hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel so today’s video we are going to be talking about these new brushes that were sent to me recently and they’re by the brand do you care I think I’ll turn it right our due care is do you see a re I don’t know if you print out that do care Rd you care but anyway our see these in my p o– box about a few weeks back and let me show you what they come in first of all or i show you the actual brushes okay so the box looks like this and when i first saw it i was like who sent me some chocolates but look at the box it looks like it would have chocolates in here it’s so cute it has a little white and brown ribbon on the front it just looks like a chocolate box you know but anyway when i open it up it had a cute little pouch in it so this is what the pouch looks like and the brushes are super duper soft I was very very impressed when I open these up and just tested them out now the ones that I already used a Hardy Marcis for one or the ones that I’ve used how do you use this little brush right here I use this as a highlighting brush so I have used this one and I have tried out as I can get books I’m trying to drop these and have tried out the flat top brush as well now these two brushes I do have dupes to them this flat top brush is a do to the Sigma black top kabuki brush which I do have in my collection and also this little brush right here I do have a do to it as well is very very similar to the lips II 522 tapered highlighting brush now these are very very similar the brushes on the do care brushes are just a soft as the one for the luxe eat brushing I will be showing you guys each brush but I do want to share two brushes that are very similar to brushes that I already have so again in case if you do have these brushes while the brushes that I will be showing you that our similar to these if you do have that brush then you’ll kind of get you know the idea of how these brushes still and how they work so yeah this brush right here they don’t have the names for each brush but this one I would assume is a powdered foundation brush I have used as I’ve used this with my Mac mineralize skinfinish I washed it for the sake of this video because you guys I didn’t want this to look dirty for this video but I have watched it there was very very very minimal shedding I don’t want to say there was no shedding at all because I did experience very very very minimal shedding I don’t know if that’s just you know from the first wash of the brushes but I didn’t experience very very minimal shedding and nothing too much to be concerned about but anyway this brush I noticed was very similar to my Luxy brush and this is the Alexi 502 large powder brush so they are very very similar the brush hairs are very similar they both feel just as solved they have the same shape to them the duke hair brush has more of a round what do you call these I forgot which call this thing on the brush I should know this by now anyway the silver hardware on this brush it has more of a round shape than it does on the Alexi brush as you can see on the Lexi brush it is kind of bent in but this one is more round but they both perform like the same so if you’re looking for something very very affordable do care brushes or what you need to try out so let me go ahead and show you guys all of the brushes so you can kind of get an idea of what this set comes with but with this brush set you get eleven brushes and you get them all in this cute low makeup bag so that I thought that was super cute to include with this fit so the first one that I want to you is this sleeper so you get a little spooley on one side and also a little flat top angled flat top brush on the other side so this is perfect for brushing out your brows and also using a concealer to clean up your brow or if you want to use the little angled flat top brush as a gel eyeliner you can use it as that to apply your gel eyeliner but that is this one and then you get this tapered brush as well this one is the one that shows you that was very similar to the lucky tapered highlighting brush this is perfect for highlighting at the high points of your cheeks also I find that this is a really good brush to use to fit your under eyes when you apply your concealer because it fits so perfectly under your eyes to either set it with your powder or blend out your concealer with it as well so I love love to use that for that purpose so you can definitely do a lot of things with this brush and not only with that brush I feel like with any brush you can you can use it for so many different things you don’t necessarily have to narrow it down to one routine for that brush but yeah so the next one I have is a blending brush this one I phone is a crease blending brush because it does fit perfectly in your crease so this is going to be a really good papered blending brush for that and then next we have a pointy this is I want to say this is you for a gel eyeliner so this is one of those brushes that will be good to apply your gel eyeliner and next we have the flat top kabuki brush which I mentioned earlier like I said this is very similar to the sigma flat top kabuki brush on it performs just the same the bristles are just is soft but like I said you do get a little bit just a little bit of shedding when you wash these brushes but like I said there’s nothing to you know be really concerned about but anyway yeah this is a good brush to buff out your foundation buff out your concealer it’s just a really nice flat top brush and the next one is an angled brush and I’ve filmed this is like an angel contour brush because this one is very similar to a brush that I have in my collection and it is called a angled contour brush but yeah so this will be perfect for contouring your cheekbones I also think this will be really good to use as a blush brush as well because you can get really you know you can apply your brush really easily with this as well so think this will be really good for both of those reasons and next we have a flat brush it’s a really thin flat shader so let’s say it’s a flat shader brush but this brush right here is what I would use to carve out my brows so I’ll put a little concealer on there and just kind of clean up my brows with that so you can use it as that or if you want to apply some shadow on your bottom lash line I’ve seen a lot of people use a brush like this for that reason to apply their shadow for you know on the bottom of their lash line like that and next we have their fan brush and this brush is perfect for applying highlighter for your cheekbones or your nose your Cupid’s bow down the bridge of your nose perfect perfect perfect for highlighter and next we have their power foundation brush which is what I mentioned earlier which was just – one of my lucky brushes so this is perfect for applying your loose setting powder or if you want to you know just buff out your blush with it very good for that as well but I would only use this for you know just my loose setting powder coat and the last two brushes I have it this one is a really really skinny black I want to say this is like a brush to use to apply your eyeshadow in your lids it’s very very firm and then next we have their flat shader brush and this one is flat as well but it’s a little bit more fluffier than the one that I just showed you so this would be really good to blend out your crease or if you just want to apply your eyeshadow with it on you just your olive like that pack it in those we did for that as well so yeah so yeah those are all of the brushes that I received in this cute little packaging again you get eleven brushes and you also get a makeup little makeup bag as well and they were so kind enough to send me another fit so this set is exactly like the one that I just showed you so yes I am doing a giveaway for this video so if you are interested in receiving at this same exact set of brushes that I just showed you I’ll have the link down below in my description so you guys can enter on that link and it will also be international so all of you guys are able to enter into this giveaway but yeah I think that is everything I have for this video I do want to say thank you to do care for sending me all of these brushes I absolutely love them they’re so so cute so thank you so much and yeah that’s everything I have for this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not subscribed already and I think that is everything so yes thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see in the next one bye [Music]

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