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For 99% of people, affiliate marketingis how they get started.

Now I can make plenty of automated commissions using my 100% free Traffic and my method tricks.   

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Secret behind This Method and Traffic Tricks

About few months ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.

I would check my inbox and see all the brand new, bright shiny products. Maxing out my credit cards buying everything from everyone. And these were my wife’s credit cards, so you can just imagine her reaction when she got the bill.

I remember trying to find that missing piece inside all the products that would finally get me to start having success online.

But everything I tried would not work.

My Head WasExplodingFromInformation Overload

After all the days, months, and years trying to make it work online. I only had a few dollars in my bank from a few affiliate profits.

I felt like I could never make this happen and was years away from having success.

And not even able to generate consistent income that would allow me to pay off my huge debts, provide for my family, and start to enjoy life.

I Was CompletelyLost

And I was just about to quit: It wasn’t until I traveled a long distance to sit down with a savvy marketer who showed me exactly how to have success.

And I finally got the answer I was so desperately looking for.

It finally came to me. I had found the missing piece to help me move forward. And a new idea came into my head that i can get huge amount of free traffic to any offers.

So I implement the formula. And in 2 days i start to see result and in 30 days I hit the $400/day only with this method and it’s traffic ! 

Up till date this same exact system have generated me over $12,000.

So, why am i sharing this?  I decided to share it as i am an affiliate vendor! and This method can apply on any niche and no chance to saturate in next 5 years at least.

So i have nothing to lose by sharing but i can sell the method, right ? 

That’s why I packaged this method as product !

If you never made any affiliate commission or having trouble with getting traffic for getting SALES, then I can assure, This is for You.

And If you Follow my method , I can guarantee you that you will make sales and money in just 2 days and in 7 days you will hit $100/day autopilot!

And It takes only 20 minutes /day to maintain everything!


“Affiliate Income Tycoon

This is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to start making a Real Consistent income online.

Its so “Simple” my belief is that anyone can do it

And This Method –

  • Don’t Cost You any  single penny/cent
  • Don’t Need any website at all!
  • Use Direct Affiliate Link to promote
  • Flood of targeted Traffic and clicks with no COST
  • $40-$50 in just 2-3 days after starting
  • and hit $100/day in just 7 days
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  • Plus need only 10-30 minutes a day to maintain all! 




To Make $450+/Day in the NEXT 4 weeks !


This method involves full traffic control as you know traffic is the heart of any method. If you have no traffic, all your effort to make money will be wasted. That’s why I like this method because I don’t have to worry about traffic anymore ! 

Generating Targeted Traffic have been one of the major challenge that’s holding back 99% of the people from ever making one penny online. In Affiliate Income Tycoon I Finally will be revealing that missing piece to the Affiliate Marketing puzzle that I and my team have been using to get Unlimited HIGHLY Targeted FREE Traffic that brought us all the sales we been making…in just a matters of time; (this traffic method is the stuff the gurus don’t tell you). ! 

Each and Every Niche will work with this traffic method but i will show you the EXACT offers and system what I have done to get the above Results ! As You have no chance to FAIL ! There is no option to fail with my method! If you follow and just spend 10-20 minutes for this, for the next 7 days – You will see minimum $100/day! …and in 2-3 days , $40-$50/day  and within 4-5 weeks, you will see $450 +/day if you follow the simple 10-30 minutes task daily ! 

Sounds very EASY, right ? Yes, It’s very easy ! But until gaining, everything is DIFFICULT!

Those who are making money online, It’s very EASY for them but who don’t it’s very HARD !


For years I have struggled through failure after failure and you don’t have to go through what I did. I had to test, and then rest over and over again.

I have charged as much as $700 for a group of clients to spend the weekend with me to learn what you are about to learn.  I can charge $100 for this All in One Solution But I know newbie can’t afford this. 

However I want to see as many people succeed. And I don’t want to keep this life changing information out of the reach of anyone. So I am almost going to give this away for less than $10

Yes, You heard RIGHT!

If I raise the original price , most of the promising starters will miss it! But I am giving this Formula to Only FIRST 100 People !

There is no chance of saturation, But I don’t think to share this GOLDEN FORMULA for just $7.99 to over 100 people. 

After reaching 100 Peoples , I will close or raise the price to it’s original. Every Hour the price will increase, So, If you are seeing the Buy Button Link, then Hit and GET INSTANT ACCESS to this Life changing Formula !

Okay , We should START !

If You want overnight riches formula, then it’s NOT for you ! Though It’s very FAST and needs only 10-30 minutes /day, But you need to be continuous .

It’s something truth and a truth behind the success! But it’s for sure that you will make $100, $200 or even $500 / day and the Result is Guaranteed ! I have made my tutorial as a very soft, evergreen and easy to do to achieve this result !

It’s not WONDER ! You have seen my income proofs and payment screenshots !

I created this circle of Success that any newbie can apply and get the SAME result!


I am pleased to announce that I am going to share my most successful and evergreen complete method -” Affiliate Income Tycoon ”  with you !

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  • And much more
  • We all want money at the END, right ?


    • ​​​​​​​​Its SimpleYou can get started even if you are brand new.
    • Its Fast – ( Start to see money in 2-3 days then increase day by day )
    • Its Effective –Proven and tested to give you daily profits.
    • Result –$450/day in just 4 weeks
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    WAIT !

    Remember, the most tough and easy task is to make money !

    You just need to invest in yourself cause there’s no magic that makes you rich.

    But I am sharing this formula as you can follow the RIGHT and SOLID way that won’t waste your time anymore!

    It will return you 10000 X more !

    And it’s not HARD !, even 13 years to 50 years buddy can do this if he wants !

    Don’t you want to do some EASY but Right directed path to make even $500/day ?

    Yes, It’s possible if you just spend 20-25 minutes daily to do some easy task 

    …and From 2-3 days you will make $40-50, in 7 days you will hit $100/day and just within 4 weeks it will increase to $500/day

    Would $500/day change your LIFE ?

    I think $500/day is a good enough to change one’s life

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    Remember, Financial Freedom is the main key to happiness !

    And once you make money, you can implement those money to grow more and more, right ?

    Don’t You want to make Future what you want to be ?

    I think This is the BEST opportunity with the LOWEST possible price , So don’t waste any single time to think , just get this method and apply and SEE THE MAGIC !

    Here see some users opinion of my private team after implementing this METHOD

    This method is really mind blowing. I am grateful to be a student of you ! I was hopeful from the first of using your method (AFFILIATE INCOME TYCOON ). I have applied as you told and i got 3 sales and this my 3rd day. Everything is happening as you mentioned 🙂

    Jakson Emily

    Thanks for allowing me make my first sales as an affiliate marketer. I got this first sale in just 2 days after applying Affiliate Income Tycoon Method. Richard, I really appreciate you because i keep making sales each time try every thing you thought me.

    Naomi Keefe

    I just astonished ! I have read the PDF 3 times and applied and I have never got traffic like this way before . I have many ideas and offers ,just was lack of traffic issues. But it’s SOLVED ! Really, now i can get traffic for any of my offers with absolutely free and no website hassle ! Thanks a lot Motley sir !

    Ramiro A. Erickson

    Don’t worry! Any newbie can do this !

    You will get the same result if you just follow with me and willing to spend 10-30 quality times ! 

    ….I believe you also want to get payments like this every week ?

    Then Just Hit the Buy Button to Get Instant Access to start Right Now and get the EXACT result as shown above ! and Remember this price is only for first 100 people !

    Imagine how life-changing it could be if you could bank $1700+ every week  – with just 10-30 minutes of work each day.

    Don’t Worry ! You are in win win position as you have nothing to lose !

    Money Back Guarantee :

    If you don’t get Results within 30 Days of taking Action, Then You will get FULL Refund. So, You have nothing to Lose. I have faith on my Delivery.


    Q. Is your METHOD for Anyone ?

    A. Yes, our methods are as good for beginners, intermediate and pros who are trying to make money online with free traffic and want to make up to even $500/day with no money spending on ad and with NO website

    Q. Richard, how do you know it will work for me?

    A. Because my method is EVERGREEN and we are not cutting corners. This method I revealed in this training are entirely 100% safe , easy to implement and guaranteed to work for long time .

    Q. Do I need to Spend any money on Ad Budget ?

    A. No ,You don’t need any money to run this

    Q. Is the TRAFFIC really free to use and will they work ?

    A. Absolutely, This is the POWER of my system. and the TRAFFIC is HUGE and 100% free to use for lifetime and run on complete autopilot !

    Q. How long i need to wait to see result ?

    A. Just in 2 days, you will be able to make $40-80/day. And in 7 days , $100/day and if you work by following my method, you will make $500/day within just 4 weeks!

    Q. Do I need to work all day ?

    ANever ! Just 10-30 minutes is enough to get the same result what i mentioned above. This is semi auto increasing system .

    Q. Do you offer a refund guarantee??

    A. Yes. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you prove to us that you have implemented the methods without success. If you feel stuck, the first thing to do is contact us to get the help you need… If for some reason after speaking to us you still don’t see results, we will gladly refund you.

    Q. Are there “One Time Offers”?


    Remember –

    ” The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. ”


    No Problem ! As you know we are in IM industry and our motto is to HELP struggling new comers ALSO.

    >> CLICK to Get our One of Our EXCLUSIVE  $200/day income Secret Method for Absolutely at No Cost <<

    Wish a happy journey to EVERYONE !

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