alright job before we start this video hold on bear I can’t talk right now I’ll call you back in a little bit all right before we start this video I just want to shout out somebody he’s a youtuber it makes music a wireless ox I’ll put the link inside the description so y’all check below in the description also the Instagram will be in the description well guys you see that this is actually after the high bucks but um yeah I’m breathing I’ll smoke you see which half man welcome to a new vlog um today’s basically a class lesson so welcome to a new class lesson that that makes any more sense but um it’s a boy professor booty eater that guided with notifier video hold on I gotta do this Hey yeah are you guys um make sure y’all 18 impress if y’all sparking up tobacco products yada yada etc etc but anyway um today man let me show you all this in his backpack man now keep in mind keep in mind this was in my backpack bro but imagine what’s in my bank imagine what funds like that going imagine what plans I got going so today’s video is how to get rich in 2019 she’ll help me with the glasses on I said I’d take over I don’t know it likes to do man fuck it man I’ll be Harry Potter for today all right so look check now so what I mean by this look or don’t let me spark super quick dude this is smells so good smells like smells like I don’t even know it’s like four different kinds and it’s Magus one type of Roma smell oh yeah nothing like the first hit of the day big but I hope y’all having a good Friday but anyway so let me show y’all what’s in this backpack now keep in mind guys like I said we’re just getting started like um I’m real young I guess in a way but I’m just getting started that’s all I got to really say but like I’m about to teach out some things that most people most youtubers most entrepreneurs is that you say most people like that don’t really show you step by step process right what I have in my hand is racks on racks today I brought some racks out you know I’m saying racks on top of motherfucking racks a lot of people be like bruh you don’t got it like that you don’t got the racks those are $1 bills yada yada excetera Center all y’all niggas is wildin bro look I’m gonna teach y’all how to get it and there’s only there’s really like I know last video I showed y’all three steps on how to make money type shit right like how to make money as far as you know the steps and stuff but today I’m gonna teach y’all how to get rich man like I’m not rich rich yet but I’m telling you right now by 2019 imma have everything that I ever ever ever wanted birth and people be doubting me birth I got I got people that that don’t fuck with a nigga because they see me coming up I got people that hate on me because they see me coming up right I got people that just want to kill me birth just because I’m coming up now there’s consequences to this rich lifestyle there’s consequences to everything you do in life period you know I’m saying but as far as being a person as far as being smart enough to do what you got to do that’s where it’s complicated that’s where people get it confused you know saying guys so today I’m gonna break down on how I’m gonna get rich in 2019 and y’all go follow my steps because obviously I see I’m doing good I’m not doing great but I’m doing better than others you know I’m saying guys so let me explain to y’all last year I was 18 years old right I’m now 19 years old but last year when I was 18 years old my 18th birthday I was at I think it was Dave & Buster’s or something like that and I told myself that’s what I told myself I told myself I would never go broke again MBA lifestyle never broke again that’s what the hell happened since that day I promised that I got off my ass bro I told myself I’m already 18 years old when you were 17 you spent nine months in jail ten months in jail I was only out two months when I was 17 years old y’all three months max I spent nine months in jail 17 years old my whole childhood was wasted in jail from 12 years old to 17 years old that’s when my last case was brought up I’ve been getting in trouble back to back with the police back to back to back to back and I’m not gonna lie down that road is wrong down that road you paying lawyer fees you’re paying your own hard precious time there’s no bells when you’re a juvenile so that’s the most craziest part about it all is if you come in on the Friday you gotta wait to Monday to get out if usually you got a pending two weeks you’re detained this gives you a good two weeks to learn your lesson to think about life this gives you a good two weeks to think about your actions and what you did to get there you know I’m saying and that being said it’s just like it’s kind of scary how people people just like don’t care and they just be killing people and robbing people like not even worried about the consequences when I know myself there’s consequences even if you don’t get caught there’s still consequences as far as karma as far as how you’re gonna get judged in life like I said there’s a bunch of real things that people do that makes some real there’s a bunch of fake things that people do that makes them fake now I know some real people that I thought they’re real but their actions are fake as fuck and I’m I don’t mean a cuss but when I cuss it’s just because I gotta mean it you know I’m saying like I’m really serious about this if I think you’re real keep it real with me you know I’m saying don’t ever show me your fake because guess what once you show me your fake I ain’t gonna be chilling with you bro I ain’t gonna be with the fake people I’m gonna be what the Eagles trying to spread my wings and fly ain’t gonna be with some chickens you know I’m saying staying on the ground and shit nah man you got to separate yourself from the real from the fake and that’s step one of today’s video that’s how I got in my position today I’m still going through some stuff I’m still going through some phases you know I’m saying I’m still thinking about how to do this this is just the beginning people think this is gonna be for every I think y’all gonna have me forever fuck no hell no hell no I’m gonna be up here bruh and y’all up here and I’m gonna be passing y’all up here that’s my goals you know I’m saying other people’s goals they’re like they don’t really care you know I’m saying but me and my and my goal in life is to be the biggest you know I’m saying the biggest and when I was young I wanted to be in this position that I am today and I am in this position today and it’s kind of amazing but let me show you how I get some money man so I’m real smart I pay my bills I do got bills to pay even though y’all like y’all probably don’t think I pay bills but I pay fucking bills I help family out when my family something I help them out you know I’m saying in that’s facts you can’t tell me I don’t because I fucking do you know I’m saying so look I pay my own bills I pay my car insurance I pay for my own gas money I pay for everything you know I’m saying everything like as far as y’all know what I mean on top of that I still make profits I still make money which is pretty ironic because a lot of people they be like I pay rent I can’t stack up cuz I have to pay ran I had to do this I have to do that but guess what there’s paying rent and they’re saving money also so when it’s time to pay something guess what I do a week before I paid that bill I situated it I get it paid the week before like I have it ready you know I’m saying all right so if I don’t have a bill ready to be paid like if I if I’m late on a payment sometimes it’s okay sometimes you could do that but some places wouldn’t allow it so therefore since you don’t have the rent money you lost out on this thing or whatever you know you’re set back now you could either take this setback and realize what you did and next time you could overcome it because you already realized what you have done or you could just take this out and sit on this L and not solve your problems see I’m the type of guy to solve my problems other people out there they don’t solve their problems like how can you know you can fix a problem and you see it but you don’t solve it that’s the type of people I don’t like I like the people that see the problems they know they can solve it even if it’s hard but if you know you could do it through some type of way and you do it I fucking love y’all guys I love people like that that’s the people that I fucking would die for me I’m so fucking up people people that know me burn they fucking they know I guess everything but like they know I’m such a genuine person but I’m so good so people burn like I’m never fake I’m never fucking doing something fake and no one can tell me I’m fake breasts that’s why I wake up in the morning and I look in the mirror and I see a realize bro you know I’m saying like I see a realized person brand I’m just like damn that’s you though you know I’m saying like it’s nothing more better than to appreciate yourself y’all like bro what the fudges have to do with money has everything to do with money yourself being the way you pay your bills the way you procrastinate it has everything to do with money because guess what money is time and guess what time is if you’re wasting time you’re not paying bills you’re losing this right you took an L you have a chance to make that a W if you don’t you’re gonna take another L probably in the future and that’s just you’re just gonna stack else I’m trying to stack w’s yeah I took some mails yeah it took some losses yeah I got some shit happens to me but at the end of the day I’m still here right I’m still lasting I’m still doing my thing I’m still moving forward as far as in life I never thought I’d be back like I don’t know how to explain this but I was locked up for a long time and I was losing my mind I had a girl that was out there cheating on me and I think I thought you know I thought I could just uh come out and my girls good night as everything was gonna be happy you know like a fairy tale or something no when you locked up when your girls out here you don’t know what the hell she’s doing bro who she’s with none of that shit so I had to stop I really when I broke up with my girl guys that that’s when I cut my girl off and I cut fake friends off and that’s when I started moving up in life like forever like I started just making moves by myself in my mind and just thinking ahead of time like I said when my bills were my bills are ready to get paid I think a week ahead and how I’m gonna pay that bill and I put that above my priorities I put that above shopping I put that above this I put that above going out to eat when I have food in the fridge do you know I’m saying you got food in the fridge whether it night is some fucking cheap stuff or some expensive stew some good stuff if you got it in there do what you got to do and if you got bills to pay and you’re like oh should I buy this if I go shopping and just think about add up your money situated that’s why cause situating your money is when you add it up you subtracted by this much and you realize how much money you have and how much you started off with and if you take an L from whatever you pay make sure you find a plan by next week at least to make that money back you know I’m saying guys this is really the steps that I could not explain on camera it’s really hard to explain and it’s so much to learn about this stuff let me just pull back in that’s the type of shit I do I forget my lighter I’m like oh fuck I gotta go all the way back home I like no why why why’d you do this to me but when I was broke guys I had no hope I had no motivation nobody was no friends was was there for me I had one homie he was also broke I had homies that were broke and we would chill and link up together because we were broke and we will combine our money to buy something or you know how it is guys in the block and hood and all that good stuff but um I had people that were broke around me and those are the people that kind of lifted me up it kind of made my day go by but I used to be so broke I used to I used to nah I’m just kidding so I used to be so broke breath that nobody really liked fucking me but like I used to I used to be so broke I used to I wouldn’t smoke good nothing like that obviously because I was broke and in those days people would tell me like I had money before I was broke and I used to fall off that’s the thing so people would like tell me old man you fell off or this and that and those things really kind of brought me down at the same time and it really motivated me to prove people wrong like when I was in the placement facility for it was a six to nine-month program right your boy did four and a half months best kid ever there you know I’m saying and I beat anybody’s record ever in that placement facility the first one to ever get out the quickest now I did that because people would tell me when I first got there people said oh we hear that all the time that people are gonna get out here so fast so we hear that all the time and everybody was doubting me and I loved it I loved like I did it it brought me down a little I was like you know what they’re probably right but in my mind I was like do you like I told you if you have problems and you know you can solve them and you don’t solve them you’re stupid stupid of that but me I solve our problems and the the way to solve this father is be good good behavior gets you out now it was so hard guys I’m telling you I was so close to just like not getting out the quickest but I proved every single person in there or wrong people thought they’re punking me out like cuz they wanted to fight me of course they saw was the best kid there you know I’m saying I was the best kid trying to get out the quickest and I was doing an awesome job at it other people they took advantage of that they knew I didn’t want to get in trouble and they knew I wouldn’t risk my freedom for their petty ass whatever they’re talking about but today I got time I got time cuz come meet me today I’ll beat your ass boy all y’all niggas breath I’ll be all y’all niggas up and that’s facts I did not fight none y’all and that’s because I was in jail who the fuck is – I thought I had a girl waiting for me you know I’m saying I thought I had a girl I thought I had you know I did have YouTube you know I’m saying we were almost at like a thousand subscribers at the time so I had like a life ahead of me but I didn’t want to waste that and I already wasted enough of my childhood so I was like bro I can’t fight I gotta do good you know I’m saying guys and I just wanted to get out so that way I could stack up by the time I was 18 years old because I wasted all my teen years my childhood in fucking jail so I knew what I knew what I was doing and I knew what I had to do you know I’m saying but anyway a lot of people be like bro you got money but even you can’t spend it homie said that he’s from Africa that’s how he talks he’s like even you can’t spend that money I’m like bird yes I can’t spend this money people thought people think that that money oh shit I know y’all saw that people think that my money’s not my money because I don’t spend it my body is my body because I don’t spit it do you understand that shit I don’t spend my money so I stacked that shit y’all spending money which are not stacking it so yeah y’all may have a little better this and that okay that’s cool but what really matters is what’s in your bank account and what plans you got in the future what are you doing you know I’m saying that’s what really matters guys a lot of people and I get this almost on the daily why don’t you buy this why don’t you buy that it’s not that I can’t it’s not that I don’t want to it’s that I I have priorities and I put them first I got bills to pay and I stack up at the same time Christmas of course I’m gonna buy me probably like a new chain and probably a new ring new bracelet I don’t know something you know saying for Christmas but that’s for Christmas do you know what I’m saying guys like I step lean green lean y’all like why you stupid green lien I Drive if I drink codeine I’m gonna be slumped behind the wheel no I’m not doing all that I Drive on the day there’s a thing for everything I do you know I’m saying guys you guys so basically when it comes down to making money in 2019 it’s just like I tell you I pay my bills a week ahead and not pay them I mean think about them one week aheadright just imagine one year ahead right now 2019 one year ahead what do you see yourself doing what do I see ourselves doing y’all let me know in the comments this is our year 2019 is our year this is when when 2018 came up I thought it was my year I’m not gonna lie it is my year look we came up Rudy matter of fact we did we lost the channel in 2018 we lost 25,000 subs we were grown we had over 3 million views on that channel right we lost it I told myself damn I thought 2018 was gonna be my year so disappointed myself as my people is in a stool everybody then they saw that that that spark that just wasn’t there no more right and I’m just like I can’t I can’t do this I can’t live my life like that I can’t what there I started my like I started that YouTube somehow so I knew I could do it again and I never gave up I stayed positive and I told you I will get it back so this time is different we got we’re not worried about the subscribers no more now we’re worried about this money like I told you how we will come up and we did and we did it fucking 20 times better thank God for that we’re gonna do this as for the money as well 20:19 I guarantee you I will be rich y’all mark my words today I will be rich in 2019 and I’m the type of person to prove everybody wrong this is me waving the LG right now as we speak driving a Benz oh that’s not the newest one I guess you know I’m saying I love my Benz though I put so much work into this whole like I don’t even want to sell it because I put so much work I’m afraid to buy a new car and it’s not even gonna be as good as this one that’s why I’m afraid like I don’t want to be like oh I got to do this with this new car and do this and that and fences are expensive when you’ve got work done and if I’m gonna get a newer one I gotta make sure this is awesome because if it’s not I got if I have to do work on the newer BAE this is gonna be more problems more money and just bullshit so I’m thinking ahead that’s what jobs to do always think ahead and y’all ever spend any type of money I don’t care if it’s a dollar think about what’s gonna happen after you spend that dollar and after you know I’m saying how are you gonna get that money back because me I don’t like spending money I spend money I make that shit right back and if I don’t make it back I’m gonna wake up the next day and be like damn I gotta get that money back that’s just me that’s every hustler out there and when I mean by hustler I’m not meaning in legal stuff a hustler is a hustler hustler means you can sell anything from a cap on the floor to water to a tooth from a beach you know I’m saying like you could sell water to a fish type shit fire to a dragon like you know I’m saying like I don’t know how to explain it real hustlers know what I’m saying though you could sell anything you could sell anything I’m telling you if you know what real hustler means that’s what it is but 2019 is are you guys I hope y’all enjoyed this video make sure you like subscribe comment all that good stuff and yeah I’ll be back at it with some more five videos Oh

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