How to Make Legitimate Money Online – $3,000 Made in the Last 24HRS with No Recruiting

Passive income guru here, hope you guys are having a fantastic Wednesday the Internet is in an uproar the whole world I believe is in the upward uproar with the Bitcoin price going past $11,000 and if you haven’t now this this actually this video is not about Bitcoin I want to do another Bitcoin video maybe later here today but I’m going to talk about my results for the last 24 hours $3,000 in the last 24 hours without recruiting but I want to see who’s coming on way to something you guys come on real quick and we’re going to get down to business alright alright make sure my audio is good cool all right audio is good all right so yeah I want to share with you guys what has went on in the last 24 hours with my business okay and for those of you who don’t know me a little bit about my story I came online early 2000s I’ll say about 2001 2002 and the whole my whole thing was I didn’t want to work for someone else to work the rest of my life I mean I have my family a lot of my family especially on my mom’s side they’re all entrepreneurs they all have some type of business going on and I believe a lot of that was passed down to me through the through the bloodline okay I just you know when I was working a job I it just did not feel right I was uneasy I hated the fact of getting up in the morning punching a time clock and to do it all over again every single day it was really a toy some endeavor so I told myself when I when I started in this industry I told myself I said hey I gotta find a way to retire before 40 years old before 40 years old I want to retire and work for myself and lo and behold guys you heard the saying before whatever you can whatever you believe you can achieve that’s for any any individual all of us all of us have the thinking ability to put your passion and to work for you if you’re passionate enough about whatever you want to do you can actually become financially free okay and it’s not it’s not hard to do if you only believe okay so let me just check in real quick the comments and then we’re gonna go ahead and get to it thirty thousand dollars made oh Lisa thank you thank you I appreciate that thank you three thousand dollars made in the last 24 hours without recruiting now you may be you may be looking at this and you’re like well that that is impossible not that that can’t happen you have to recruit new recruit to make you know four figures and them that in the last 24 hours so well I’m here to tell you that it’s not true as a matter of fact the monies that I made in the last 24 hours this is outside of you know my other investments and things like this is this is let me just back up and say this this amount of money was made in phase one of my business model many of you know that I that I have a business model set up in four phases okay and I operated in actually three of those phases every single day now the fourth phase is more of a visionary kind of phase as the phase where something huge is gonna happening in the future okay so every single day I’m operating in three of the four phases the first phase is the most critical phase of any any business you can look at any brick-and-mortar business you can look at any real estate any I mean even Walmart McDonald’s Starbucks Sam’s Club all of them follow this same model and when I was actually study studying marketing in my in my journey of entrepreneurship I study guys Walmart you know how you know you see how Walmart is set up you walk into Walmart or IKEA or any of these type of know these these big these big stores you’re walking into what’s called a sales funnel how do I know that let’s take let’s take Walmart for Walmart for example where are the eggs the milk the cheese and everything inside a wall where where are they position they are in the back of the store why because Walmart the geniuses the marketing genius ISM a Walmart said we’re gonna let you close you we’re gonna let you close yourself they’re not marketing to you they’re not recruiting you you voluntarily walk into Walmart looking for something but guess what if you if you say to yourself and I’ve said this before and my mom and you know when I was growing up she would always say well I’ll just stay in the car I’m gonna get one thing and she come out with a basket for that’s because the marketing funnel is in effect and the reason these marketing geniuses put the milk the eggs and everything else in the back of the store is because they want you to walk through their sales funnel because they know you will close yourself did you get that that’s not recruiting they know you will close yourself and in the long run so long story short guys in order what I’ve done in the last 24 hours $3,000 is because someone decided to open the door I put I put them I put the opportunity out there I put it out there and the person opens the door and guess what I didn’t close I don’t close the sales either but these opportunities that I made this money from I did not close the sale I may have talked to the person a few times asking a couple of questions okay but they I didn’t tell them hey you need to join before this time you need to join or else or know that stuff please join me I mean she was none of that stuff the the actual system closed the cell for me and that is the beauty of a tight-knit sales funnel and what I’m talking let me share my screen here guys before I forget it let me share my screen okay here we go all right now when I think a recruiting maybe you can relate when I think about recruiting I think about convincing people you you remember if you if you guys if you’re looking at this if you’ve been in MLM and I think a lot of us have been in network marketing if you’ve been in the multi-level industry okay and you remember all the the hype you know the hotel meetings and they tell you that what did they tell you if you leave that beating once you join the opportunity what do they tell you make a list of make a list of names a hundred-fifty which is your warm market and you want to hit the phones and call them and convince them to join you and your opportunity okay now today me personally I just joined well not well actually long time ago I joined the NFL Club which is – no friends list I burned through my friends of families okay burn through them call them up they said all this stuff is a scam that stuff don’t work and guess what then you can use this – if if your family your friends don’t agree with you with what you’re doing outside of the norm outside of the normal core America outside of you know going to the to the doing the hustle and bustle and going to you nine-to-five if they don’t agree with your dream guess what you are on the right track okay everybody especially your friends a family are going to be the hardest to reach my my my opportunities my business has been made up and has floors because of cold my cold market from all over the world and I can tell you what want to see is I’m trying to remember is any of my family members involved yes only important family member one guys one family member my aunt is involved in one of my passive income streams she’s loving it okay she’s loving him by the way she’s been in with me for a long time one out of many family members are involved with me in any of my opportunities that should let you know something about what I just told you okay so with that said with that said let me just tell you guys what what has been real quickly okay so here’s what I did phase 1 phase 1 of my business models is basically the language of phase 1 sort of speak it is all about bringing in a positive cash flow you may have heard her to be referred to as increasing your bottom line okay mm-hmm every business needs every business if you’re not opening opening and closing that cash register on a daily basis and in receiving money okay from into your business then eventually your business is going to dry up okay so you need a waiting to bring in a steady cash flow now here’s the good news the good news is there are systems out there and that’s all I do I don’t create these systems then I’m a part of there’s other people other entrepreneurs with the vision in with it and I agree when I look there with number xxx opportunity their business model my vision agrees with their vision and guess what I buy into the franchise and then in turn i market i promote the franchise okay so i buy into the system or the franchise I pretty much get traffic to the system because any system that I joined it has to at least be 80 to 90 percent automated for me to even join it so when I get traffic to the system then usually most of the time my hands I mean I just dust my hands off and I’m pretty much done and with my job the rest of the time what happens is the system takes over there’s people usually people behind the scenes that closes the sales for me that’s what happened today as a matter of fact let me go to my facebook posted a couple of screenshots here on my facebook and I’m going to show you real quick so okay all right right here okay boom what’s going on guys what’s up Roger Lisa thank you again and my supper okay so I’m gonna scroll down scroll down some more I posted a lot today my apologies so right here post at this one this particular system right here I’ve been I mean I’ve been loving this system I’ve made over forty five thousand so far with this system okay this is one of my faves one systems right here and this other one here that’s easy to work out did over five figures with this so far in counting and guys this stuff happens this stuff happens believe it or not in my sleep a lot of times it happens in my sleep if he wondering how to make a hundred to two hundred dollars a day he definitely wanted to check out the link that I have in this video see this video that’s going right now I posted about it yesterday but it’s powerful ok to say the least so let me go here so let me let me finish my presentation is showing you why this works so well again the systems the system does all the selling ok all the sifting all the sorting for me that’s all we’re doing is marketers that’s all when you when you come online when you decide to become an online entrepreneur then you want to find a system that is going to do most of the work for you now I found a system in which I added onto phase number one in my portfolio that converts very very well and I’ve been able to make a consistent one or two hundred dollars a day just on the front end just with a bad particular system and I added it I added it to my portfolio two weeks ago and you’re looking to make an extra 100 to $200 a day in the next 90 days or less I’m gonna I’m gonna be optimistic and say to the next 60 days or less then you definitely want to check out the link in inside of the description okay so that’s pretty much it guys cash flow is the name of the game I don’t care if you’re building a MLM I don’t care if you’re trying to build you know whatever you’re building online affiliate marketing you’re you’re learning forex trading or even you’re dealing in the cryptocurrency space guys that stuff takes time to build if you don’t have the large capital which in phase 2 phase 2 of my business model I’ll talk a lot about my passive income streams okay but here’s here’s to here’s to the logic behind phases in phase 1 you’re going to be earning your your cash flow okay you’re gonna be you’re like my three to three thousand iron I earned to last 24 hours that’s the power of phase one okay phase one is going to help keep your business afloat also inflate phase one you want to be able to take some of those profits and reinvest back in your business to produce even more results and then you take a portion of that income and you put it over in Phase two to start making passive income so you’re making your money work for you then that had this is has always been my flow of business for a very long time okay and I like you know when I came back from my honeymoon you know I I was always I was thinking about how can I simplify this to the masses to people because there was people who were confused about everything I was in it and how it was you know was kind of confusing you know I made a lot of stuff but it flows everything I mean does flowing it brings cash flow in on a daily basis okay and that’s what I want to help you do as well so the program that I recommend if you’re if you’re looking at this you’ve seen a lot of my video and you’ve seen a lot of my work and you don’t know where to start definitely start with the system that I’m recommending to you today because it’s going to help you to start to generate and here’s a deal about it too we have a group we have a Facebook group that’s going to show you how to get set up in less than 30 minutes Richard with your system and we’re going to show you and then you can go ahead and start tapping into the traffic that we have the good thing about this is this you can you can put this on autopilot okay there’s no guesswork to this thing all you have to do is set up your system then everything else will will flow step-by-step we show you exactly what to do how to buy your traffic and then there are some other things you can do to actually speed up the process but I saved 90 days because that’s usually the time it takes especially if you’re new to get a lot of momentum going in your business and if you stick to the plan and if you if you have vision it will definitely work for you okay so that’s pretty much all I had thank you guys for watching them you see who’s uh who is on the post here all right Roger Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful man I ate too much I ate too much food man I really did so alright guys so thank you for watching if you got any questions about anything I just said reach out to me on Facebook here I’m I’m free I mean I’m good I’m done pretty much with all my busy work for today and looking forward to talking to you guys alright so take care God bless talk to you soon

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