what’s up guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video we’re gonna talk about different ways that I and other people who create content online make money so let’s get started if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing and to all my loyal subscribers welcome back in today’s video I’m gonna talk about the different ways that I have made money online and different ways I have turned down making money online I think that a lot of creators don’t really share this it’s something that as a viewer you would have to really research or as you get into creating content online perhaps it’s something you might be interested in doing so I’m going to talk about the four ways that I have tried to make money online and the ways I’ve been successful but I wanted to talk a little bit about them in detail because there are a few that I like better than others so the first way is to create evergreen content and digital products so I have created ebooks I will be creating courses and whenever you create content that is evergreen that people can use in different stages of their lives you can bring in new people who can purchase your content it’s a really great way to earn money because you’re providing your your resources and your services to help other people and you’re not necessarily encouraging them to go to the mall or go online and buy something you’re providing your own expertise and your own knowledge so that is probably my favorite way to make money and to sell content to viewers I know that sounds really bad but to sell content is because my life experiences are definitely something that I really enjoy sharing and if it’s helpful to someone else why not do it if people like best-selling authors or financial gurus can do it I can do it too because even though I’m not famous like them I have a lot of experience and a lot of value to give so that is probably my favorite way because it’s my personal content and I really like being able to share my own personal content rather than promoting someone else’s products so that leads me into my next way of earning money or the next way is affiliate marketing now affiliate marketing is basically making money off of other people’s products or other people’s courses there’s pros and cons I really do like my Amazon affiliate relationship the reason why is because I put items in my Amazon store which I link below all the time that I already spend my own money on so all the things in my house a lot of things that I wear a lot of things that I use I put in my Amazon storefront for you guys to purchase now it doesn’t cost you anything extra to purchase but Amazon gives me a very small small commission for driving traffic to that product so I get constant questions on especially items in my home my parcels my dish rack my makeup and I always have it always linked I always have it linked because well it’s the easiest way I don’t have to always go on Amazon and get you guys a new link but also it’s all contained and I really do like my Amazon affiliate relationship now affiliates with other companies I don’t really do I’ve done a few they tend to be more work for me then I’d like them to be I don’t mind doing an affiliate relationship with another creator where they’re selling something I think that that’s always nice because I love uplifting especially other women in this arena but in terms of just making a commission off of some other company’s product and not getting anything in return other than just monetary value and kind of pushing a product on you guys I’m not the biggest fan but you know I’m not against it my next way is something I really really like and it’s referral programs now what I like about referral programs such as Ivana or Ebates or fetch is that I promote something to you that I already use and it’s usually free to you so usually that would be free to you’ll have to buy something like an affiliate relationship so I love referrals because I you something and I refer you I get a little bonus and you get something in return usually a signup bonus or points or something and I really really like that so I have like air B&B and Walmart I always have them link below but I love that because these are things I already use kind of like you know a good affiliate a good Amazon affiliate relationship so referrals are pretty much right up there with evergreen content the next one that is a great way to make money but I don’t do it very often I can count on one hand the times that I’ve done it it’s sponsored content in order for me to take money to create a video for an actual company it takes a lot because number one it’s a lot of work number two companies want you to pretty much be their spokesperson it’s like creating a commercial and it’s oh it’s a ton of work and usually companies don’t pay I think what we’re worth it’s a lot of work we are the we are the film er the talent the director the producer the editor the videographer we are everything we are one person show too so to create essentially commercial I’m pretty picky with sponsors and I have up to my rate very much so to weed out companies that not only I don’t want to work with but companies that just aren’t willing to pay what creators are worth this is we have a far reach and our content is very valuable and so I want to make sure that I’m getting paid what I’m worth but also I want to make sure I respect the relationship I have with you guys I don’t just take everything that I’m offered just don’t do it and I get offered a lot of free products just in exchange for like a shout out which I’m even more picky about because mama doesn’t need another free thing and then that weight of the world on my shoulders have to include them in a video or an Instagram shout-out so I’ve done some I’ll be very very picky in the future doing any others they have to really be companies or products I use like IKEA Walmart you know hit me up you know companies Tesla companies that I love companies I would really want to Pruitt I promote without being paid I wouldn’t mind getting paid to promote them so okay let’s talk about the last way that I make money and a lot of it is more in person but I am bringing this to the online world soon is network marketing now I was so against who network marketing I was against it I just I don’t know why I just felt like direct sales wasn’t a thing that I could get into but I’m gonna tell you why I like it more than any of the other models primarily because I can help other people bless especially other women in my life and create community so network marketing is usually there is usually a product that is in place that you promote sort of like an affiliate relationship you get Commission on product sales but you can create a community of like-minded people who are using that same product so I am a huge fan of this now I’ve actually changed a lot of my preconceived notions especially with the company that I’m working with now and I’ll be doing more videos on that in the coming in the coming months but I’m a huge fan of that primarily because again I get to bless other women and we get to elevate just the quality of our lives in more ways than one and I crave the community just creating YouTube videos and pushing products is just not fulfilling to me it’s not fulfilling enough I crave community I crave you know helping other women helping other people and I really do I really do like that model on almost just as much as creating my own content so in the future most of my revenue will come from creating my own content and network marketing because there’s a product that I really believe in and I like to be able to share it with other women who you know it can change their lives and that coke community aspect is just something I love so that’s it guys I hope this video was sort of a way to clear up ways that we make money online there are more ways and more revenue streams but the the major ways that I’ve tried and I hope you got a little insight on what I like better you know pros and cons to each and that it sheds a little bit of light on what other people are doing but mostly what I’m doing and what I represent that’s pretty much it guys if you have any questions on affiliate marketing network marketing sponsorships anything like that please them in the comments below and I’ll see you guys in the next one maybe from my car if you like this alright guys bye [Music]

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