hey what is going on guys welcome back to another video so in this one I’m gonna be showing you five different ways that you guys can use to make some money very very fast okay before we get into this video guys I just like to say a few things if you like this video if it helps you at all please give the video a thumbs up at the end it really helps out the channel and I really share it don’t forget to subscribe and ring that Bell notification to for more future content teaching you different ways to make money online and finally guys as always if you want to learn how I make a full time passive income online link is gonna be the top of the description down below that’s where you can learn how to do exactly the same as I am doing so guys without further ado let’s get into the video alright guys in the first method I want to show you is a method that a lot of people don’t actually know about I think okay that is using a B&B you might think a B&B is just for renting out rooms and stuff like that but not anymore guys okay they’ve got this new thing on year called experiences and what this is you can offer experiences to tourists in your area okay and this can be done worldwide anyone can do this in any city and there’s lots of different things you can do okay so I’ll have a link down below to a B&B where you can check this out and guys you can just scroll through here okay look what other people are doing you can see right here there’s also such different things explore experiences food and drink concerts nature surfing entertainment nightlife all sorts of different things you can do on you guys okay check it out just to get some ideas oops I clicked on something on accident okay check out the website get some ideas of what you can do I’ll show you a few right here okay so some good ones would be just be a – a guide yeah be a – a guide for someone in your city if you know your city very very well you can do this and you can pretty much set your own rates you can earn upwards of 100 dollars per day with this you can do like a day two up and a night tours well you can do two in one day charge 50 60 70 bucks each time earn 100 140 bucks every single day okay really nice way to make some money just showing you so showing people around your city okay so that’s one thing you can do on here I’m in Bangkok there’s a lot of things I can do hi cooking I’m gonna a clubbing people take people clubbing that’s the thing people do on here okay cooking classes market to us all sorts of different stuff you can do check the website out guys get some ideas of what you can do because absolutely anyone can do this and it pays you can get paid the same day so it’s really really fast money right here so that is method number one and the next one I want to show you guys is with this website right here click work okay you might have heard of this it’s a very very popular website actually it’s got over a million workers for this website actually is very very very popular so what you do on here guys basically complete simple tasks so what you would do on here is just scroll down here and I’ll tell you what types of work you can do okay what types of jobs that are there we’ve got creation of text data categorization copy editing surveys web research proofreading app testing mystery photographers all sorts of different stuff that you can do and most of these jobs are the average pay on here is about I think it’s nine to ten sometimes a little bit more per hour okay nine ten eleven twelve bucks per hour not bad at all and the jobs are pretty easy guys and it can be done from your laptop or computer ok so again another nice way to make some easy money very very fast all sorts of different jobs it’s not doesn’t pay a lot nine ten bucks now it’s not loads but you know it all adds up and it’s not bad to work from home so there is method number two and they got another website just like this one this is from Amazon themselves okay I don’t this if on us only okay if you’re from the US you can use this website it’s called Amazon Mechanical Turk the website is enter calm I’ll have all this linked in the description down below for you guys okay right underneath my number one recommendation so again this is pretty much the same thing as clickworker you just complete simple tasks okay micro tasks is what they call them okay big companies they don’t do all their stuff themselves so they hire people like us to do it for them okay so there’s two different website clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk the next way I want to show you how you can make some money guys it’s really really really nice way I’ve shown this in a few videos before but I’m gonna keep showing it because I think it’s a really really good way to make money and I wish I could do it here in Thailand okay unfortunately this is you know it’s not popular town I can’t do this but wherever you are if you’re like the US or the UK is apps like this one on your screen right now this one’s called wag walking okay and what you do is there’s also the different stuff Pet Sitting pet walking and yeah if you can just find customers on here really nice way to make money everybody loves dogs everybody some people like cats not everyone but you know all sorts of different things on here you can do like I said walking Pet Sitting there’s some other stuff as well so check this out guys there’s a mobile app for it and there’s a website I’ll have it linked down below for you as you can see the dog walking dogs sitting and dog boarding and just click here become a walker and this is where you can sign up to do it okay flexibility you can do it whenever you want bring joy to all kinds of furry friends money the more you walk the more you earn and they donate to charity as well donate to dog shelters and stuff like that so really good company really good application and a good way to put make some money fast and another website just like this one wag is called Rover comm this is the exact same thing guys okay you can choose whichever one you want you want so I’ll have both of these linked down below and again dog boarding house sitting as well these ones do house-sitting drop-in visits doggie day care dog walking you just type in the date your available stuff like that very very simple and you can play with dogs and make some money for that really really nice way to make some money so again guys that is a wag walking and Rover two different websites to do this the fourth method I want to show you is user testing again I’ve shown this numerous times in those different videos because I think it’s a really really good way to make some money from your computer at home anybody can do this at home so it’s a really nice way to make some money what if you don’t know what this is really if you haven’t seen my previous videos on this web basically big companies will you know they’re constantly updating their websites adding new features and stuff like that making new websites and into it in general and they need them tested okay they want people to go on their website complete simple tasks that they’ll give you tasks to do you complete those tasks your screen is being record at the same time and you have to speak aloud what you think okay if you have any problems if you think it’s easy whatever you are thinking just speak it out loud because they’re recording your voice and they’re recording your screen just to see if it’s like easily usable and stuff like that okay so this is user testing they pay ten dollars per one test that you do and they pay one exactly one week from when you compete a test is when you get paid for that one again guys not a lot of money but these take each test takes about ten to fifteen twenty minutes at most okay I’ve never had a test has taken me more than twenty minutes maybe probably less than that to be honest guys but yeah ten dollars for every single test I sometimes have other ones where you have to be like in a live call they pay a lot more they pay like thirty fifty seventy dollars so a lot of money to be made on here and the best thing about it you can you can do it from a computer at home and you can even doing you smartphone as well if you go on an Android phone like myself or an iPhone or tablet the more devices you have the more tasks you’re gonna get it okay because you can do tests on like a knife they’ve got a different test for iPhones different tests with PC different tests for Mac computers all sorts of different tests guys and they all pay ten dollars so the more devices you got the more tests you could do the more money you can make again they pay one week directly into your PayPal so pretty fast for you guys only one week and this is really really good really easy the last way I want to show you guys is with matched betting this is a bit of a different one guys I can’t go into too much detail about this I’ve got videos on the channel teaching you about this I’ll actually link that in the description down below for you okay because it’s very very complicated but basically guys profit accumulated this website right here profit accumulated they do match betting and that means okay so I can’t go to too much detail this is very really confusing stuff but basically guys you can’t lose a bet you’ve got to be placing bets but you can’t lose your money you’re gonna be profiting with every single bet you’re gonna be using free bets that all those gambling websites the betting websites give you they hand out free bets all the time with 20-pound and free bets you’re gonna be profiting with those they’re gonna teach you exactly how to do it it’s quite confusing to begin with it does take some getting used to but it’s really really easy money and it’s fast okay betting websites pay instantly as soon as you win a bad boom it is in your account and you can withdraw to your bank the very same within five minutes guys okay so this is very very fast money you have to wait for the the sports event to finish whatever you’re betting on you have to wait for that game to finish of course but as soon as it’s finished and you’ve got that profit in your account you can withdraw it very very very fast money so this is profit accumulator links will be down in the description to sign up to this you can get a free trial as well now that it’s Christmas guys I don’t know if I say it down here okay so you got a free trial to begin with and then with that free trial you’ll get two free offers okay you can profit those two free offers as well and then after that if you are interested in signing up to plaque platinum account there’s only gonna be one pound for you okay very very cheap and it’s an easy way to make money guys once you get the hang of it they’ve got tutorials and training on their website it’s really easy to understand so check it out I’ll have links in the description down below so guys there we go that is the five methods that I want to show you they are all really really easy money none of these are hard okay so go through them once again we’ve got a b and b experiences we’ve got clickworker doing some little micro tasks we’re the same as Amazon Mechanical Turk we’ve got a wag working and Rover these apps are just for dogs and dog sitting really really nice way to make money we’ve got user testing testing different websites and speaking allowed your thoughts and matched betting placing bets but winning every single time using they’re pretty much the hack okay that hack on how to profit with bats so guys that is it for this video I hope you’ve learned something let me know in the comments down below if you got any other ways to make money fast I’d love to know if you’ve got any questions leave a comment as well I’ll get back to you as soon as I can don’t forget to give a video a thumbs up if this helped you subscribe for more future content my vid my channel is all about making money every single video it’s gonna help you make some money online offline just make money in general so subscribe if you are interested in that and check the description at the top will be my number one recommendation to make a full time passive income online just like I have been for the past few years while traveling the world making money while I sleep and all my work done on the computer so guys thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one

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