How to Sell Books on Amazon FBA (A Complete, Step-By-Step Tutorial)

good morning everybody on YouTube Steve here with rakin profit over a Traken profit comm company guys with another live show and you may have noticed that over the last couple of weeks I am on fire with these live shows been having a lot of fun doing these live shows and interacting with people answering questions so really happy to be here hopefully you guys are having a terrific day so far the topic of today’s video is how to sell books on Amazon FBA a complete step-by-step tutorial so I’m Rican it all down for you guys today I’m going to be breaking down each and every process which is going to take you from you know point point A to point Z you know point A to point B whatever you want to say and uh is this is really going to be for the beginner this is going to be for somebody who you know maybe you’ve never sold books before or maybe you’ve only been selling books for a little while and you want to step up your game and learn a few things I’ve been selling books for a couple of years on Amazon FBA and I’ve sold thousands of books I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of books and I feel like I really do feel that I’m in a good position to get you started and to get you going making money selling books on Amazon FBA um one thing I want to say real quick is um let me see real quick we’ve got fourteen fifteen people watching live I want to say thank you so much for watching live I appreciate that real quick I want to do a little mic test since this is a live show I want to make sure that this is coming in properly so let me make sure it’s working on my other computer all right looks like the sound is working properly sounds good if the video is coming in clear crystal clear let me know in a comment section there is a comment section a live common feed going on right now and if you see me looking this way it’s because I actually have I’ll show you I have another computer setup right here so I’ve got the comments right spanked right there it’s right there I see I see everything that’s coming in so I’m going to answer all the questions um what was I going to say I don’t remember oh yeah there’s a comment section on left hand side so if you’re going to desktop take a look for that if you’re on a mobile device go down below oh and you can check out the comments leave a question and I’ll do my best to answer all the questions for you guys but yeah this is going to be a ton of fun the topics we’re going to be going through in today’s show is number one setting up your Amazon FBA account and some things that you’re going to want to look out for number two choosing a scanning app to use on your smartphone if I could show it to you it’s on the charger choosing a scanning app to use on your smartphone device number three why FBA why FBA overselling as a merchant number four talking about ranks in reviews number five margins in fees when selling Amazon FBA number six where to start sourcing ebooks from there’s a quite a few different places that I go to source books in number seven equipment so we’re gonna be talking about the various types of equipment that I use to be able to sell on Amazon FBA and more specifically some of the different types of equipment I use for selling books on Amazon FBA then we’re going to open up the floor and just answer a few questions so with that being said let’s dive into the first part of this seven phase we’re going to be going through seven phases of this live shell number one is setting up your account so when it comes to setting up your account Amazon it’s pretty simple and straightforward you’re going to have to set up an Amazon seller account so I don’t know what the exact URL URL is off the top maybe somebody in the comments can drop it but I believe it’s uh if you just go to google and type in Amazon seller account you’ll find you’ll find the page so pretty much what you’re going to do is you’re going to set up a login you’re going to set up a password they’re going to want you to put a credit card on file and they’re going to want you to input your tax information so if you’re going to be selling as a you know sole proprietor you’re going to just you know put in your social security number if you’re going to be doing business under an LLC or you know something something like that you’re going to want to put in your EIN number you know register with the state you know get your business check e and get your EIN number get all that stuff set up for liability issues and whatnot and pretty much you’ll be good to go so I mean login password credit card on file and you’re going to want to you know you’re going to have to obviously put in your tax information because if you sell a certain amount of money I believe it is I want to say if you sell twenty thousand dollars or more or you do 200 transactions I think both of them have to come in I think you have to do at least 200 transactions and $20,000 in sales things may have changed be sure to look into the into the terms of services and the rules and and kind of how it all works with Amazon but if you do sell that much you’re going to get a 1099 from Amazon so that’s why you’re going to need that data tax information but that’s pretty much step number one sign up for your account get it out of the way put in your credit card put all the information in and you’re going to have yourself a login and password number two now that you’ve got your your account all set up and you’re ready to roll what you’re going to want to do is get yourself a scanning app and if you’re not sure what I mean by that what I mean is there’s actually applications out there now that you could put on your phone there’s a few very popular ones one of the most popular ones Amazon’s actually created called the Amazon seller app you’re going to want to download that to your phone and pretty much what that app is going to allow you to do is scan barcodes now why do you want to scan barcodes the reason why you want to scan barcodes when dealing with books is because there’s thousands and thousands of books out there if you had to manually look up each book and type in the name or the title or type in the ISBN number for each and every book it would take you forever and one thing they have to realize with ebooks is it’s a numbers game you’ve got to scan you know whether it’s 15 20 30 40 books to find one good one maybe more maybe less it depends if you’re at a book sale or at a thrift store where you’re located in the country but it’s a numbers game so what the Amazon seller app allows you to do is speed up that process of analyzing the books essentially what you’re doing is you’re opening up your app if you’re using the Amazon seller app you open it up and you hit the Scan button and it’s going to show like a little it’s going to show like the camera being enabled and you’re going to put it over the barcode and you’re going to scan it and pretty much what the apps going to do is share with you information about you know how many reviews is on the book what’s the seller rank which we’ll talk about a little later on it’s going to tell you what the books selling for how many sellers there are it’s going to give you a bunch of different pieces of information so that’s very imperative for your success you need to get yourself a scanning app there’s a whole bunch of them out there if you’re brand spanking new I’d recommend getting the Amazon seller app that would be the best one the Amazon seller app if you’re a little more advanced and you’ve got some more advanced equipment like a scan fob or a handheld barcode scanner you may want to look at FBA scan which is what I use which is a really good app because if you’re using like the if you’re using like the scan fob it’s not going to work through Amazon the Amazon seller app so you have to fully understand that but just know when you get to that point you may want to step up your game but I would highly recommend getting the Amazon seller app good used Goods says some of the best value books I got were from the lot or old books without a barcode yep so one thing I want to say is if the book doesn’t have a barcode you’re not going to be able to scan it obviously now there is a new thing that the Amazon seller eff has which I believe is called flow I believe that’s what it’s called and pretty much what it is is you could scan the the cover of the book it somehow recognizes the cover and it’ll bring up the information that way if that doesn’t work then you’re going to want to open up the book to like the first or second page and look for the ISBN number which typically starts with like a 978 type that in and you could you could find the information that way if there’s no ISBN if you can’t find that you could try to put in the title in the subtitle to find it that way but I definitely agree with good use goods in the comments saying that some of the best valued books you can get are the ones without a barcode and the reason behind that is is because most resellers are lazy they want to just scan scan scan they don’t want to have to stop for a second you know find the ISBN number inside the book or you know use flow or you know type in manually type in the title so that’s a great tip right there good good use goods we’ve got biohazard picker in the house what’s going on Adam he’s got we got JD Flynn we got uh Sherri I believe hello friends what’s going on switches 1866 good to see ya we got a lot of people in the house in to sunny the beach rod Fred lund Steve any chance you could add book condition grading description to the topics covered today yeah we could definitely talk about that I will write that down on my notes right now so greeting grading books in condition all right we’ll talk about that thanks for the suggestion so now that you’ve gone through the first few steps you set up your account and you chose the Amazon seller app again I’d recommend just getting the Amazon seller app at first down the road you can look at FBA skin or if you invest in any other softwares like inventory lab you could look into scout off’ I I know scan power has an app there are the quite a few apps out there but I would just recommend starting with the Amazon seller app and one of the main reasons is because the information is going to be 100% accurate with other scanning apps that actually have to ping Amazon and Amazon will only allow certain information to be sent over to the app it’s confusing you don’t have to worry about what I’m really trying to say but just know if you scan with the Amazon seller app it’s going to be 100% accurate whereas with other apps it may be a little misleading just because of the rules Amazon sets forth for third-party companies to use their API so with that being said let’s go on to number three now that you’ve got your account set up you’ve got the scanning app ready to go now you have to choose how you’re going to sell your items now there’s two main ways you’re going to be able to sell your items on Amazon it’s not so cut and dry like people think there’s two different ways there’s one selling it as a merchant and then there’s number two selling it through FBA so first off let’s answer what is FBA FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon essentially what you’re doing is you’re taking your books that you want to sell on Amazon and you’re sending them all off to Amazon and then they’re fulfilling the orders for you so you choose the price you choose the condition just like any other type of gig like eBay or Etsy or whatever you you fill all that information out on the back end and when you send it in to Amazon they store it for you and when it sells they ship it for you they deal with customer service and they cut you a check so that’s FBA fulfillment by Amazon the first one was selling as a merchant now when you sell as a merchant its traditional selling you know you list your product you store your product at your house when it sells you ship it out you deal with customer service you deal with the returns you deal with all that stuff to make this a short answer and not to go too deep into it because I’m sure a lot of you folks already know about this if not do some more research into why FBA is so powerful but I would go FBA all day long number one reason why it’s going to be able to allow you to save time and spend more of your time doing activities that are going to make you money like sourcing and listing your items you don’t want to be spending all of your time shipping items dealing with customer service having to find your items picking them packing them ship and I’m doing all that stuff it takes a long time take my word for it I’ve been doing this for almost three years now I’ve been a merchant I’ve been FBA I’ve got my mother into business she used to do a be a merchant now she’s FBA FBA all the way trust me you do not want to be wasting your time with merchants now there are times in different scenarios where it may make sense for you but if you’ve got a place to live and you know you’re a busy guy or gal which I’m sure you are you probably have a family you may have a part-time job or a full-time job you know you may be trying to spend time getting fit and healthy and in shape you know do me a favor look into FBA and go FBA all the way um now it is a process learning how to ship your first FBA shipment out to Amazon all you’re going to have to do is go to youtube and type in Amazon FBA tutorial how to ship Amazon FBA and there’s plenty of resources out there that will share with you every single step if you are a green room member which is a membership site that I run you can go into the resources section and we’ve actually created a free course for our members only can you through the entire process of shipping out your first Amazon FBA shipment but just know you’ll make more money you’ll save more time and you’ll be able to leverage and scale your business much quicker going through Amazon FBA alright let’s go into the Commons yep so JC Kevin was asking what is FBA so hopefully that answer health can you cover sending very expensive books in FBA like how to pack it also Amazon liable for getting it to the customer if you’re at if you’re sending FBA this is a cool thing if if a item gets damaged on the way to on the way to your customer and they leave you a negative feedback you can get that removed instantly because you could just blame it on Amazon FBA because they’re the ones who are dealing with the fulfilment so that’s really good right there so that’s a yes and if you’re sitting in really expensive books you could bubble wrap it you could stretch wrap it you could put it in another box and put a do not separate sticker on it and then put that into your FBA box a ship off if it’s very expensive yeah you know spend a little extra time to protect the book so now that we’ve talked about the first three steps let’s talk about rank in reviews and we’re actually going to do a little screen share right now so let’s hold on one moment and we’re going to screen share Amazon so I can show you firsthand what exactly you are going to be looking at so hold on for one moment we’re gonna set up the screen share okay okay great so you should be able to see my screen right now and we are on amazon.com and I just typed in accounting textbook to show as an example and when you are selling ebooks the number one thing that you want to be looking for is the Amazon seller rank now what is rank well I’ve actually got a Chrome extension right now that shows the rank right here typically like for example this fundamentals accounting principles 20th edition typically you’d have to go into the into the listing to see the see the rank but I have I have a Chrome extension right here so the rank is 40 1474 and I’ll show you just as an example moment okay I’ll show you as an example where you could find the rank so if you’re on the listing and you’re on a desktop of course you’re going to want to go down to product details and as you can see it says Amazon bestseller rank forty-one thousand four hundred seventy four in books I just know the ranks are going to be different per category so if you’re selling videogames the rank is going to be based on the video game category if you’re selling toys it’s going to be in toy category if you’re selling home products it’s going to be in the home category but for this example just realize if they’re selling books it’s going to be under the book category so what is the rank the rank essentially is a snap shot in time of the last time the book has sold so the lower the rank the more often the book is selling the higher the rank the how do you say it the less the book is selling or it’s it’s China I’m not the best with with describing this but I’m trying to put this into an easy for you to understand explanation the lower the rank the faster at selling or the earlier it’s sold like for example 41,000 rank the book you know it’s probably selling you know a couple times a day maybe more maybe less who knows nobody really knows exactly how the algorithm works for the rank if the rank was maybe a million maybe the book hasn’t sold for a month two months it’s one of those things you have to get a feel for but really what it is it’s just a snapshot in time in terms of the last time the book has sold so when I look at a rank for me I say okay so the books it’s a fast seller or it’s a slow seller it’s either a quick flip or its long tail when it comes to books I like to stay under a million rank for books so if you have a million rank in my opinion maybe it’s selling once a month or once every couple months if it’s a half a million you know it’s probably selling maybe once once a couple times a month maybe three or four times a month if it’s under a hundred thousand it’s probably selling maybe once or twice a day if it’s under fifty thousand you know it’s probably selling maybe five or six times a day these are just rough estimates some people are going to say Steve you’re way off some people are going to say Steve you’re dead on but it’s one of those things that you’re going to have to just get a feel for but just know the lower the rank the quicker the seller the higher the rank the slower the seller but rank doesn’t mean every thing I know I’m kind of contradicting myself right now but rank doesn’t mean everything and let me explain why for example you may have a book that is a million rank right and you might think to yourself okay this book maybe only sells once every month or two so I’m not going to buy it it’s a slow seller but what if somebody buys that book tomorrow or today that rank could drop down to a hundred thousand right it’s a snapshot in time that’s all it is it’s a snapshot in time you can have a five million ranked book and you might say that’s crap I’m passing on it it’s not good but someone maybe two people buy it in the same day for one reason or another maybe a certain class requires that book maybe two or three people buy it boom fifty thousand ranks so it’s deceiving it doesn’t mean everything it doesn’t mean everything when you’re dealing with rank so it’s tough too it’s tough to explain it but just know rank is very important when it comes to analyzing your deals but rank isn’t everything another thing I like to look at is the reviews right here so average customer review the more reviews the better so you know there could be a book that’s a two million rank 3 million rank but if it’s got 100 200 of views I know that it’s popular that people have purchased it in the past and you can also take a look at the star rating to see what people actually said about it so those are two very very very important things to be looking at when you are looking at a book you want to look at the rank and you want to look at the reviews if you know if a book is ranked at 3 or 4 million you know really high which means who knows when the last time that book is sold and it’s got no reviews I’m going to probably pass on it I want to buy books that are good products that people have purchased in the past that are popular that have good reviews and typically I want to stay within you know under a million rank 2 million rank I’ll buy them three four million rank but the margins have to be there so I want you to take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt because it’s not super cut and dry I can’t explain you know exactly every little in and out of selling books within you know 45 minutes or one hour I wish I could but I really just want to introduce you to a few of the concepts right here when it comes down to you know these subcategory ranks don’t worry about it just just worried about the main rank under the books category so we have 51 people watching live I want to thank everyone for watching live if you’re enjoying this content so far do me a big favor guys you know if you’re enjoying these free videos smash that like button hit the like button right now we’ve got 50 people watching live who are interested in learning how to sell books on Amazon FBA or maybe they want to step up their game smash that like button guys it’s right underneath the number of people watching right now let’s get it up to 30 40 likes right now and that’ll help me to let me know I’m doing a good job and it also helped to get these videos pushed out to other people on YouTube as well so if you like it hit the like if you don’t like it you know feel free to hit the dislike button um you know I’m not stopping anybody from sharing your opinion if there’s something I could do to improve these videos or you know if I say something and you’re like I don’t agree you know drop a comment that’s what it’s all about this is an open discussion I’m not closing anybody off so if you like it hit the like if you don’t let me know what I could do to improve it alright guys so the next thing that we’re going to be talking about is margins in fees and I’m going to take off the screen share real quick okay you should be able to see me now what’s going on everybody margins and fees very very important let’s talk about margins you want to make sure that if you’re investing in a book that there’s enough money to be made you don’t want to be investing in books that are only going to make you 50 cents or a dollar especially if you’re brand spanking new because you want to build up your confidence and you want to be able to build up some profits as well now there’s a lot of different business models out there I’ve got a buddy Greg Murphy who actually sells penny books as a merchant but that’s a whole completely different business model he’s selling thousands of books he’s getting Gaylords of books in and if you’re wondering what a Gaylord is look it up it’s actually real and it’s a lot of books um you wanna you want to focus on books that have enough margins in there for you especially when you’re brand spanking new because there’s a few things that that may happen and there’s a few things you have to understand when you sell a book you’re going to get hit with some Amazon seller fees when you sell through Amazon FBA you’re going to get hit with storage fees when you ship to Amazon FBA you’re going to get hit with some shipping expenses you’re going to have supplies to cover you that you’re gonna have to pay for equipment that you’re going to have to invest in you know if you sign up for the pro account you’re going to have yourself a $40 payment per month with Amazon you don’t have to but down the road you’re going to want to do what I would recommend starting with the free account you’re going to have gas to get to the various locations that you source so you’re going to have some overhead it’s not a ton of overhead but you want to make sure that the margins are there especially when you’re brand spanking new when you get a little more advanced and you’ve been in the game for a couple years you know you can mess with books that only make you a dollar two bucks three bucks but you’re going to have a better understanding of ranks reviews your business model so just make sure the margins are there typically if I’m buying a book for like a dollar I typically won’t go for a book that’s less than like eight or nine dollars if you’re new and you’re spending a dollar or two bucks on a book I would keep it at ten to twelve to fourteen bucks as your minimum and that that’s just going to guarantee you that there’s going to be money left for you even if you make a pricing mistake or even if you get undercut which is going to happen with other resellers or if you have to wait it out so definitely make sure there’s enough margins there now when you’re scanning with your Amazon seller app or any other app only compare the prices against the you know the FBA prices so if you’re selling as an Amazon FBA seller don’t compare the lowest price to merchants now there’s times where that’s going to take into consideration especially with longer tail books you know if you have merchants are starting at nine bucks and the first FBA is 100 and it’s a 5 million rank you know no one’s ever going to pay that much so in that scenario that would make sense to compare it against a merchant but if you have books that are under a million fast turning books books that people are buying and selling you want to compare your price against the FBA sellers and you’re going to be able to get more money as an FBA seller primarily because people want to buy from Amazon there’s fast shipping easy customer service and you’re going to get that prime the prime buyers are going to get that two-day shipping so you want to make sure to compare against the FBA but just know when it comes to buying and selling ebooks make sure the more virgins are there especially when you’re new you know make sure you can make at least four or five dollars that’s my recommendation because there are going to be some expenses obviously seller fees equipment subscription costs you know shipping fee stuff like that so if you’re using the Amazon seller wrap you can actually set it like when you’re in your settings you can actually set like a shipping cost and whatnot and when you scan books it’ll actually show you how much money you’ll make and then you can put in your cost of goods so definitely mess around with the Amazon seller app if you’re not sure how to use it look up raking profit Amazon seller app and I’ve got a video on that file hazard picker says I will pick up books for a 50 cent profit but only if the rank is steady and low but exactly Adam you know I won’t necessarily go that low um but you know Adam you’ve been in the game for a while I’m talking to more of the new people I would not recommend if you’re brand spanking new to be looking to make a $0.50 profit it’s just it’s not going to work out for you and it’s not going to build up your confidence but you know rank is very important bliss says I sell only Southern California’s finest goods from electronics retro games Jordans and deadstock sneakers congratulations WGI says what’s the best cheap light source set up for eBay I just go to ebay and just type in you know studio lighting setup look for the ranks look look at the low ranks and the high reviews there’s a lot of really good ones out there bliss says raking you are the man you demand bliss um okay so let’s see what’s going on I’d love to do a show with you JD but I’m pretty I’m pretty busy I’ve actually got a greenroom conference call right after this live show but maybe another time JD um looking at the comments DJ boy says where do you get your boxes or envelopes in your carrier um my mother actually works at a convalescent home so she gets me a lot of boxes for free if not I will usually go to Walmart or Lowe’s or Home Depot to get boxes um let’s see rakin likes the word spanking what oh man Scott this Gerald you got it what about selling a foreign book David asks I’ve seen different sellers do I need to post on that Amazon foreign site separate I don’t know exactly what you mean by that David but just find the listing so if you’re selling books essentially what you’re going to be doing is piggybacking on somebody’s listing so if you scan the barcode and it’s coming up with that listing and it’s the same book same title I would just list it under that I’m not sure if I fully understand your question though David so I apologize for that JC I haven’t says minimum you can sell dealing with used books if you’re going FBA you’re not going to make any money if you’re if you’re under like six dollars so even if you get the book for free and you sell it for like five or six typically you’re not going to have much money left on the plate after fees and whatnot um but it really depends on the weight of the book if you have a really tiny little book that doesn’t have much weight and it’s small in size the fees are going to differ if you have a really big heavy book the fees are going to be a lot more versus a tiny little thin light book um but usually you know even if you get the book for free you’re gonna have a hard time making money over like five dollars if you’re selling the book um yeah somebody was asking about the Chrome extension somebody said D s Amazon QuickView so I believe that’s what it is if you want to be able to look at the Amazon listings without going into the product page to see the rank I believe it’s called the Chrome extension is DS Amazon quick view I don’t know if that’s free or not I don’t remember FBA you can sell 50 books a day and not have to mail them merch selling uh I think what Derek’s saying is you could you could really you know you could sell 50 books a day and you have to worry about anything if you’re FBA imagine if you sold 50 books as a merchant imagine how much time it would take you to be able to locate all the books to package them all up to print out the labels to you know drop them off at the post office or have your your courier come pick it up I mean it’s a lot of time right there um so again DJ boys asking why FBA not merge him time is the biggest thing number two they’re going to sell faster because people want to buy from Amazon through Prime and you’re going to make more money you’re going to make more money all day long and be able to scale your business and spend time doing things that are important you know you’re not growing your business you’re shipping out products you know if you’re selling as a merchant you’re not growing your business when you’re fulfilling your orders you’re maintaining your business if you want to grow your business you’re going to have to source more and list more that’s what you want to be focusing your time on okay so again 64 people watching laughs thank you thank you thank you everyone for watching live hopefully you’re enjoying the show smash that like button hit the like button if you’re in the comments say hello say hello let everybody know what’s going on all right appreciate all the likes 29 likes in the house thank you Scott Fitzgerald says do you shrink wrap your books or polybag them I typically don’t do either I typically just throw them in the box if it is an expensive book you know if it’s over 40 50 bucks I’ll typically maybe bubble wrap it or stretch wrap around it to protect it a little bit but most I’ve sold thousands and thousands of books and I never polybag them or bubble wrap them ever like ever unless it’s like a really high-end book and if you talk to other book sellers they don’t as well so um have I had any issues with this no I never have um you know in the cool thing is if a book gets damaged which you don’t want it you know I don’t want this to sound wrong but if a book does get damaged you get a negative feedback you can easily get it removed through FBA but if I felt at all the slightest inclination that by doing this that my books that that I was affecting the condition and actually hurting the sale I’d stopped doing it but I haven’t had any problems do you put the label on the outside yes when you print out your effing SKU which is a label you’re gonna have to put on your book you’re going to put it over the barcode there’s two barcodes take another label a blank one and put it over the other one to exit out yeah I mean you could bubble wrap and polybag your your books but it’s going to take you so much longer you might not think it will but it will it will take you a lot longer and it’s going to be more of an expense and it’s for me it’s just not worth it it’s not worth it all right guys let’s keep moving on so we talked about setting up your Amazon account we talked about getting yourself a scanning app we talked about why FBA / merchants we talked about and I’ve got my notes here ranks and reviews we’ve talked about margins and fees now let’s talk about starting a source so you’ve gone through all five these steps you’re ready to roll you understand rank you understand the fees you’ve got your Amazon seller account up I’ve convinced you that you’ve got to go the FBA route you understand that there’s got to be you know enough meat on the bone margins now you’re thinking yourself well Steve now where do I go to be able to source books you know everything up to now I understand but where do i source books there’s a lot of different places you can go to source books and there’s an abundance of books out there walk into any thrift store in America and tell me what’s the number one thing that you see there’s going to be two things that you’re going to see books and clothing the most abundant items you’re going to find at any thrift store in America typically books they’re all over the place thrift stores are probably one of my favorite places to get books number two would be book sales although there’s going to be a lot of competition so thrift stores and book sales there’s a website called book sale finder com I believe in you’ll be able to find local book sales in your area whether it’s Church sales or library sales or just random sales for various causes and whatnot but book sales are great thrift stores are great also garage sales are awesome now you’re not typically going to find books at all garage sales maybe one out of ten you’ll find some decent books but I find textbooks very often at garage sales and the cool thing about G sales are you can get these items dirt dirt cheap the probably the cheapest way you’re going to get books are garage sales and book sales thrift stores are going to typically be a little more expensive depending on where you live I did go to certain places in California I live in Connecticut that were selling books for a dime a quarter I never see that pretty much anymore typically it’s a dollar two bucks three bucks or more for a book but thrift stores are going to be probably the most expensive cheapest routes are going to be the book sales and the thrift stores so what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to go to a thrift store pull out your you’re scanning app in your phone and just start scanning books just start scanning scanning scanning analyzing the books looking at the ranked looking at the reviews looking at the condition and that’s going to be a good Segway into the question that somebody had earlier talking about grading books and condition if the books got a good amount of where if it’s got high lighting if there’s a lot of bit if it’s just not in the greatest condition I’ll put it in acceptable condition so there’s a few different conditions you can put your books in the options that Amazon gives you it’s acceptable there’s good so first one’s acceptable number two is good number three is very good number four is like new and number five is new if the books got highlighting a good amount of highlighting in it if it’s got you know a lot of creases and or if it’s got some rips or it just looks all beat up if it looks like something that someone might get in and say holy crap this is a piece of junk or like or if you feel like someone’s giving it for a gift and they might be disappointed like the person who gets it just go acceptable um there’s a rule that I like to go by and it’s under-promise and over-deliver so if you think the book just might be good it might get away is good go with acceptable right same goes with going from good to very good to like-new always under-promise and over-deliver so um you know if the books in decent shape and you know maybe there’s a little wear and tear a little cosmetic issue but nothing big I’ll go good condition the books in great shape really nice but it looks like it’s been used a little bit I’ll go very good the book looks brand-spanking-new but it doesn’t have the stretch wrap it looks like no one’s used it it’s crisp there’s no writing there’s nothing in it I’ll go like new but very very rarely do I ever go like new and if the book has a stretch wrap on it the shrink wrap what’s whatever it’s called and it’s brand spanking new it’s got the tag on it the price everything I’ll go new but typically my books are going to be sold as good um there’s some people who always do very good but again I like to under promise and over deliver um good use good says I have all conditions saved under Google Docs and just copy paste for the item description maybe have to add a sentence or two but saves huge time yeah I’ve got the same thing with inventory lab you’re able to save different tip templates and whatnot so that’s inventory lab but that’s a little more advanced bliss is asking what about vintage books with no UPC in what year should I look for a Kinue book master I’m not a book master guys I’m really not a book master I’m just a guy who scans books and you know understands rank reviews margins or whatnot there’s no by no means am i a book girl roooar a book master when it comes to what books to look for odd unique books textbooks a really good interesting subject matter you know stuff about animals how to ride horses like just weird unique things how to build a birdhouse like just weird abstract unique types of subject matter do very very well in typically you could just tell it comes with experience but typically you can just tell okay do you use photos for listings at any time to support condition no I typically don’t I typically just piggyback on the listing and if again if it if it has some issues I’ll put it in the description and I will um you know choose the appropriate condition whether it’s acceptable good very good like new or new but I typically don’t use any photographs on my Amazon listings what’s going on go to in finger picker good to see ya appreciate you man appreciate you stopping by in the Sun by the beaches Amazon has very specific condition guidelines easiest way to five the guidelines is to google it great suggestion right there Google a Google the condition guidelines um let’s see maybe I am not clear I noticed on foreign books there amazon.com amazon.com dot F are the same book listing different sellers I’m not 100% sure about that I always list under amazon.com I don’t list under any of the other the under the India what am I trying to say under like the UK Amazon or like the other ones so I don’t I don’t really I don’t know the answer to that David so maybe someone else knows but sorry about that man uh Xavier saying fill a bag $10 all day if you can get fill a bag sales you can make a killing with books good use good says if it’s a mass-market paperback it won’t scan right in the back barcode check the insides for the back cover for a barcode okay so yeah I was just going through some of the questions so yeah we covered how to source where to go again thrift stores are the best probably the most easiest way book sales and garage sales probably the most common ways to find books but there’s an abundance of so they’re guys so just start going let’s talk about equipment what equipment will you need so I’m going to do a screen share with you guys real quick and show you some of the equipment that I recommend that you guys get so bear with me for one a moment as I do a screen share okay all right there you go so you should be able to see my screen right now and I’m just going to update my common few real quick to answer any questions if they’re coming through so here we are on amazon.com let’s talk about some of the equipment that you’re going to need first off you’re going to need a smartphone I’d probably recommend either going with the iPhone I’m actually I have this is the phone that I have right now I have the note 4 but to be honest with you this phones pissed me off like crazy lately it’s having a lot of issues with the app and whatnot so I would not recommend going with the note 4 after using it for about a year or two it works good for a while but this phone is really getting uh it’s really getting under my under my skin and it’s having a lot of issues with the app it takes longer to scan if you’re going to go with with a phone to scan I’ve come from the Andrew Android world I would go honestly this is a phone I’m going to get I’m going to get the getting this phone right here I’m going to be getting it within the next few days I’m going to get the Apple iPhone se plus I’m going to get the 64 gigabyte right here and I’m gonna get the plus the bigger version with a bigger screen I like the bigger screen because it’s going to allow you to be able to easily see what you’re doing and it’s just I don’t know I like you for watching videos and whatnot but I’ve seen my buddies with iPhones it scans literally it scans twice as fast using an iPhone versus the note 4 I don’t have the galaxy someone saying the galaxy s7 edge all day so there’s people who swear by it but the note 4 is driving me absolutely insane somebody also mentioned a PDA which you you can go with a where the PDA something like this this is something that I used to use like the gal Dell Aksum 51 there’s not really many listings for it here but this is the Dell axon 51 and essentially what you’re doing is connecting a scanner to the top of this and this is working off of a database so what you’re doing is you’re not actually going through the internet you’re accessing a database which you have downloaded previously which holds all of the information it’s not going to be as accurate as the other ones but for the most part it’ll do the job it’ll scan quicker and you won’t have to rely on the internet so that’s another option right there but I’m using the phone most people have a smartphone but I would recommend going with the with the iPhone for sure which is what I’m going to be going with um next piece of equipment that you’re going to want is a barcode scanner you’re going to want a barcode scanner I just I have a generic one it works well um let me see a USB barcode scanner that’s what I meant to say cool um so something like this is a this is a wireless one I’m just trying to find a generic one I mean any generic one I’m not recommending this one I don’t know right off the top which one I have but you’re going to want a little barcode scanner like this because when you go to list your items onto Amazon instead of having to type in each title you’re just going to scan it you’re just going to scan it in so get yourself a USB scanner just find a generic one with a good rank and good reviews on it and it’s definitely do the job next thing you’re going to want to look into if you’re more advanced I recommend getting some type of handheld scanner like a scan fob this is the one that I use really really quick it’s pricey it’s $279 but this thing will save you so much time when you’re scanning books if you’re brand new I wouldn’t worry about this you don’t need to have this when you’re brand new and this is a little more pricey there’s other scanners out there that are cheaper um there’s other ones out there that are cheaper but this is one that I use and it allows me to scan probably about 3 or 4 times faster than than a phone especially if I if I’ve got it all set up properly and whatnot in my phone leaning up against the bookshelf or the scanner connected to the back of my phone this thing scans really really fast um let’s see here is a here’s a software that I use old inventory lab and I’m not going to go into this right now but this is what I use to list my items it just makes it a lot quicker this is going to cost you 50 bucks a month but it will allow you to be able to track your inventory it will give your reports tax information accounting and it will really allow you to be able to list your books faster so that’s another software that I use and those are pretty much just the main pieces of equipment that you’re going to need obviously you’re going to need a computer or a laptop the USB scanner um I’m going to take this off a screen share right now a laptop you know a cell phone a scanner the scanning app you know if you want to get the scan five or something like that to speed up your process inventory lab when you’re more advanced to speed up your listing process obviously you’re going to need boxes you’re going to need tape you’re going to need poly bags every once in a while bubble wrap every once in a while and a printer a printer is really important as well because when you’re sending out your items to Emma’s on FBA you’re going to have to print out a label for the actual item so that Amazon could scan your item and know what it is and the price and everything so that’s called an effing SKU and you’re going to need some bigger labels to post up on the outside of your box for UPS which is the carrier you’re going to be using because you’re going to get a discounted rate which service do you use that has an accurate data base I actually use FBA scan which through a seller tool which has an accurate data base it’s a the one I’m using is the pro account which is about $40 per month but there’s some other ones out there as well what’s going on Texas couch rezo’s good to see you Margaret I was actually on Margaret’s YouTube channel the other day for a very fun and entertaining live show so be able to so be sure to check out Texas Cal treasures on YouTube what scanner do you use for your phone do you recommend I use the Amazon seller app to double check all my work I use FBA scan when I’m using my scan fob I also use inventory lab when I’m scanning shoes and clothing but those are the three main ones that I use but typically you know Amazon seller apps going to work best for you unless you’re using a scan fob see what other questions that we have so it looks like those are the only questions that are coming in right now I’m just looking at the other screen again guys if you enjoyed this live broadcast smash that like button if you learn something let me know if you guys learned anything in the common feed if you have any more questions I’m gonna be hanging out with you guys for a couple more minutes and then I’ve got to get running Scott Fitzgerald says does FBA scan have sound notifications yes it does it actually has different notifications when you scan something that’s profitable or you scan something that has some type of issue or isn’t profitable you can set up little alerts which is pretty cool I used to use profit bandit Scott but I haven’t used it in years so I can’t really give you any feedback Scott says every time I checked profit bandit or Scout a fire or whatever it’s always really inaccurate well you have to understand that scout off’ i FB a scan arm you know all the third-party scanning apps out there they’re having to ping Amazon’s API what that means in non nerdy terms is you know if you own a scanning company for you to get the information about what the price of a book is going for it you have to get you have to get the information from Amazon so what you’re literally doing is you’re pinging Amazon’s API their database and then you’re gathering the information and collecting it and bringing it back to your app so if you’re the owner of you know FB a scanner you the owner of Scout of Phi you’re having to rely on Amazon’s information to bring it back the problem is Amazon only allows you to have certain amounts of information to be collected um so sometimes the information appears to be inaccurate because they’re only allowed to give you certain amounts of information so my suggestion is whether you’re using Scout a Phi FBA scan scan power always double-check your work with the Amazon seller app to make sure that the price is correct question how long would you hold on to payments Amazon sent you for lost damaged items I had a $600 payment because they claimed they lost a bunch of items I don’t fully understand that question how long would you hold on to payments I don’t really understand that question so maybe somebody else in the comments understand better than I do sorry good use Goods I mean you’re always going to deal with issues there’s going to be returns reimbursement stuff like that but they’ll just take it out of your Amazon account so I don’t I don’t know what you mean by holding on to Amazon Payments I mean when a payment is given to you it goes into your checking account right or however you have it set up so I mean hold on to it I’m not really sure what that means but that looks like it is about it for the questions guys so I want to say thank you to everybody who watched hopefully you guys enjoyed this live show again we covered how to set up your Amazon account talked about the different Amazon seller apps to use and the ones that I use talked about why I sell on FBA / merchants we talked about ranks and reviews and why they’re important we talked about margins how it’s crucial to your success to have enough margins and to understand that their fees and overhead associated with your book selling business we talked about sourcing books from thrift stores garage sales in book sales and last but not least we talked about the various pieces of equipment that you can use to be able to start and grow an Amazon book selling business so again guys I want to thank everybody for watching live if you have any more questions leave a comment below after the show I’ll do my best to get back to you if not be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel a Traken profit and i’m doing a lot of these live shows lately on various subject matters so if you want to grow a business make some exercise cash I want to let you know that it is possible to do so and I’ve been doing it for years and there’s thousands of others who are doing it as well so yeah I appreciate it if you guys want some free resources go over to rake and profit.com backslash products and I’ve got some free ebooks for you also in the description you can get a free book called 100 amazing items to resell which is a book that I’ve created with the green room which is a membership site that I run it is a paid membership site if you’re interested in getting around like-minded resellers to grow your business to get your questions answered and just to you know be able to just meet people who you know are doing what you want to do to grow with them check out green room University com but again get the free book in the description check that out rake and profit.com but yeah hopefully you all have a great day keep on picking to make enough money and I’ll see you guys in the next video thanks for watching bye

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