to 75 percent of the time right away will get automatically removed if you submit it to be removed other times you might have to refund the order and then contact the customer and say hey I’m sorry and just humanize with them I’m sorry we you know we missed our chance to make you happy but we would like to make it right with you I issued you a full refund would you consider editing or adjusting your feedback if so here’s the link and instructions for how to do so because you can’t ask them to remove their feedback but you can ask them to consider editing it or adjusting it and send them instructions for how to do so and a lot of the times what happens is we will turn an angry customer into a happy customer into a repeat customer because what happens in today’s day and age as happy customers don’t say anything if they’re happy they just continue on their ways they don’t even leave a positive feedback but when they’re unhappy they definitely leave up a negative feedback and that’s when you know they’re paying attention and you have a good chance to reach them as a customer and show them how you do business and that’s what I really recommend it’s like how often do you see someone go on Twitter and say people suck people never go on Twitter and say people are awesome you know what I mean so it’s like Gary Vee says we have to make positivity louder so side note if you’re down for that go post right now hashtag people are awesome on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram whatever because people are awesome people just don’t talk about it that much let’s see did you notice a big change in your business when you switch from fbm to FBA definitely especially since I got in early in the game I made more money and I sold books more often because you get they used by box the buy box is the box that when someone just clicks buy an item from the main product detail page without viewing the other offers if they buy your item it was in the buy box how do you get the buy box by beat usually by having the best positioned price a little bit of that decision has to do with your feedback your age of your account etc but it’s mostly determined by price so when you’re FBA you’re automatically buy box eligible you’re gonna make more cells sales can you tell us how you plan to attack when you go into a thrift store it seems very overwhelming scan that shit scan every single book on the shelf scan them from right to left from left to right up to down sideways walk aways scan every single book and when you are done at a thrift store what you want to do is you want to read the Shelf this was a term coined by my boy Rob earth chakra now and it’s a tip that I gave him and he gave it a name but when you get done going through a store what you want to do is take this all the little leftover spaces on the shelf where the books are falling over and consolidate the empty space to one area preferably like waist height right there are or eye level in one area so if there’s books falling over everything will be standing up nicely and there will be like one whole empty shelf now when that worker comes out after you leave to put the new books out where do you think they’re gonna put them they’re gonna put them right there in that empty space you created and then when you come back the next day those are the area that you need to go through those are the books that haven’t been looked through so you might need to go every day you need to figure out get your finger on the pulse of the sources that you’re at to know when they bring books out how much books they bring out etc leave another water break hold on are you adding a thank-you note no we’re a hundred percent FBA you cannot put anything in the into the books that’s against the rules what do you think about scout IQ it’s awesome it’s gonna change the game it’s a takeover not a makeover let’s see what do you think about selling books on eBay at the same time do it if you can manage it go for it there’s a software service called Joe Lister they manage your books across multiple or your items across multiple platforms including Amazon and eBay that can take some of the double sales out of the equation but that’s definitely good if you want to be grimy you could use the grease pin to mark the books that you scan you just walk down the shelf and scan them hit it with the grease pen that way and grease pen will rub you say you’re not really damaging them you might damage some of them been either ways if you want to get it you’re gonna get it then you know which ones that you have scanned or not if you want to be a super ninja you get a UV marker in a UV keychain light you mark the books that you’ve already scanned with the UV marker then you have the little UV keychain light and then you flash the light on the books and you can see if you scan them or not Bill Johnson with the long-term story question what day is the birth of a book the day you list it or the day the book arrives at the warehouse that’s a good question and I do not know the answer I want to say that it should be the day that it arrives at the warehouse but I wouldn’t put it past Amazon to say the day that you shipped it is when it started let’s see mark with another question if a book condition looks brand-new you would not list it as new not unless it was new if you pulled it off the shelf at a thrift store I wouldn’t list it as new and even if I would I wouldn’t give you guys that advice or the beginners that are watching this in this this video because that is a very risky decision to do a lot of people if they think they can do that they’ll get in the game and they’ll get a bunch of books and then they’ll send them all in as new and then their account is suspended before they even know it because although a book looks new grandma opened it up and wrote you know a thank you note inside the cover or or whatever so it’s just much safer to list it as like new a lot of books for beginners or for people who just started on Amazon are restricted in new condition anyways so it’s kind of like a not necessary Joe Lister also has a 15% of sale option which I use for books can you explain that a little bit Chuck I know that Joe Lister is great but in my experience when you cross list stuff to ebay from Amazon that they put the prices way out of whack [Music] all right got a giveaway idea guys I’m gonna do a giveaway real quick holdup giveaway alert please smash the like button if you’re watching this there’s 88 people watching and only 54 likes so that means that 30 35 of you guys haven’t smashed the like button so I’d appreciate if you appreciate me for the content that I’m giving you please smash the like button I put a lot of work into this I’m about to be dehydrated off of this but I’m gonna do a giveaway right now check it out I’m gonna give away ariza resells pin right here let me see if I can get it to focus come on focus focus focus please focus I’ll be extremely happy if you focus camera come on Logitech what did I ever do to you it almost focused it wants to focus it looks like it’s gonna focus and then it doesn’t and then you don’t focus if this doesn’t focus it’s gonna ruin my giveaway I swear I got it to focus earlier focus focus all right well this is the deal of the giveaway what I want I’m gonna give away this pin to one of you guys but what I want you guys to do is screenshot this on your phone or your computer or take a picture of it whatever reason resells pin boom screenshot it I’ll give you guys like five seconds to screenshot it one two three four five oh god I really wish it would focus that would be amazing anyways screenshot that and then post it on Instagram wish that with the hashtag breezy giveaway and I will go through that hashtag in the next hour and I will pick one of you guys to get a receive follow the hustle pin for free these are available through direct message only to me they’re ten bucks with Free Shipping you can send me a DM and say that you’re interested in one or you can just shoot me ten bucks on PayPal PayPal dot me slash reezy resells but I’m gonna give away one right now to one of you guys so screenshot that share it on Instagram with the hashtag Reesie giveaway and in the next hour I’ll go through the hashtag and find one of you guys lucky winners to get one of those pins hopefully you guys appreciate it there’s only a hundred of them made ever and they’re pretty awesome I mean I collect Disney pins so I mean I think I might think they’re a little more awesome than the average person but I think that is a mostly it let’s see if I get if I put my hand behind it will it will that help it someone’s coming with the tips here see it’s the rock Oh it okay here we go it’s focused so there we go screenshot that right there boom Thank You Sen flips for the ultimate tip of the century screenshot that right there it’s the rock it’s the reason refills full the Hustle pin damn it’s going wild on the focus anyway screenshot that share it on Instagram with the hashtag reesy giveaway and in the next hour I will pick one of you guys to get the pin and I appreciate you guys a lot for tuning in to the broadcast if you guys need a scanner you can grab one at this link let me see I’ll put it in the box right now it’s rebrand dot ly / scanner rebrand dot ly / scanner those are some comb tack scanners available I believe your account does have to be public for me to be able to see the hashtag on there but since your accounts private Brian send me a DM if you don’t want to make it public for a little bit you should just make it public for an hour ya take a pic of your TV or of your phone or whatever if you’re watching me on the TV I appreciate it know the let’s see the link doesn’t work in the in the chat but it’s let me see we see rebrand got ly / scanner that does work at the chat that should be clickable but yeah also if you didn’t take a picture the last chance to take a picture let’s see if we get it to focus again now we got to lucky it’s not going to focus again I doubt it anyways hope you guys got a screenshot of that post it Instagram hashtag reezy giveaway and i will randomly select someone to win the hashtag is going to be hashtag give away ashtag reezy give away thank you for tuning in guys I hope I was able to answer your questions if you have any questions about selling books on Amazon that I didn’t answer in this broadcast please put them below in the comments and I will address them the next time I make this video until next time guys this has been a Rize resales broadcast and if you ain’t flippin you slippin

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