I wanted to be able to show you the possibilities of what you can be earning on a daily basis when you get with a solid opportunity online or find some legit online money-making you know strategy here I’m logging into a stripe account which is kind of like a PayPal account and I want to show you what I’ve been able to make today so far I’ve made $100 today so far which isn’t a whole lot of money but the day it’s 246 and the day isn’t over it was a big chance that I’ll probably make more today yesterday I made 450 dollars today what’s cool some of these payments that come in are coming in no matter what I’m doing where I’m at and who I’m with you know I’ve set certain things up and it’s kind of like running on its own this little business now I’m gonna no I’m being very vague I’m gonna break this on in a second here and it’s funny because the hundred dollars I made today I was actually at church and I know you guys closely when you go to church okay right I know I’m sorry but I had my phone okay and I don’t know notification I checked it and I saw that I have made a hundred dollars while I was at church okay so I don’t want them I don’t want this also to make it seem like I’m making it seem like unrealistic or like you’re gonna start making like money overnight or anything but this is just what’s actually happening to me I wanted to be super upfront with you and let you know the area that I work with on how I’ve been able to make this money and that is with affiliate marketing maybe you’ve heard of it maybe trying to be failed but fillion marketing if you don’t know what it what it is is it’s basically getting money or getting Commission’s by promoting and selling other people’s products or services just like Amazon has like an affiliate program or to give you even a better example where you can grasp if you’re somebody very new to affiliate marketing it’s kind of like if you were going to go to a big mall or like a Galleria and you go to like the high-end stores and you see the people who work there they work for Commission’s so they get customers in they try to you know sell them and he’s really expensive items and so that way when they go check out whoever like help them actually get those Commission’s okay so it’s kind of like that except I’m not promoting something that’s like super expensive right I remember why I first started my affiliate marketing journey in 2013 I had a lot of my friends and family kind of mock me and you know say it wasn’t gonna work you know wasn’t gonna be real all this kind of stuff but you know I didn’t let that kind of determine from doing this stuff I took action I got with people that it really showed me how to do a full affiliate marketing the right way and I got in too involved in opportunities that made it easy for me and now some of those same people that kind of mocked me you know they’re either very quiet now or you know they come to me and say you know what the heck are you doing to make money and I’m not saying that’s like sound braggy but you know I just you know maybe there’s somebody you’ve already been trying to make money online and you’re struggling I just want to let you know keep going and you know never stop okay so those commissions you saw me make in my tribe account came from an opportunity a direct selling opportunity basically where you put you copy and paste ads that are given to you once you become a part of the opportunity onto social media platforms like Facebook Twitter Instagram Craigslist even snapchat maybe even YouTube and what happens is you’re taught how to target people okay who are actually looking for an opportunity just like you are to actually make money online or you know work from home once those people ask you for information on what the heck are you been talking about you’re gonna send them a website that’s created for you okay and they’re gonna be able to get the chance to you know get with this opportunity that can literally change their financial life when they do that when they decide to invest in themselves and choose a level to actually come in on this opportunity you get a hundred percent instant Commission’s paid out to your whether you want to get paid out to your PayPal or like a stripe account like me that’s actually how this works and I know if that doesn’t make any sense again there is a link in my video description below that I talked a little bit slower and I explained a little bit I’m just trying to hook you right now I’m just gonna be honest this is not a survey site this is not drop shipping this is affiliate marketing and I’m with an opportunity that has really shown me how to grow my business and I’ve been making money every single day now with this new opportunity now I want to say this this is not free okay so for anybody who’s thinking like oh I want everything for free no it’s extremely a for although and what I really like about something about this is that a lot of other systems or affiliate marketing opportunities what they’re kind of designed like this you’re forced into a bottom level and you pay money or whatever to get in and then maybe you’ve been in this before but then like you know you have to upgrade to other levels the cool thing about this is you have the power to choose what level you want to come in on right off the bat you see everything up front there are three levels you’re able to choose from there’s a link in my video description below that will kind of give you more information on this and they’re all one-time payments and they’re extremely affordable I mean about the price maybe you would spend on a nice like you know dinner or something like that on the weekend okay after you choose a level you’ll hear from me very shortly with some bonus training and also you’ll be able to get access to those copy and paste ads that I’m using and also many of the people are using to actually get traction in this business so anyways success loves speed so if I’ve kind of made you a little bit curious like I said click the link above a description below you also get instructions on how you can contact me and ask me questions and things like that and that’s basically it talk to you guys later and let’s make some money

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