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hi in this video I’d like to introduce you to crypto tap Google Chrome extension that you can use in your browser to our encrypted currency while simply using a web browser here’s the main page that they have and I signed up roughly a week ago let me show you the results I got so far okay we are now here in the admin area of crypto tab and and see that our answer for zero point two zero zero zero four three nine zero three Bitcoin by the way they add another four digits at the end just to make you see it increased better while you’re using the mining function on and I personally by the way use the setting low interest between having a completely off low normal or high especially if you’re in a warm climate or if you’re on a slower computer definitely go to no don’t use normal or high person my computer could easily handle normal as well I could have if I don’t do anything else but I think low is fine as I was running for about a week now and it’s running no matter what browser tab I am in my browser and even if I produce a browser all use something else so good by having the extension in here I can see the green little light there you’re mining and earning if you turn this off by the way look see that’s not turns into red and you see it’s currently not mining at all its turn effect to know the setting that I usually use and you see by the way you down here the mining speed in which with which you currently earn see it’s right now going up to roughly twelve about and by the way crypto tap uses JavaScript on coin height and calm I use it on my side of mints I see I want the capture options that he’s provide and coin – basically allows you to burn more narrow cryptocurrency in your browser on what cryptic tab that says better get ports the earnings from everybody exchanges the more narrow currency that it turns into Bitcoin and uses that then to pay out the members for the earnings it’s very simple and straightforward by the way if you happen to run into issue that you have an antivirus software on your computer running that’s a bit a little bit overzealous then simply make sure that you write a descriptive tab and coin – common your antivirus software to be able to properly use it if you shouldn’t be if you don’t see the mining speed going up in your case simply make sure that these two sides are wide blasted in your antivirus and you’re fine again coin I’ve the system that crypto type is using is absolutely harms I’ve been using it for many many months myself it’s a simple JavaScript that only runs while the browsers open so absolutely arm there’s nothing gets installed on the computer and it helps you to earn why you’re using your browser so now you see here my total round and then ask for his seven days it’s a little bit less than seven days actually so far I have earned roughly seven cents myself from the mining on the low setting so what a cent per day so it’s not much right but the thing is you don’t really expect to earn a lot from your own mining here the way it works is that you share this program as many people as you can and they share others a couplet at Pace you on ten level steam and so you earn a percentage on every single level that offered for us to get in and let me show you in my example I have a total of one thousand six hundred forty-seven referrals here in a week all I’ve done basically is I sent one email out to my lists that’s how I got my referrals and I officer didn’t get more myself I got a part of it myself and the rest is the effect of you know people inviting people inviting people that’s actually have a closer look at their total numbers yeah that I achieved in the last week as you can see out of the 1647 I myself in parentheses upon me referred for an ad is in the form of age is quite a lot still for week but keep in mind that this is something completely free the everybody who joined this didn’t have to pay a dime themselves all we do is we are using our computer power to mine and that way around an income and the leverage comes in by referring people who refer people etcetera can see I have now referrals on nine levels and Pratap pays out a small percentage per level let me actually show you the details how they pay out let’s make an example say I referred like 10 or more and each of them were first let’s say 3 then that’s the income tax expected within this parameters so basically on those that you present refer your in 15 percent what they are in the second leveling at 10 percent third level five percent four seven three percent fifty two percent six one percent in the seventh level year and a half a percent on the eighth level a quarter percent on the ninth level and eight of a percent and the 10th level 16th of a percent and so basically his number set that up and you end up getting a certain amount of income by the way might have noticed on the signup page let’s have something earn after a Bitcoin in in a month I tell you my honest opinion about that that’s been exaggerated to be able to get there you need to have like a downline off 23,000 people or something and I’m not there yet and probably most people will never get there I mean during the Bitcoin a month need massive leverage but hey if you got a couple dollars extra let’s say you refer let’s say five people in total let’s say each of them only refers to let’s have a look then it ends up getting you to about $54 a month and for a lot of people fifty four dollars extra a month is something not too bad now of course no matter what happens but in the end it is all done to do they actually pay out because hey yeah you don’t risk anything because you can use this for free but do you see the payout that the question everybody asked himself if I use this and then I myself some income here when I receive the money well you know what way to now I have now passed the minimum after all amount of the recommended withdrawal amount and that’s 0.0004 so let’s give it a try let’s see if I receive my payment let’s put it in my Bitcoin wallet address here and say I want to throw all around see if I can copy and paste from here put the whole amount in there and click on withdraw the payment request successfully been created you will get your funds soon okay soon can be now anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours let’s see depending on the speed of the blockchain obviously I don’t let you wait here in front of the camera all the time I’ll pause the video and we’ll get back to you as soon as I see the money arriving in my Bitcoin wallet okay and now we’re back it’s been about twenty three and a half hours or almost a day and the payment has now been sent let’s actually click yawn check to have a look inside blockchain got the info if you scroll all the way down here you see the transaction has been paid to my Bitcoin wallet restore one of my Bitcoin wallet addresses and he exact amount that we both drew and we can’t even look over here in my Bitcoin wallet I’d use Exodus in this case here’s one of my become ones that I use you can see the payment arrived roughly an hour ago so the money arrived I got it and it worked wonderful so I can absolutely recommend using crypto tap for yourself and look at this since we withdrew about Diego our earnings went up again to about 10,000 Satoshi okay now that you see how it works with crypto tap I recommend highly that you get your own tap-in Google Chrome extension installed and shared with others and start earning like I do thanks a lot for watching this video and have a great day

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