Free Makeup Brush

hey guys this is Katie Franks with the ABA and you who never seen a brush like this before and we’re gonna give this to you 100 percent free ordinary brushes have anywhere from two thousand and five thousand bristles but the Miyoko has over twenty two thousand mink soft bristles so any powder makeup or liquid makeup goes on flawless watch this example on the left is the Miyoko on the right is an ordinary brush just look at how much better the Miyoko covers and how much smoother the coverage is and you can only do that with twenty two thousand bristles watch this I use it to apply my own makeup we know that when you try the Miyoko you’ll never go back to ordinary brushes so we’re gonna give it to you absolutely free the secret is in the split hair bristles because each one is just one-fourth the thickness of actual human hair it’s literally the softest thing you’ve ever felt so today it’s our gift to you from Miyoko and the American Beauty Association this is a very exclusive promotion and supplies are limited all we ask is that you cover the postage and will ship your brushes right away it’s that simple just click the button below to claim your free Nyoka brush now

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