[Music] what’s a beautiful babes it’s your girl’s sweet angel what’s up yay beautiful bays I know I’ll be snacking on these makeup tutorials which they’re really not tutorials cause I’m not a makeup artist I’m just a girl that some makeup absolutely but today I am going to do a look for you I don’t know what the look is going to be I actually borrowed some stuff today from my daughter out of her colour-pop collection yeah her she got the makeup Shayla thing going on and I uh mama can’t be doing all that kind of splurge in cost look I got other things to do but you know I want to go ahead and do this look for you and the other thing is a company an Amazon Center vander life reached out and says sweet angel we got some cute little brushes we want you to try out how about you do that for his girl I was like yeah yeah yeah so I’ve got those brushes and I wanted to share them with you today let me just tell you about these marvelous brushes they’re so cute y’all they are so cute yes looky here they came in this cute pouch yes they did this is how it opens up and we’re gonna turn it this way so y’all can see it absolutely this is the makeup brush set from van der life it’s 18 pieces and it includes brushes for the face blush eyeliner contour foundation everything even for powders creams and liquids whatever you have it is so adorable just look at these tiny little brushes and y’all know I am a traveler I’m all over the place all the time always going so I always need something convenient and don’t this match me don’t you know it does this is so cute just take a gander at those brushes and I was so curious about this one yah this is so cute they are lightweight but yet you know they are workable because you know you’re looking and like oh my goodness that’s rather short well you know when you’re traveling you don’t need anything extra bulky so they’re soft and extraordinarily dense these are synthetic brushes yes very soft they’re cruelty free and I believe I’m going to create a beautiful look with these today and ooh it’s very gentle to the skin I love it I love it I all know I am definitely a makeup brush at it it just totally got so many brushes but there’s never you can never get enough brushes honey you can never get enough precious these brushes believe it or not they have a lifetime warranty on them and definitely a money-back guarantee I will have the link below for you to check them out and beautiful bags you’re not gonna believe this price they are only eight dollars and 59 cents and if you’re a Prime member guess what for Prime members there is no charge for shipping it’s free shipping so guess what you get all of this for eight dollars and fifty nine cents I’m going to create a look for you today using these brushes I have my brows fully so we’re going to do everything from the brow and the entire face using this brush set 18 pieces and check it out you know I do my brows with my gel eyeliner stuffs and honey we get ready to do this so are you ready tell me you ready yay so I’ll start off with the brows using my ELF cream eyeliner and coffee and I’ll just be using this little angle brow and eyeliner brush here now there are no names on the brushes but you know if you’ve been in the makeup game for a minute you pretty much know what to use which brush for what so let me pop on the brows [Music] hey I’m not gonna lie I really like using of this little angle brush for my brows it was pretty concise and now I’m just gonna take another brush and clean them up just going to clean up my brows with my heart shape tape and it’s in a light medium honey there’s actually a couple of brushes that I could use to clean them up but I think I’m going to use as this kind of oval shape flat brush it is definitely looking more like a kind of seal a brush to me and we’re just going to go in with the shape tape and clean up underneath first and more than likely with my foundation to do the top of my brows so let me go in and do that oh [Music] this brush is awesome I mean talking about edging that under brow up perfect I mean just it’s perfect now there are a few little brushes here that you know I have a seen in many years and that is the sponge tip like brushes but I’m going to use those actually to kind of clean up the concealer and blend it out a little bit so that will work perfectly for that and I’m going to set it aside because I’ll actually use that if I do like a brow bone highlight with my eye shadow so that is pretty cool I do like it a lot so now let me just clean up the top of my brows hey y’all today I’m using colourpop’s foundation the on filter Foundation and this is my very first time actually using this my daughter Brianna ordered it and it’s a shade too light for her so I I am the lucky recipient of it so the shade that I have is medium-dark number 135 yes that’s what it is medium dark 135 and let me just shake it up here I’m actually just going to use it for the top of my brows right now so I’m just going to pull up just a little bit of it just to do the top of my brows and just put it right here and kind of smear it on here and then I’ll drag it across the brow okay now the next brush I’m going to use more than likely for my foundation and I’m going to go ahead and use it now to kind of blend this out it’s probably too soft of a foundation but we will see we’ll try to work with it the best we can I really need one slightly denser than this one for the foundation but I don’t think I’ll be finding one in the group right now so that’s the only thing right now so we just blend out the eyebrows or the concealer rather to make that now that everything is down on the eyes let’s get to the eyeshadow y’all I have in my hands the perception palette this Shayla bicolor pop color pop and it’s so free it has a mirror and there are the shadows right there beautiful and I’m so glad it has kind of a pinkish little color in there and that one it’s called September I really wanted to use it because I was thinking about a pink vibe today it’s probably gonna be a little bit of everything so when it come to the eyeshadow brushes I’m a little limited other than I had the sponge brushes but I have these two so the only thing I can do is probably this brush here to try to use for eyeshadows and I’m actually going to start with of course y’all know I love this shadow here I don’t have my glasses with me but I’m thinking that says a stick so if it does that’s the one I may use first and again there’s another one right above it the says culture let’s try that one first and then we’ll go to dig you know I love it and this one is a little bit more stiff than I’m used to for blending it out but it’s doable you know it’s doable okay now I’m going to after culture I just use that one now using dick let’s pop her right in here all right same brush going into revenge we’re going to bring it a little bit lower right into the grease now taking September that color right here all right put that on the lid we’re just exploring all kinds of wonderful colors today just using my finger for that one the shadows are buttery yes they are they’re really nice night girl we got our little sponge tip brushes so we don’t go in for the gold we’re gonna go ahead and take this blue shadow which is 14 like one fold yes it is and I’m sure there’s a meaning behind that I don’t know what it is so I can’t explain it to you so we’re just going to use it to go underneath the lower lash line I think I’m just going to do the outer half of the eye with that this is the good thing about the sponge tip brushes this is what it’s good for and I’m going to do the same thing for the top of my eyelid I kind of want to deepen that up just a little bit more I’m going into this top shade here this is called stallion right there and I want to drag that on the upper lash line and now I’ll go back into 14 and smoke that out okay let’s deepen up the crease and we’ll use play down oh girl what’s up Shayla what’s up Shayla with that okay we’ll just take it into the crease right here yes I’m just having some fun using of these brushes I am using these great set of brushes a brush set of 18 from van der life and Amazon seller they were sent to me for free to check out and I’m giving you my lowdown them and it is truly for eight dollars and 59 cents so great brushes that will be hitting the road with me because I have great control over my shadows with this little brush here so I am not mad at him at all no [Music] I sometimes hate doing my eyeshadow looks because every day if I put my shadows on the same look it just turns out to be the same look I did the other day using different color shadows but then it turns out to be the same shadow look for some reason to me that’s to me but you know I’m my own worst critic I am now I really really need a clean brush to bleed with so the only thing I can do is use this one here which is again more like a concealer brush but I will work with it I need a fluffy brush I do I’m not going to use anything else but the van der likes it now we want to go back into this pinky looking shade and go into here one more time I know what that went off there is strutting slay strut and snake that sounds like something I want to put on my ideas okay this one right here strut I’m slay doing that right in the center pretty much all right perception palette I’m gonna leave you alone girl for two seconds and I’ll be back to you I’m going to actually put on a little mascara on the top and I’ll be using the colossal big shot yes mascara by Maybelline one of my favorites not V favorite from a bullying but a favorite but a little mascara I’ll go back in with the mascara to relaxing it up a little bit more just gonna wipe underneath my under eyes see it’s a little fall out that’s there oh not much fall out just a little bit there so now I will I will do my foundation using the null filter colour-pop foundation here this one I noticed a little bit of problem with the pump here I got a lot of I don’t know it’s just kind of running a little bit there and there was no top to that that I know of rihanna may happen over there but I did not see a top so that is kind of weird but I’ll use this little brush that I started with to apply the foundation this is what it looks like right now y’all I don’t know if it’s not my shade either but we shall see okay now let’s parse the foundation application and this little brush here I don’t think I’m gonna be able to complete my process with it because it is just too too flimsy [Music] so I will wet my beauty blender or my wonder blender how about that let me go do that now I’ll be right back all right let’s blend this out hey you know I had already applied some to my forehead earlier so I think that’s good um you know I do all of my natural treatments and y’all better really helps you know in makeup application if your skin you’re lookin good then the makeup will apply well much better than if you got a lot of skin issues going on so you have to keep that skin good so if you have not checked out any of my natural treatments for the skin please do please do my skin is not perfect but it is feeling much more nurse than it ever has in a know long time still have to maintain every day every day let’s see how you lookin girl bad I think I want just a little bit more with this sponge I like the way it looks it does look pretty well it’s not like a complete matte matte finish it’s more of a really a natural skin finish and that’s good I hope it looks good on camera cuz I like it let’s do some concealing some concealing we’ll do my Ulta full coverage of liquid concealer this is in medium all right going back into the perception palette we’re gonna go ahead and finish up underneath the eye I suppose that I’ll use this little flat looking concealer brush it’s the larger one and I’m going to tap in to revenge drag it all the way across that’s good she is good okay now we are almost home free when it comes to the eyes just pop out a little bit more mascara then we’re gonna go in with a little power now it’s been a minute since I’ve used my Anastasia contour kit in median 210 she looks like me it’s hardly touched but is mad and I love her so I’m just going to use this lighter shade here to do my powder and go under the eyes first and kind of sit under there [Music] and seal the deal around the neck girl seal the deal I want to use this big fan brush so I’m going to use all of this bottom row and just sweep into that to do my contour so that’s easy that’s real easy and these liner two shades underneath beer I love this little fan brush down this gonna be my friend here cuz that did perfect I like that yes now the girl needs some blush so we’re doing a lot of color pop today I’ve had this for a while though this is um super shock for the cheeks yes it’s named never been kissed she looks like that I don’t think I need a lot of it though don’t you get it on the bride oh just a little I did not contour my nose so I have one little brush here that I have not used going into this one on the end we’ll just get your out right here like so it’s good I’ll do it now we go highlight oh my gosh it’s just so pretty who Breanna said don’t use a lot of it is powerful this is called booming the loose powder highlighter Oh got me skull I’m scar mmm I don’t even know I think I’m just gonna go with what’s in the top here I’m using the little Vander life makeup brush feet fan brush should I be scared oh I don’t see what she means she’s looking party antabuse [Music] over 40 I should have been dancing all right let’s just blend it out a little bit [Music] okay so I went overboard she told me don’t do it let me put this stuff down I did oh my goodness hello like the Sun [Music] what in the world to do we happy yes we are happy she has all three lipsticks I think this is all three the only three there are this is quickie let’s just do all of them that’s quickie it’s too quick for me this is a Wii game not sure me so you know what I got to do right yes come on sis come on sis yeah that’s the beautiful babes right there I’m the lip gloss okay I was looking at my goodness sake hey freak huh no it’s neat freak I don’t know if you can see it or not but it’s neat freak out I don’t know that’s it and y’all know I need some eyelashes on don’t even play you know I’m in there now you know I used to mmm the struggle was so real when it came to the eyelashes but girl I got this down so sighs now I do these other lashes that I’m using yeah got it got it shock me say $1 lashes got a good clothes got a kid so close oh girl I feed them brows like little up this is a little spooley that came in here let me just get trying to get some of this Grenadier out of my ass let’s let these lashes all real quick quick quick quick quick and I also have this other little color pop I bought originally this is a highlighter and it’s called highly wasted just want to tap a little bit of it on my cheeks it’s got a little pinkish iridescent to it absolutely and to really blow it up there is another highlighter Oh whose highlighter that I want to use I mean that she says that’s Brianna she says that it’s too too dark for my face to just use it for other body so I’m going to take there we go and I believe and that is it I’m used every brush that I possibly could and the ones that are left that I did do not use I’ll just show them to you which I pretty much took care of every last brush except for this little one here and I don’t use those that often I guess I could use it on my hair now that I have short hair uh-huh yeah girl see I took care of her I’m the other ones are like a eyeliner brush and a little flat detail brush and another sponge top kind of brush and yeah these two are both like detail brushes so I didn’t use those two so that’s for that I didn’t use out of these set of 18 other than that hey it was fun using the brushes they are definitely some cutie patooties and I will be packing those on the road they’re already in their own little case and you know I love my brushes to be stored separately from all the rest of my makeup so that’s going to work for me I love travel friendly stuff and this is great so that is the vendor life makeup brush net is the 18 brush set 18 piece brush set comes with a little pouch and it’s then it’s the brushes are very soft you can work it out if you’re used to doing your makeup you can do your makeup with with a toothpick girl I’m telling you so these work just fine and the last thing I want to do is I got my scent bird subscription this week y’all and oh my goodness I’m all I’m gonna tear this one up because this one is Prada candy and girl I’m just filling this today so she gonna put on her perfume and I try not to spray too close to my neck girls always just dab a little behind your ear noting that because this does have a little alcohol in it and it will put the wrinkles there and you don’t want that no you don’t so we are finished yes we are I hope you like the look I just wanted to share the brushes with you this color pop stuff with you my new product candy with you what else is new that I use today today today that’s about it and these cute little $1 lashes and y’all I am out please like and subscribe and share me with your world you know you gotta tell mama deal sweet angel is here [Music] you

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