2018 Recommended Action Taker Software – 7 IM Success Habits Edition

My Recommended Action Taker Software – 7 IM Success Habits Edition

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Have you ever wanted to sell software but the expense for development stopped you cold?

Because let’s face it, software sells faster and more readily than any other kind of product, bar none.

But software development comes at a steep cost, and God help you if you guess wrong about what kind of software to create.

Make something people don’t want and there goes your investment down the toilet.

But what if you didn’t have to worry about the costs at all?

What if you could have a done-for-you software, ready to sell, that has all the “bells and whistles” features of some of the top selling software sold online right now?


Zero cost for development.

A powerful, productivity software your customers can use right out of the box.

Packed with a unique training course your customers will appreciate.


This is a training that make your marketing Habit easy using the following method:

7 IM Success Habits

Finally, your customers can stop spinning their wheels and chasing after fruitless money-making schemes, and start in on the right path to financial freedom!

In this comprehensive 48 page guide and 8 videos, your customers will learn the 7 critical habits that EVERY Internet Marketer must cultivate to be successful.

This isn’t just theory, but absolute fact. Every single successful Online Marketer today has each of these 7 success habits without exception.

And the training is unique in that it tackles each of the 7 habits in Mindmap form.

Not only that…but we’ve replicated the mindmaps inside the software so your customers can interact with them!

The Training Course Details…

  • Introduction Video: (Running time 4:35 Minutes)
The Introduction video begins on page 1 of the guide inside the software and goes over each of the 7 success habits covered in the training course.

1. Niche Awareness Video and Mindmap: (Running time 13:35 Minutes)

Pick the wrong niche and you can back the hearse up to the door, because your business is dead before it begins. This video goes into great detail for dealing with this crucial topic of niche selection. Interactive mindmap included!

2. Consistency Video and Mindmap: (Running time 12:11 Minutes)

This is what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. You’ve gotta develop this habit to make progress or you’ll be stuck in the mud indefinitely. Interactive mindmap included!

3. Traffic Control Video and Mindmap: (Running time 15:57 Minutes)

You can either become a master at generating traffic or become a master at recording the sounds of crickets, because that’s all you’re going to hear if you don’t cultivate this habit and get good at it. Interactive mindmap included!

4. Systems Video and Mindmap: (Running time 13:59 Minutes)

Every successful Online Marketer has built his business so that it can become systematized. The closer you get to achieving this, the more income and time you’ll gain for yourself.  Interactive mindmap included!

5. Outsourcing Video and Mindmap: (Running time 13:07 Minutes)

Outsourcing is never an expense, it’s an investment, and your outsourcers are assets for your business. You can’t be good at everything, so get in the habit of hiring quality people to help you out! Interactive mindmap included!

6. Relationship Building Video and Mindmap: (Running time 14:11 Minutes)

Successful IMers build relationships with other successful online marketers. But they don’t stop there, and until you embrace this habit you’ll always be the odd man out. Interactive mindmap included!

7. Modelling and Mentoring Video and Mindmap: (Running time 12:43 Minutes)

This habit might be surprising, but it happens to be the best habit you can develop and leads to massive abundance for yourself and those you help. Interactive mindmap included!

1. Add Highlights, Strikethroughs, and Underlines to any part of the guide, and create a tooltip caption that displays when hovered over with the user’s mouse cursor.

2. Create Unlimited Links for any page. These are non-spammy and show up as clickable areas in the collapsible sidebar that a user can view when they are ready.

3. Add additional Word Documents, Spreadsheets, and PDFs to enhance the value of the course as much as you like! These are all viewable inside the software for the user and display when the page is scrolled into view where they are attached.

4. Really wow your customers by adding your own Videos (self-hosted only), adding Diagrams, creating additional Mindmaps, and giving them Kanban Tasks that works like Trello,  so your customers can Take Action! The software even has a built-in Screen Capture Picture function that works similar to Camtasia’s popular Snagit program!


Literally, in less than 2 minutes you’ll have your own copy of the software ready to sell!

  • No branding by us. Not even a hint.
  • Professional installer built right in. Your customers will be able to install your copy easily.
  • Built in shortcut “7 wings” desktop icon with the name of the product “7 Success Habits”
  • The “Help” and footer caption links go to a generic domain “customerassistance.net” for software support and any bug reports. No promotions by us and we handle support requests promptly.

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Action Taker Software
  • Innovative new software product ready to sell as your own!
  • An entire productivity suite your customers will value.
  • Add unlimited links for your own product promotions.
  • Create a copy of the software with all your changes in less than 2 minutes!

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