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Learn How one of my friend Made $24k in 15 Days: magical elixer yo what’s up guys my name is art and I’m gonna tell you about I went from zero to $24,000 in 15 days give or take a couple hours maybe maybe almost 16 doesn’t really matter anyway so let’s talk about kind of how we started so I’ve been doing job shipping for over six months now and you know like everyone else I started with Facebook Ads Instagram influencers and like everyone also wasting a lot of money so pretty much throughout this whole process you know I started off again doing Facebook like everyone else and then I started hearing about Instagram influencer Souls like oh you know let me try this see I feel good it works didn’t really work that good for me not yet but um yeah basically I put myself in about $7000 a bit I know this seems like a lot in I don’t consider that a waste of money I consider that more of an investment into myself into my knowledge you know learning what works what doesn’t work you know testing different products different ad copy certain things like that that’s not what got me to $24,000 all right what did it for me is when I didn’t have enough money to pay Facebook I’m pretty sure all of you who use Facebook Ads you know that you have a threshold for how much you can spend before you have to pay for me is that $500 and I hit the $500 threshold and I didn’t have $500 to pay Facebook so I was practically screwed and I was thinking okay you know this is not good how am I gonna get the money to pay this $500 you know I was also driving lift at the time and I’m also photographer so I was thinking you know okay how many photo shoots do I have to get going how many hours I have to drive live for to pay up to five hundred bucks so I could keep going and keep my ads running then it kind of hit me you know I knew about this other traffic source that was very underutilized mainly because I just thought it’s probably too expensive or you know I mean no one else is talking about it no gurus on YouTube we’re talking about it they’re only talking about Facebook and Instagram I decided let me give it a try it I had a product on Facebook that was making me a little bit of sales you know I saw that there was a post that it went completely viral on these people got about a million clicks in like a week or less I was in shock um I was just thinking damn this is a good product so I started marketing it on Facebook like everyone else would it was doing okay you know starting to get a little hope for it but um yeah you know this is as the Christmas as you know approaching and I decided okay let me put this product on this other traffic source see how it works as soon as I put it up uh took about an hour to really get going to actually start spending my money next morning I woke up to two hundred dollars in sales to me that was unheard of at least for myself I would have been ecstatic to hit two hundred throughout the entire day before and when I woke up and I saw that I was just in shock I didn’t know what to believe you know I was thinking what’s going on maybe one person make a huge purchase but no it was multiple purchases and I was just thinking this is insane I’m actually making money off of this this traffic sources is working you know why has no one using this why is it so underutilized I could let it run and I kept doing research treating articles you know because like I said no one teaches how to use this traffic source no one there’s no YouTube videos that I could find that was teaching it so I decided okay I’m gonna read every article I could possibly find you know learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time so I can start optimizing my ads in I read I read about 40-plus articles you know every question I had I typed it into Google and I read everything I could possibly find and next thing I know I hit my first thousand dollar day to me I always believed I would hit that day I wasn’t sure when I didn’t expect it as soon but I knew I was in a hit it the thing with me is I have an unwavering belief in myself and I knew I would hit it but I didn’t expect it so soon and when I saw four digits it was the most surreal thing that I had ever seen I was completely in shock um you know I I had like tears of joy it was just my brain almost couldn’t process it because it’s how you go from watching all these guys on YouTube no showing you their phones like hey look that’s how much I made that’s how much I made you know and you’re still sitting there made 25 cents today it’s not bad you know but it really sucks but you know when I saw that day it was it opened my mind that this is really possible you know you can you can scale this up to a hundred thousand dollars a month it’s very possible and I mean I’m going to show you guys a screenshot on my phone you know they’re not screen shot I’m sorry the actual app you know I don’t want you guys to think that I’m trying to fake anything now keep in mind you are gonna see that my sales went from all the way up to dropping a lot basically the reason for that is I don’t have a virtual assistant and I got over a thousand orders that I had to fulfill and do customer service for I’m still dealing with customer service so I had to turn down my ads a lot I also caught you know the Christmas wave so the end of this year is always gonna be one of the highest profiting times you know you’re gonna get so much more sales than usual that explains why I had such a huge spike so again you know I’m gonna show you guys right here so this is my you can see you know it’s real it’s legit right there 25 so basically you see it went all the way down another huge steam once you start making a lot of money like this and you have a lot of people checking out with PayPal that becomes a problem because PayPal see is oh damn you know they’re bringing in a lot of volume all of a sudden they start freezing your money for I still haven’t gotten all of my money from PayPal there so holding multiple thousand from me it becomes a problem because you don’t have all the necessary funds to be able to fulfill all those orders so that’s what makes it really really hard and that’s why I you know I couldn’t keep spending my money on ads and not be able to fulfill the orders because like I was kind of running dry trying to keep up with everything so you just get hit with oh damn you know now I have to do this I have to do this but I have to take care of my customers but damn you know what about my ads what about this you know damn PayPal’s holding my money yeah dad I’m running short you know it was definitely it’s definitely you know a good experience I felt on top of the world you know and I still do I still do and I know like I’m going for that $10,000 date that is what I’m going for all right I believe in myself that I’m gonna hit it but I know a lot of you guys are probably wondering okay stop talking what the hell is this you know this magical traffic starts talking about it is so simple and it’s right in front of your face every day Google AdWords all right that is the magic traffic source literally one day when and when my ads fun started running you know because I haven’t I haven’t set two specific timeframes to run it had barely spent three dollars and made me 300 that’s a damn good return on investment that’s insane so you know but normally I’d spend a hundred bucks on ads and get a thousand in over a thousand in return actually I think you know AdWords is that’s that’s the next big thing I want to make sure I’m at the front of it you know so that’s why I’m trying to tell you guys what’s up you know how underutilized it is and why how powerful it is I mean you have to think about it this way right when you’re marketing to people on Facebook that’s all just cold traffic you know this all right no one’s on Facebook to buy unless they’re just weird like that but when people are on Google and they type in a term they’re subconsciously committing to getting something or to doing something they already made that micro commitment to buy especially if they’re searching up an item they’re ready so that’s warm traffic and you just have to have the good add a good landing page good offer and you’re making sales so Google AdWords is extremely powerful and full of quality good traffic you know definitely know Facebook is still great obviously a lot of people make a crapload of money influencers beautiful if you find the right ones but AdWords I don’t know why the hell many people aren’t using it because it is amazing you know that’s what helped that’s what allowed me to see the success that all these other people are seen twenty four thousand and fifteen days that’s to me that’s insane you know I’m still mind-boggled by it and you know sorry that’s my dog barking but it’s it’s it’s a very surreal experience but also I want to you know be honest with you guys that twenty four thousand dollars that wasn’t all profit you see a lot of people on YouTube flashing their phone showing Oh twenty four thousand dollars I’m rich I got Gucci I got all this you know I got that off white shirt and all that stuff they didn’t make twenty four thousand dollars I highly doubt it unless they’re selling digital products if that’s the case then they’re doing damn good but the majority of people take in about thirty five percent profit margins that’s how it was for me all right from that I took about a little over eight thousand dollars from the twenty four thousand which by no means is bad but I want to be real with you guys you know I don’t want to be another guy on YouTube telling you making you believe all this stuff that’s not real all this BS you know what I mean I want to build a quality relationship with you guys and you know be real have people on following me that I can buy but not people who were being misled so I want you guys to know the truth but I also want you to know AdWords do wait that’s not the end that’s not all I’m gonna be using because I have a whole strategy in place to utilize you know Adwords and Facebook together and it’s I’m working on a new product right now and I’m expecting some big numbers so uh yeah again you know thank you guys for watching hope you all have a great day um subscribe like the video show your friends please seriously I mean I don’t know how many subscribers I’m gonna have when you’re watching this but it might not be that much I want to get to a million alright guys so peace out thank you for watching

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