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[Music] hey my channel now a lot of you always ask me Sanjay where you get your clothes from and I just be like okay I’m going to do a haul for y’all so today I will be doing a fashion overhaul I went shopping and got a whole bunch of stuff and I can’t wait to show y’all and try it on and everything but first if you’re new hi y’all welcome don’t forget to like get the notification bound and also subscribe [Music] okay okay so first we’re gonna start with this jumpsuit that I have here now it is gray with pink stripes and it’s a soft material it’s not super tight which I love stretchy and it fits really nice on my body it compliment my figure really well and um I feel like this is outfit this like sporty casual and I feel like you could wear it anywhere you can dress it up or you could dress it down so I definitely love this because as a college student first off I get tired of having to have him to find an outfit every single day so being able to just throw something like this on is very great for me [Music] if I had this other little jumpsuit right here and he has like these shots at the top and this outfit kind of reminds me of Gauchos so a long time ago if you know what I’m talking about if you don’t know what I’m talking about you might be too young but if you know what I’m talking about you know what I mean this right here gives me like they got show your face right here the Bible flares out this is nice and comfortable I feel like you can dress it up or down I love that I could just throw this on it’s not too tight and it’s not I don’t feel like it’s just like a super feely look you can see data kinda like a host it hurts my body but it also like comfortable yeah so I feel I love this outfit I might be wearing it tomorrow because I have school tomorrow so yeah [Music] so this right here I love the colors on this I love bright colors it’s a baby since baby girl it’s a two-piece Eon right here and this right here the material is different I don’t really know how to explain it um it’s not soft and it’s not rough I feel like this outfit is something that you wear maybe like on a vacation I feel like you could go like go to like a go-kart place or you can go like jumping with these like your skies own I feel like this is a really sporty outfit and I really like it it’s so cute [Music] you this is another jumpsuit I love this when I saw it on the model on fashion oh but I was just like oh yes I have to have this because I love this right here and also the back I just really loved how to back loop it was cute and this right here oh my gosh the material is so soft I don’t know I feel like the color complements my skin song wheel and I feel like it’s something once again that I could just throw on if I don’t feel like fine enough for outfit that’s why I love jumpsuits because I could give it choose one put it on and go so yes I would definitely be wearing this sometime soon and I love it and it’s a casual wear so you can wear whatever you want and yeah I could probably just put them all or something which is probably what I’m going to do [Music] so I have this gray sweatshirt I’m left in my friends y’all will have this gray sweatshirt any has blessed retuned and blue it’s blue the words list of loose sorry I sent insider but on this I really love disco yeah because when I shot the fashion over the first time it deleted all my stuff there was dinner so I had to go back and read put everything in there and I just wasn’t thinking about if I wanted or small or medium I like to throw on these kind of shirts when I’m just going out I don’t like to just look all the time so to be able to have something like this is great and it’s comfortable yes [Music] you know I have this crop top innocence baby girl it is white so remembering like for us girls we know that if we’re wearing white we have to be careful with where we wet undergarment we put under it so you might want to wear like a nude undergarment just to make sure that you don’t see it so yes I really like this is thin so it’s cute for the summer you can’t wait to send a sauna or the spring but it made me a little chilly for the fall in the winter but you put on a jacket with this but yes I really like you when I saw it on model I was just like yes this is so cute I hope you feed me with something boom I like it and I’m happy [Music] I have this two-piece set this is a skirt and also a crop top right here I love this color because my name is sunjai like the Sun in the sky feel like this blue like I’m like in the sky just like floating I don’t really like dark blue I like baby blue so yeah this is so cute it’s thin I like that I can just throw this on y’all just don’t understand I love two pieces so I feel like this outfit is good for like going out like to a cookout or maybe going out with your friends for like lunch or something [Music] so I had this other jumpsuit it doesn’t go all the way down to my ankles it actually stops like y’all see where it stops but yeah I really like this as you can see it’s sporting like any the material is also thin so if you wear it out like when there’s super hot outside you this right here won’t be so hard for you to wear Sam so I really like this yeah [Music] so for once yes I do have a lot of jumpsuits because I know that I’ve been showing y’all jumpsuits that the jumpsuits but this one I like I mean more of them so I got them um so I have this gray one and it’s pink also so it’s similar to the other one but it’s not the same the other one was like off the shoulders and this one comes all the way up to my neck and it has a different say it so I like the color and I had to look at it twice after buying it cuz I was like hold on it’s the same thing but it’s not so yeah I like it so I have this other two piece right here so this is tight in the end I have this top right here it’s like a mesh top and this part like where the checkers are this is really soft so I thought it was gonna be like I thought all of this right here was going to be leather but no the chicken part is soft and then you have these and I also thought that it was gonna be super tight and maybe I should’ve got a size up but no it fits perfectly so it is true to size I think that this is a nice outfit to wear like at night so maybe like go out with your friends have a girl night maybe if you want to go to like a party anything like that this would be nice to wear something too I also feel like it’s cute to go golfing in because I think they’ll just be so cute I don’t know like a little date or something makes my body look good so you know that’s always great [Music] I have this jumpsuit right here it’s black red and white and it has a zipper right here I actually have a outfit similar to this but it’s a different color and due to me like in there I decided to get another one in a different color and my other one also doesn’t have this zipper so this dear friend I feel like this is a cute going out outfit also like maybe a girls night out too for the bottles these bottles kind of like cover my feet up so if I wear like this pops you probably won’t see the flip flops you can probably wear heels and I feel like it will cover the huge just enough to where you won’t be walking on the bottoms but um honestly I feel like you can wear any shoes with these maybe tennis shoes and just it just depends on how you want to dress it up but my first time wearing something like this I work this blob so I don’t know how I’m gonna just lit up again this time but I love you so I was just like I gotta get this because I like the way it is it hooks my body it it’s my like too tight I feel like you could kind of go up a size on this honestly but it just depends on how hot you want [Music] okay so we’re almost done y’all I have my nineties baby shirt right here and I like how it looked I love the mustard color and then it has red in it I feel like this complicate complements my skin really good and again I just love these type of shapes you’re comfortable you could throw them you can throw them on you can wear like some tights window anything you can go especially was being a dancer and I need clothes like this I got meet-up city and it is a croc hoodie so this crop top and yeah it’s basically the same thing I love the color red so I feel like it just y’all know is women as gross ridges pops honest so you know when you were really you kind of got like they glow so I decided to get rid and it’s cute so I get kudos to the heating I’m it’s not too big so I was helping about there and it wasn’t too smart it’s just right so honestly if you want to get like these type of sweatshirts or hoodies then you can go a size up but you see how they look on me and you’re not tight and they’re not too baggy they fit just right which was what I was looking for I wanted they’re bad you look in this kind of what I got and I got my size oh yeah [Music] I have these right Bermuda shorts I don’t have a lot of white bike pants so I was just like I need me some right so I decided to keep these they are high waisted and I wear a size 5 and I’m shorts and I also wear a small and everything else oh I forgot to mention it but these fit just right on me I love fashion over jeans and I love their shorts and their Bermuda shorts and they do make your butt look really good so I’m sorry I wear size 5 and my fate has these rips in the pants they also have like these fringes at the bottom so yeah so I was like there dear friends they’re cute and so I’m going to give them stock that I have these other Bermuda shorts they’re light blue so these aren’t high waisted they also have like rips in them and I don’t need to wear a belt with these because they get just right I love the color and yeah sometimes I just need it like light blue oh I’m sure so now about something like this last time I went shopping but I can’t find them so I needed some more so I got some work these right here are similar and some ones that I just showed you but they have two buttons right here as you can see and they have small little rips in them in the front of them so yeah so even though they look the same they are not the same I love the color they fit well and also it was kind of hard looking for some shorts like this because I was just like being really picky about them because I didn’t like some of them and these were cute for me so I got that [Music] so I really hope that you enjoyed my fashion Nova haul I will have more videos like this I will start doing more videos and I shot and a whole bunch of different websites online so I will be doing other house with those different websites that I shop on so the chapter know where I get most of my outfits from so I will put the link to fashion over in the description box below so that you can have easily extras that you can go shopping and fashion Allah is always having a sale going on so definitely look out for those feel that so that I can get some you know dollars off when you go shopping so I only spent two hundred and fifty one dollars for all these clothes that I got it so that is really good so please I can manage of those sales that y’all see popping up you can go to their Instagram and all the days just to see with your Castillo’s they have so yes so I really hope you enjoyed this video and I will see y’all next time bye [Music]

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