Fashion Photoshoot in SEOUL South Korea

hi guys what’s up Jessica bassy here in today’s video I’m going to be doing a photo shoot here in Seoul South Korea I’m really excited because my firt it’s my first time shooting here I’ve don’t really shoot when I travel like this but and I thought you know since I’m here anyways let me just squeeze in a couple of shoots I’m not familiar with this area I’ve only been out here like two times so I’m gonna show you guys how I just literally walk around and transform any little portion of a street or maybe a store and make it into something really cool for a photo shoot location so let’s go before we begin a quick message from our sponsors this video was brought to you by Squarespace whether you need a domain website or an online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace has an all-in-one platform that is super easy to use customizable with tons of award-winning designer templates and offers 24-hour customer service support so whether you’re a photographer like me that needs a portfolio site or you have a small business they have something for everyone you can start your free trial today by going to squarespace.com slash Jessica use offer code Jessica for 10% off your first purchase now let’s get back to the video [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] have your arms down this guy’s really trying to get in this video I’m gonna use fungus ever really right up there he really wants to make it well take on this de gram to send us the info cash great buy a game I know let’s play game which photos a Ramon let’s take 200 pictures and see which ones they gave over my career [Music] and turn a little bit here front row and then facing me just like really like zombie wars [Music] one more time [Laughter] my [Music] [Music] so that’s the end of a photo shoot I really hope you guys like the pictures that what did you think about the poses a really good salad thank you an amazing photographer what what pose was your paper what area was your favorite like when you asked me to sit like every try to pose some really weird poses but it’s amazing thank you you like the outfit yeah this is my favorite one like it’s so lucky that it’s raining outside so it makes me so right because the contrast everything is so dark and and so shiny yeah that is why I got it I wanted him to stand out Alvin Lawrence so definitely want to say a huge thank you to Serena for coming and doing this can you just thank you really boosting my confidence today let me tell you that we shot pretty much and the streets of Seoul this is hung diet home day yes Hongdae and I honestly didn’t even go to the main street we were in the back streets and we took pictures with a cat we took pictures with walls the cat is so cute and then we took pictures just anywhere hopefully you guys enjoyed the pictures and enjoyed this video let us know what you guys think of everything and we’ll see you guys later okay [Music]

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