How To Create A 7 Figure Lifestyle Business Online!

How To Create A 7 Figure Lifestyle Business Online!


It’s Never Too Late in Creating a 7 Figure Lifestyle Business Online

The following is just a little secret how i started generating a 7 figure lifestyle business online… not to gloat or to show off. Nope I don’t do that, it was not too easy for me, I see all opportunity around me on how to make money online, but i keep shifting when to actually start.  later on I tried pretty much everything in search of success… when I could not eat three meal a day, then no success was coming as claimed from the guys who call them self online guru.

Currently I’m approaching 30 as I write this post, success didn’t really happen in the way I wanted it to until around 5 or 6 years ago. So believe me when I say ‘Don’t dream it. Drive it.

If you know me, or know of me then you’ll probably know I spent most of my working life all the way up to 2013 working in and around the streets… and for the 15 years prior to 2013 as an Engineer.

My Success As Computer Engineer to 7 Figure Internet Marketer – How?

Many people find it hard to figure out the connection between Engineering and successful Marketer. How can a Engineer transition from repairing peoples computers to suddenly making 7 figures per year online?
The answer is simple desire… I never wanted to be a computer engineer, I did it because I have passion for it and it paid the bills… it was a job, nothing more, nothing less. I’m sure many of you reading this right now currently have jobs right? But then if you are reading this then that job obviously isn’t enough!

Is it Enough?
If you’re like me, you we agree with me that job you have right now is simply a means to an end and not where your heart is. Some people are made to work for someone else, they are content to do so and there is nothing wrong with that. My father was one of those people, it made sense to him… learn hand-work, go to school, get a job, get paid, come home… and he tried to instill the same principles in me, but it didn’t inspire me.

Without Entrepreneurs there are No Jobs

It’s ok to be an Entrepreneur… even when everyone around you think you’re crazy or nothing more than a dreamer.

I wore the ‘Dreamer’ label for most of my working life… but those BIG dreams forced me to where I am today… who’s laughing now? ME!

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams…

Pursue them…Don’t give up, not even when you are still young… the reality is you can do and be whatever you want (within reason). Success is just a few steps away, hard to believe right now perhaps, but it is and if you subscribe to this blog you’ll soon see just how close you are to success, because that’s the goal and vision why i created this Resources portal.


  • Today I’m a successful product developer… Together with my business partner I launch software and training products multiple times per year (almost all generating over 6 figures each).
  • I coach / Mentor others, consult on funnel and sales page design…
  • I’m an affiliate marketer… a successful one

Truth is I now make more in one month just through affiliate marketing than I did in a year working as a Computer Engineer…

And here’s the real fact… I’m not that clever
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Computer Engineering to 7 Figure Internet Marketer – How can an Engineer transition from repairing peoples computer to suddenly making 7 figures per year online?

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